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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Appropriate shoes are also purchased, as are other accessories.
▪ A number of other Catholic accessories to the mass disappeared along with the altar after 1559.
▪ Apart from these, the other accessories available for the standard gauge models are not available for the fine and chunky gauges.
▪ There were other religious accessories around the place and, on the walls, idealized renderings of New Testament scenes.
▪ Their other accessories are all pretty cool: private jets, Boss jeans, tanned Euro-trash girlfriends.
▪ For anything up to £500, this place can fix you up with a fashion accessory in a class of its own.
▪ It could be the mandatory audio fashion accessory of the summer.
▪ This enables me to buy the latest fashion accessories and clothes without relying on my parents.
▪ Electronic mail has become so hip it's almost a fashion accessory.
▪ Children are not fashion accessories that can be pushed aside.
▪ But Atari don't like their machine to be seen as a fashion accessory.
▪ Super-hip fashion accessory or just a way of keeping the kids out of the amusement arcades?
▪ This subtle shift has a great deal to do with the current fashion accessory of an eligible husband rather than an eligible boss.
Accessories such as a carrying case and battery recharger are free with the purchase of a cellular phone.
▪ The store specializes in wedding gowns and accessories.
▪ It is in the bedroom that originality can prove its worth, if only in the accessories.
▪ Never had I heard an audio accessory, a system tweak, make such a substantial difference.
▪ The jury also acquitted the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, of being an accessory after the fact.
▪ The modern kitchen and its accessories, from aluminum to petrochemicals, had to be created.
▪ The third, and most troublesome, problem is the interaction of various accessories.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Accessory \Ac*ces"so*ry\ (#; 277), a. [L. accessorius. See Access, and cf. Accessary.] Accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; additional; connected as an incident or subordinate to a principal; contributing or contributory; said of persons and things, and, when of persons, usually in a bad sense; as, he was accessory to the riot; accessory sounds in music.

Note: Ash accents the antepenult; and this is not only more regular, but preferable, on account of easiness of pronunciation. Most orho["e]pists place the accent on the first syllable.

Syn: Accompanying; contributory; auxiliary; subsidiary; subservient; additional; acceding.


Accessory \Ac*ces"so*ry\, n.; pl. Accessories.

  1. That which belongs to something else deemed the principal; something additional and subordinate. ``The aspect and accessories of a den of banditti.''

  2. (Law) Same as Accessary, n.

  3. (Fine Arts) Anything that enters into a work of art without being indispensably necessary, as mere ornamental parts.

    Syn: Abettor; accomplice; ally; coadjutor. See Abettor. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also accessary, early 15c. as a legal term in the criminal sense of "one aiding in a crime;" also "that which is subordinate to something else," from Late Latin accessorius, from accessor, agent noun from accedere "to approach" (see accede). Attested from 1896 as "woman's smaller articles of dress;" hence accessorize.


1550s, "subordinate," from Late Latin accessorius, from accessor, agent noun from accedere "to approach" (see accede). Meaning "aiding in crime" is from c.1600.


Etymology 1 a. 1 Having a secondary, supplementary or subordinate function by accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; being additional; being connected as an incident or subordinate to a principal; contributing or being contributory. Said of persons and things, and, when of persons, usually in a bad sense; as, he was ''accessory'' to the riot; ''accessory'' sounds in music. 2 (context legal English) assist a crime without actually participating in committing the crime itself. 3 Present in a minor amount, and not essential. Etymology 2

n. 1 Something that belongs to part of another main thing; something additional and subordinate, an attachment. 2 (context fashion English) An article that completes one's basic outfit, such as a scarf or gloves. 3 (context legal English) A person who is not present at a crime, but contributes to it as an assistant or instigator. 4 (context art English) Something in a work of art without being indispensably necessary, for example solely ornamental parts.


adj. relating to something that is added but is not essential; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxilliary to each other" [syn: adjunct, ancillary, adjuvant, appurtenant, auxiliary, subsidiary]

  1. n. clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing [syn: accoutrement, accouterment]

  2. a supplementary component that improves capability [syn: appurtenance, supplement, add-on]

  3. someone who helps another person commit a crime [syn: accessary]


Accessory may refer to:

  • Accessory (legal term), a person who assists a criminal
Accessory (band)

Accessory is a German synthpop/ electro-industrial group consisting of Dirk Steyer and Ivo Lottig. They have toured with other groups, including Hocico, And One, Terminal Choice.

The group began in 1994 when Dirk Steyer and Kay Resch formed a band under the name "Voices of Darkness", becoming "Accessory" in 1996. In 1997 they released a demo album, Electronic Controlled Mind on a small record label named SD-IMAGE. Ivo joined the group in October 1999 to play on keyboards. Shortly afterwards Kay left the band to pursue his own career, but returned in 2001 to do lighting and technical operations. They released their first official album,, in February 2001 after joining the label Out of Line. After the release of their second album, Titan, in 2003, Jukka Sandeck left the band to pursue an individual career.

Accessory (legal term)

An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal. The distinction between an accessory and a principal is a question of fact and degree:

  • The principal is the one whose acts or omissions, accompanied by the relevant mens rea ( Latin for "guilty mind"), are the most immediate cause of the actus reus ( Latin for "guilty act").
  • If two or more people are directly responsible for the actus reus, they can be charged as joint principals (see common purpose). The test to distinguish a joint principal from an accessory is whether the defendant independently contributed to causing the actus reus rather than merely giving generalised and/or limited help and encouragement.

Usage examples of "accessory".

On the dressing table, ably guarded by a dark Regency armchair cushioned in yet another floral, sat an assemblage of antique silver-hair accessories and crystal perfume flacons, the grouping flanked by two small lamps, everything centered around a gold Empire vanity mirror.

Leichtenstern cites a case of a mamma on the left shoulder nearly under the insertion of the deltoid, and Klob speaks of an acromial accessory mamma situated on the shoulder over the greatest prominence of the deltoid.

The advertisement also gave the reader the specifications of the product-measurements, accessories and price.

After our delightful amorous sport, I told her the news, but love had so completely taken possession of her pure and sensitive soul, that what had been important was now only an accessory.

Ostrogoths, and hurried toward the Westenemy: over the ruins of the inner city, around the government quarter, close call on the Alexander-platz, guided through the Tiergarten by two bitches in heat, and damn near captured near the Zoological Gardens air raid shelter, where gigantic mousetraps were waiting for him, but he seven times circumambulated the Victory Column, shot down the Siegesallee, counseled by dog instinct, that wise old saw, joined a gang of civilian moving men, who were moving theater accessories from the exhibition pavilion by the radio tower to Nikolassee.

Werner Coch got a lesser sentence-one year and nine months in ordinary prison-because the penalties for being an accessory to the attempt to flee the country were greater than the crime of trying to flee itself.

Presbyterian perswasion, especially the Laodicean preachers, that we should be accessory to the advancement of him whom they call the Prince of Wales to the throne of Britain: Therefore to let all concerned be fully assured of the contrary, We protest and testifie against all such so principled to have any right to rule in thir lands, because we look upon all such to be standing in a stated opposition to God and our covenanted work of reformation.

Heaven that Coy had insisted she carry a fan as the proper accessory to her dress.

Her accessories were proper as well: doeskin driving gloves, a taffeta and lace parasol, and a hat of reseda straw trimmed with satin roses and a tuft of ostrich feathers.

He at once mounted a table, and, in the voice of the traditional side-show fakir, began to dilate upon the fat woman and the snakes, upon the wild man from Borneo, upon the learned pig, and all the other accessories of side-shows.

The maskelynite is zoned, with accessory phases of titanomagnetite, ilmenite, pyrrhotite, fayalite, trydimite, whitlockite, chloraptite, and baddeleyite.

But from Gazella it is distinguished by the accessory nostrils, of inter-maxillary pouch, the hornless females, the absence of tufts on the knees, and of bands on the flanks.

I set the plate on the edge of her desk and placed the latte and the napkin with all necessary accessories next to it.

It was then journeying to Italy, and as its members hung over the view of the Leman, with its accessories of Chillon, Chatelard, Blonay, Meillerie, the peaks of Savoy, and the wild ranges of the Alps, they had felt regret that the fairy scene was so soon to pass away.

She insisted Neeve pick out every stitch she bought as well as choose accessories and compile lists to tell her what went with what.