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prep. (alternative case form of AKA English)


A.K.A., AKA, aka or a/k/a may refer to:

  • "Also known as", used to introduce pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, maiden names, titles, etc. (Compare f.k.a. for "formerly known as".)

Aka or AKA may also refer to:

Aka (sailing)

The aka of a multihull sailboat is a member of the framework that connects the hull to the ama(s) (outrigger). The term aka originated with the proa, but is also applied to modern trimarans.

The design of the aka depends on the forces it will encounter when sailing. For example, there are two modern variations of the proa, the traditional or Pacific proa, with the ama to the windward side, and the modern Atlantic proa, with the ama to the leeward. The windward ama provides stability by placing the center of gravity far to the windward of the sail, so it is generally heavy. Ropes leading from the mast to the ama provide the force to lift the ama, so the aka must contend mainly with compressive forces, and the weight of the crew, who generally ride on a platform running between the aka.

An Atlantic proa or a trimaran rely on an ama to leeward to provide stability. The ama provides stability by moving the center of buoyancy to the leeward side, and well designed leeward amas will also provide dynamic lift to increase the stability further. The aka for a leeward ama must be designed to handle significant amounts of torque from the lift produced by the ama. Often trimarans will have a platform between the aka, so the crew can ride out on the windward side. While this is not truly necessary from a stability point of view (the ama generally provides a tremendous amount of lift) it does reduce the drag generated by the leeward ama.

AKA (film)

AKA is a 2002 drama film, the first by director and writer Duncan Roy. The film is set in the late 1970s in Britain and deals with the story of Dean, an 18-year-old boy who assumes another identity in order to enter high society. Dean then meets David, an older gay man who desires him and Benjamin, a young Texan hustler. It is largely an autobiographical account of Duncan Roy's early life.

The screen consists of a row of three frames, showing three perspectives.

Aka (Burmese martial arts)

Aka are pre-arranged sets of movement or forms in the Burmese martial arts. They serve as a straightforward way of passing down all of a style's techniques unto the student. They can be practiced as a form of physical conditioning, to develop muscle memory, or demonstrated as part of a public performance.

AKA (rapper)

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes (born January 28, 1988), known by his stage name AKA, is a South African hip hop recording artist and record producer.

Usage examples of "aka".

Estonian Native, aka Mestnaya estonskaya, Estonskaya loshad, Estonian Klepper, Estonian Pony.

The way you spoke it, the way the letters look on paper to someone who's used to English, aka doesn't mean `corn beer.

They exclaimed over her bedraggled state and, once they found Park had helped her come home safe, praised him to the skies and pressed llama meat, cornmeal mush, and aka on him.