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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Not just any El Nino, but the biggest, baddest El Nino to mosey up the coast in 150 years.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mosey \Mo"sey\, v. i. [Perh. fr. Vamose.] To go, or move (in a certain manner); -- usually with out, off, along, etc. [Colloq.]
--E. N. Wescott.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1829, American English slang, of unknown origin, perhaps related to British dialectal mose about "go around in a dull, stupid way." Or perhaps from Spanish vamos (see vamoose). Related: Moseyed; moseying.


vb. 1 (context chiefly US dialectal English) To set off, get going; to start a journey. 2 (context chiefly US dialectal English) To amble; to walk or proceed in a leisurely manner.


v. walk leisurely [syn: amble]

Usage examples of "mosey".

We saw baboons abreast of us, unruffled ostriches sprinting into thorn brakes, and giraffids moseying along in self-possessed pairs.

Rudolph decides to look Buttsy up and cause him a little pain in return and he is moseying through Fifty-third when he gets so weak he falls down on the sidewalk in front of the old house and rolls down a short flight of steps that lead from the street level to a little railed-in areaway and ground floor or basement door and before he stops rolling he brings up against the door itself and it creaks open inward as he bumps it.

You and Sweet Thing bobbasheely on back to the hotel now, and me and Uncle Remus and Lord Fauntleroy will mosey along any time up to midnight, providing of course we are through here.

Moseying up to a kudzu-shrouded shack, Boyd snuffled the earth, lifted a leg, took two forward steps, then kicked out with both back feet.

Rolling her eyes at his impatience, Kitty balanced the tray on one hand and moseyed through the dense evening crowd.

Whenever the Forest Service boys, Carl Abeyta and Floyd Cow-lie, moseyed on over to the store for their midmorning Dr.

I could apologize or make excuses or nothing the lady had thrown her arms around me and kissed me and started thanking everyone from God to the Madonna to half a dozen local saints, although it was me and me alone what removed the ghosts, and then she paid me my million lira and kissed me again, and ran off to tell her neighbors the good news while I moseyed over to the Via Veneto and rented a suite at the Excelsior, which was the poshest hotel in Rome back in them days.

Then I'd mosey down into New Austin come siesta time for a few belts of a home brew the barkeep called Sneaky Pete and a few hands of five card stud with Ned Pepper and the other regulars.

I woke up about ten in the morning, found out that nobody in London knew how to make a good cup of coffee, and when it was getting on toward noon I moseyed over to the Garroted Goose, where Von Horst was waiting for me at a table in the back.

And then I could just mosey over to that junk pile and find a nice piece of metal with a sharp edge and finish the job on myself, too.

However, once across the border into Ohio, she moseyed around the back roads of the state, each morning poring over a map and then aiming toward towns whose names interested her: Mingo Junction, Tipp City, Wyoming.

At dinner at my parents' one night I saw the two of them moseying down Rabbit Lane.

In fact, it was so dark in there that I couldn't even see the ceiling, and after I'd looked around a bit and drunk in the architecture, of which there was an awful lot to drink in, I decided to see if I could hunt up the locker room, so I opened a door and started moseying down this corridor, which led to a batch of other corridors and doors, and pretty soon I couldn't hear the music no more and I was pretty well-nigh lost, so I figured I'd retrace my steps and wait until daylight and maybe hunt up Knute and the gang at their practice field, but as I turned I saw this ugly little feller kind of shuffling after me.

He takes a shot glass and moseys out of the room and it isn't until he's telling Sid about it a couple of days later that I learn that he's just gone off to take a look at the bathroom to see if the crapper is half size too.

Modesty and a sense of literary decorum forbids me from relating the rest of the scene, except to say that after she couldn't find no wounds on me I started pointing out where they were on her so she would have a firmer grasp of the situation, and pretty soon we were grasping each other so firmly that both of us plumb forgot about my wounds, and we might have stayed like that forever except that about four in the morning I woke up and started feeling kind of eleven o'clockish a good seven hours early, so I climbed back into my clothes and moseyed on down to the kitchen to see if I could scare up a little snack, and ran smack-dab into General Gruenwald and Lord Mayor Rembert, who were there sipping glasses of brandy.