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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
airline passengers
▪ All airline passengers arriving at Heathrow must go through customs.
an airline flight
▪ domestic airline flights
an airline reservation
▪ Make sure you have an airline reservation before booking the hotel.
an airline/plane/air ticket
▪ You can pick up your airline tickets at the check-in desk.
▪ Repealers see the Wright amendment as another post-deregulation rule that helps the big airlines get bigger.
▪ To be seen to be defending Virgin against attack by the big airlines would be a contradiction of this.
▪ Nor are the skies above frequented by commercial airlines, which eliminates interfering radar signals.
▪ No commercial airlines have yet resumed service.
▪ Anyway, if he were simply trying to disappear, a first-class ticket on a standard commercial airline would have done.
▪ The city is served by several domestic and international airlines.
▪ The international airline business is a fiercely combative arena, where competitors enjoy nothing more than slitting each other's throats.
▪ The city is served by several domestic and international airlines.
▪ He went on to become a senior captain with an international airline.
▪ The latter will have lost the national telephone system, gas and steel industries, and the country's largest airline.
▪ Today it is one of the largest and safest airlines in the United States.
▪ In fact, our fleet is known to be the youngest and most modern of any major airline in the world.
▪ McCarthy said he been told of the pilots' concerns by air safety officials from at least three major airlines.
▪ In addition there is a major charter airline shown in Table 11.5 which has not appeared before.
▪ Its members include major airlines, automakers, labor unions, medical societies, consumer groups and some insurance companies.
▪ Several major airlines serve Phnom Penh.
▪ The busiest routes are carved up by bilateral deals between the national airlines at either end.
▪ However, the basic structure of three national airlines as proposed in the Swinton plan was retained.
▪ The programme of privatization involved the sale of the national airline, telecommunications company and shipping line to local and foreign investors.
▪ By the end of their honeymoon the Haskins were only too pleased to find that Multavia did not boast a national airline.
▪ There is a lack of creature comforts that customers of other airlines tend to take for granted.
▪ Skytrain was so successful that the other airlines had to follow suit and offer passengers cheaper fares.
▪ After learning to fly she took a job as a pilot with a small commuter airline based in Humberside.
▪ A: Historically, do the smaller airlines have more junior pilots?
▪ The hub-and-spoke system made it harder for small airlines to mount an effective challenge to major networks.
▪ Even the minutiae of the airline business obsessed him more than the minutiae of the record business ever had.
▪ When such possibilities are widely capitalized upon, what will that do to the airline business, or to airplane manufacturers?
▪ I don't want to be in the airline business.
▪ The international airline business is a fiercely combative arena, where competitors enjoy nothing more than slitting each other's throats.
▪ Virgin were going into the airline business.
▪ But the airline business is a cash-hungry one-and strikes are enormously costly.
▪ A: Competition in the banqueting and airline businesses is intense.
▪ The fact that he knew absolutely nothing about the airline business was neither here nor there.
▪ Phillips says his ultimate vindication would be to see the airline industry adopting SafetyScope, but he isn't holding his breath.
▪ Ticketless travel, which actually began several years ago, is spreading rapidly throughout the airline industry.
▪ The sense of crisis was heightened by dramatic closures in the airline industry.
▪ Wilken also asked whether the airline industry groups have the right to sue.
▪ Various airline industry estimates suggest that a one minute delay in scheduled aircraft departure costs between £130 and £750.
▪ An often-heard analogy in the airline industry is that seats are perishable like fruit.
▪ Boeing left the wisdom of that to the airline officials and challenged the team to come up with an even sturdier model.
▪ He looked like an airline passenger who has just been told that all four engines on his 747 have just failed.
▪ The government is losing millions because an airline passenger tax can not be collected.
▪ The B.A.A. prohibited the drivers from entering the airport except as bonafide airline passengers.
▪ We sat in our seats like airline passengers watching the in-flight movie without headsets.
▪ Apgood pinched his nose like an airline passenger trying to clear his eardrums, and looked Maxim over carefully.
▪ The whole exercise was a clear demonstration of the unequalled capabilities of the Mystère 20 as an airline pilot trainer.
▪ Church leaders should gather data much as airline pilots read their instrument panel during flight.
▪ A longtime airline pilot, who did not want to be quoted by name, said weather conditions were ripe for icing.
▪ She was happier being the wife of an airline pilot.
▪ Control panels bristled with up to thirty-five switches and buttons as if the housewife-technologist required the skills of an airline pilot.
▪ One airline reservation agent, meanwhile, said $ 1, 835.
▪ Call the airline reservation numbers to ask for help.
▪ Would a single airline reservation transaction have value to a future historian?
▪ A lot of the real estate conventioneers make airline reservations so they can get home for Sunday church.
▪ You call to make an airline reservation.
▪ Caldwell, who is single, took a six-month leave from her job at an airline reservations office.
▪ These are the systems that handle accounting at multinational corporations, airline reservations, insurance and banking transactions and stock trades.
▪ He planned to arrive in style, and made his airline reservations accordingly.
▪ It is quicker at some things than the internet-booking train or airline tickets especially.
▪ When should you buy an airline ticket?
▪ Inside the envelope was an airline ticket, an open ticket on Concorde.
▪ The background here is that, until Dec. 31, the price of an airline ticket included a 10 percent tax.
▪ Travel office Rauraje Deshprabhu will fix any of your local needs, and additional airline tickets.
▪ The airline tickets can be delivered by mail, picked up through a travel agent or at airline ticket counter.
▪ A cheque book and an airline ticket - that is all it needed to bathe in that heat so far away.
▪ The airline tickets can be delivered by mail, picked up through a travel agent or at airline ticket counter.
▪ Consider what happened when New Zealand simply allowed one airline to compete with its state-owned line.
▪ About 70% of all new aircraft will be bought by airlines just to accommodate that growth, says Boeing.
▪ When should you buy an airline ticket?
▪ The service will let you buy airline tickets using a credit card.
▪ Gutsy investors who bought into airline bonds reaped returns of nearly 30 % on average, according to Salomon.
▪ One day many of us will be buying our airline tickets this way.
▪ He felt like calling the airline immediately and flying nonstop to Shannon, then renting a car and driving to Sligo.
▪ He had probably called the airline to ask about the flight.
▪ You call to make an airline reservation.
▪ Until March this year he was a music entrepreneur who did whacky stunts and ran an airline of the side.
▪ Although the prototype currently simulates these activities, actual airline operations will be used in production models.
▪ But it did limit airline growth.
▪ Church leaders should gather data much as airline pilots read their instrument panel during flight.
▪ Despite such handicaps, El Al intends to join the growing squadron of airlines that are being privatised.
▪ It has been 30 years since a president considered an airline strike important enough to use the emergency powers.
▪ Long before other airlines adopted electronic ticketing, Southwest Airlines was using it to reduce costs and loading times.
▪ The airline had withstood the predatory pricing moves of its competitors, and overcome its early loss.
▪ The aircraft is popular among commuter airlines.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

airline \air"line`\ an organization, usually commercial or governmental, providing transportation by airplane for freight or passengers. The term includes the organization, its personnel, equipment and other properties, such as approved air routes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also air-line, 1813, "beeline, straight line between two points on the earth's surface" (as through the air, rather than over terrain; from 1853 and in later 19c. especially in reference to railways that ran directly between big cities in the U.S. instead of meandering from town to town in search of stock subscriptions as early railways typically did), from air (n.1) + line (n.). Meaning "public aircraft transportation company" is from 1914.


n. A company that flies airplanes to transport people and goods.

  1. n. a hose that carries air under pressure [syn: air hose]

  2. a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers [syn: airline business, airway]


An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. Airlines utilize aircraft to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for codeshare agreements. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating certificate or license issued by a governmental aviation body.

Airlines vary in size, from small domestic airlines to full-service international airlines. Airline services can be categorized as being intercontinental, domestic, regional, or international, and may be operated as scheduled services or charters. The largest airline currently is American Airlines Group.

Airline (UK TV series)

Airline is a fly on the wall television programme, produced in the United Kingdom that showcases the daily happenings of passengers, ground workers and on-board staff of Britannia (Series 1) and later EasyJet (from Series 2). The show was broadcast between 1998 and 2007 on ITV, is often repeated on ITV2 and shown on syndication on Pick. The programme's success sparked a US version of the series, following American low-cost airline Southwest Airlines.

Airline (disambiguation)

An airline is a company that provides air transport services for passengers or freight.

Airline may also refer to:

Airline (1982 TV series)

Airline is a British television series produced by Yorkshire Television for the ITV network in 1982.

The series starred Roy Marsden as Jack Ruskin, a pilot demobbed after the end of the Second World War who starts his own air transport business.

Airline was created by Wilfred Greatorex and lasted for one series of nine episodes broadcast in January and February 1982, with a repeat in the summer of 1984. Other leading cast members were Polly Hemingway, Richard Heffer, Nicholas Bond-Owen, Sean Scanlan and Terence Rigby, while noted guest-stars included Anthony Valentine and Walter Gotell (better-known for his numerous guest stints as KGB General Gogol in a string of James Bond films during the Cold War era).

It was partially filmed at the former RAF Rufforth in Yorkshire, former RAF Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire and on the island of Malta.

The aerial unit was managed by the Aces High Company, who operated two C-47/DC-3 aircraft for the series: "G-AGIV"/'Alice' (former USAAF and Spanish Air Force C-47A G-BHUB, now in the American Air Museum in Britain at the Imperial war Museum Duxford, painted in its original markings as "W7"/43-15509) – which featured a postwar drop-down airliner door – and the famous C-47A G-DAKS, which was rebuilt from a 'Pinocchio'-nose radar testing aircraft to appear as "G-AGHY"/'Vera Lynn'. During production, an Auster and a North American Harvard, rented from private owners, also featured as were shots of DC-3s in normal commercial operation for use in the Berlin Airlift scenes in the final episode.

A second series of Airline was planned to start filming in 1983 and additional aircraft were purchased by Aces High for the production (including the Lockheed Constellation now at the Science Museum at Wroughton) before production was axed by Yorkshire Television. Aces High subsequently moved operations to North Weald airfield in Essex, donating G-BHUB to the IWM and the Constellation to Wroughton, where both remain on display today.

C-47A G-DAKS can now be frequently seen on BBC's Top Gear programme, normally parked next to the Boeing 747 on the hard standing behind the show's race track. The main Top Gear studios are located at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome, which has also been Aces High's base since moving from North Weald in the early 2000s.

Airline (U.S. TV series)

Airline is an American reality television series that showcases the daily happenings of passengers, ground workers and on-board staff members of Southwest Airlines. The series debuted on January 5, 2004 on A&E and ran for three seasons. It was narrated by Tim Flavin.

Airline (guitar)

Airline was a brand of electric and acoustic guitars made in the United States from 1958-68 by the Valco Manufacturing Company, and sold through the Montgomery Ward mail-order retail company. (The Valco company is known for its flagship National and budget Supro guitar brands, which were in production up until the companies' demise in 1968.) Today, old Valco guitars are played by a wide array of bands and artists including David Bowie, The Cure, PJ Harvey, and Calexico, as well as Jack White of The White Stripes. Due to their re-emerging popularity in contemporary rock music, and their relative scarcity in the guitar-sale market, original Res-O-Glas guitars (models made with fiberglass bodies) in excellent condition are known to sell for as much as $1,500-$3,000 U.S.

In the world of guitar collection, the angular red Airline model sometimes associated with Jack White is commonly referred to as the "JB Hutto" model, after the bluesman and slide guitar artist J. B. Hutto. Hutto was the first most visible guitarist to regularly use the guitar in live performances and recordings, and is pictured with the guitar on his Slidewinder and Stompin' at Mother Blues albums.

Airline branded amplifiers were also manufactured, initially by Valco, and later by Danelectro as well.

In the early to mid-2000s, the Eastwood guitar company acquired the rights to use the "Airline" brand-name; however, the Eastwood guitar company has never been directly affiliated with the long defunct Valco company. Original Valco Airline guitars were all made in the United States, whereas today's Eastwood Airline guitars are made in factories based in South Korea or China.

Usage examples of "airline".

Boeing or Airbus may or may not install these items for the airline, depending on the contract.

One after another, gathered hard drives were being tucked away for hard travel in the antistatic, airline- and gorilla-proof cases.

Bretti did not loosen his grip on his airline seat until the small plane had landed safely at the Bangalore airport.

Nicholas Bretti did not loosen his grip on his airline seat until the small plane had landed safely at the Bangalore airport.

Max Bhagat had asked for both of them by name, requesting that they join a small group of FBI agents accompanying him to Kazbekistan to observe the negotiation and the actual takedown of the hijacked World Airlines flight.

From another pocket of the case he pulled out a one-way ticket on Philippines Airline Flight 434 from Manila to Cebu City in the southern Philippines.

Nichols stayed in Cebu City from late November until January 16, 1995 - the same period when Yousef was in Manila planning the plot against the pope, the Bojinka airline bombings, and the suicide hijackings.

He had flown to Madrid, then took a connecting flight on Iberian Airlines to La Coruna, in Galicia.

Grabbing the Yellow Pages and her address book, she got on the phone to caterers, musicians, airlines, florists, the King Croesus, personalized shopping services, Mrs.

I shook hands at the curbside luggage drop in front of the area marked for American Airlines.

Jamilla and I shook hands at the curbside luggage drop in front of the area marked for American Airlines.

In the past few years most airlines in America had reduced the number of flights made each day in order to get the maximum use out of their equipment, so most U.

He ordered all American Airlines flights in the Northeast that had not taken off to remain on the ground.

He could have learned of this from messages being sent by United Airlines to the cockpits of its transcontinental flights, including Flight 93, warning of cockpit intrusion and telling of the New York attacks.

Gentry did not like or trust Richard Haines, but he knew no reason for the FBI to suspect a Charleston sheriff in either the airline explosion or Mansard House murders.