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n. A type of boat with three parallel hulls.


n. a fast sailboat with 3 parallel hulls


A trimaran is a multihull boat that comprises a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls (or "floats") which are attached to the main hull with lateral beams. Trimarans are most commonly sail-driven yachts designed for recreation or racing, but there are a few trimaran ferries and warships.

Usage examples of "trimaran".

British trimaran stealth destroyers practiced their response to a successful strike by suicide bombers whose weapon of choice had been a high-speed rubber boat.

He was perplexing over the sails and rigging of a trimaran tied up to the dock.

Together we climbed after coconuts, prowled gillmasked among soft-colored corals and fanciful fish, scrambled up Mauna Loa to peer down its throat, shipped on a trimaran trader whose sails bore us around this whole glorious globe till we came back to Awaii and drank rum and made love to you and Lili beneath an Island moon.

Conceivably a very light sail-powered catamaran or trimaran might be able to move about.

The Gezary was a sleek vessel with three nacelles in close proximity, like a trimaran sailing ship.

At nightfall the lighthouse on Graciosa began blinking its signal, and the navigating lights of the trimaran showed that she was overtaking us.

The trimaran was being buffeted a lot, now, and Wave was in her element.

Wave, has won the Azores Race in just under ten days, finishing only seconds ahead of the 49-foot trimaran Three Cheers.

The sloop was far too sophisticated a vessel to take to the Pliocene, so I traded her in for a smaller trimaran that can be ballasted with water and sand instead of mercury.

That one was a real nice trimaran from Houston, the biggest I ever saw.

It ruffled the ti leaves tied for luck to the railing at the bow, and it billowed the three gaudy striped sails, moving the trimaran southward along the coast.

Then he leaped onto the stern of his trimaran and continued his painting, totally ignoring the group on the pier.

This far north, the Reach was running light and the trimaran was almost steady on the swell.

One of the British trimarans was circling the kill with obvious intent.

All the bluecollars he had grown and lived with, who sweated, worked, and died, so that people named Bargeta could have trimarans on Mars.