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Vermeer (disambiguation)

Vermeer is a Dutch toponymic surname. It is a contraction of Van der Meer, meaning "from the lake." Vermeer usually refers to the Dutch genre painter Jan or Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675).

Other people with the surname Vermeer include:

  • Al Vermeer (1911–1980), American cartoonist
  • Cees Vermeer (b. 1946), Dutch biochemist
  • Hans Vermeer (1930–2010), German linguist and translation scholar
  • Jan Vermeer van Haarlem the Elder (1628–1691), Dutch landscape painter
  • Jan Vermeer van Haarlem (II) (1656–1705), Dutch landscape painter and son of the former
  • Jan Vermeer van Utrecht (1628–1691), Dutch painter who travelled to Italy
  • Kenneth Vermeer (b. 1986), Dutch footballer
  • Natasja Vermeer, Dutch model and actress

Vermeer could also refer to:

  • Vermeer Technologies Incorporated
  • Vermeer Company, manufacturer of agricultural machines
  • Chasing Vermeer, children's novel
  • Vermeer Quartet, Chicago-based string quartet
  • Vermeer Dutch Chocolate Cream Liqueur
  • Restaurant Vermeer, Michelin starred restaurant in the Netherlands
  • Tim's Vermeer, documentary film about attempts to duplicate the painting techniques of Johannes Vermeer