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vermean vermeer vermeij vermeil verment vermeon vermeti

Word usage examples

Rambuteau, ou, rase de frais, le teint vermeil sous ses cheveux blancs, une rose a la boutonniere, il donnait chaque jour des consultations aux commercants poursuivis par les huissiers.

Byron and Vermeil, one white, one black, both silent as the grave, guarded the door at the top of the long ramp.

She relayed the information to Vermeil who, alerted by the gunfire, had rushed out of the building.

Owain joined Vermeil at the limousine, the wounded Ventrue heard something above the wail of approaching police sirens.

Kate Vermeil takes work at 44 East Washington Avenue and takes home at 465 12th Avenue, Second Floor Left.

Fay Hardaway, a fact is that Father married Kate Vermeil and Rashmi Jones.

As I moved toward her, Kate Vermeil saw me and ducked into one of the shops.

I moved toward her, Kate Vermeil saw me and ducked into one of the shops.

She was in plain view of Vermeil, directly in his commanding field of fire.

From the corner of his eye, Owain could see Vermeil looking back and forth between the duel and Kendall on one side, the approaching cars on the other.