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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vermeil \Ver"meil\, n. [F., vermilion, fr. LL. vermiculus, fr. L. vermiculus a little worm, the coccus Indicus, from vermis a worm. See Worm, and cf. Vermicule.]

  1. Vermilion; also, the color of vermilion, a bright, beautiful red. [Poetic & R.]

    In her cheeks the vermeil red did show Like roses in a bed of lilies shed.

  2. Silver gilt or gilt bronze.

  3. A liquid composition applied to a gilded surface to give luster to the gold.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bright-red," late 14c., from Anglo-French and Old French vermail, vermeil "bright-red, scarlet, crimson" (11c. in Old French), from Late Latin vermiculus "a little worm," specifically, the cochineal insect from which crimson dyes were obtained (compare kermes), in classical Latin, "larva of an insect, grub, maggot," diminutive of vermis "worm" (see worm (n.)). As a noun in English from 1590s.


a. 1 (context poetic now rare English) Bright scarlet, vermilion. 2 (context poetic now rare English) Specifically of faces, lips etc.: red, ruddy, healthy-looking. n. 1 (context poetic English) vermilion; bright red. 2 silver gilt or gilt bronze. 3 A liquid composition applied to a gilded surface to give luster to the gold.


Vermeil ( or ; ) is an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt, or silver plated or gilt with gold. Vermeil pieces appear to be gold but are much cheaper and lighter than solid gold. It is a traditional luxury material used for table plate, toilet services and grand decorative pieces. Vermeil is a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century, and is rare in British English. is a combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals, commonly used as a component in jewelry. A typical example is sterling silver coated with 14 carat (58%) gold. To be considered vermeil in the US, the gold must be at least 10 carat (42%) and have thickness equivalent to at least 2.5 micrometres of fine gold (a 12 carat [50%] plating would need to be 5 μm thick). In the US, sterling silver covered with a base metal (such as nickel) and plated with gold cannot be sold as vermeil without disclosing that it contains base metal.

Vermeil can be produced by either fire-gilding or electrolysis. The original fire-gilding process was developed in France in the mid-18th century; however, France later banned the production of vermeil because over time artisans developed blindness due to mercury involved in the process. Today, vermeil is safely produced by electrolysis.

The White House has a collection of vermeil tableware kept on display (when not in use) in the Vermeil Room.

The US Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 23.5 defines Vermeil: "An industry product may be described or marked as 'vermeil' if it consists of a base of sterling silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with gold or gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half (2½) microns (or approximately 1/10000th of an inch) of fine gold."

Vermeil (disambiguation)

Vermeil is a combination of precious metals used as a component in jewelry.

Vermeil may also refer to:

  • Vermeil Room, in the White House
  • Dick Vermeil (born 1936), American football coach
  • Edmond Vermeil (1878–1964), French academic
  • An old name for garnet

Usage examples of "vermeil".

Rambuteau, ou, rase de frais, le teint vermeil sous ses cheveux blancs, une rose a la boutonniere, il donnait chaque jour des consultations aux commercants poursuivis par les huissiers.

Byron and Vermeil, one white, one black, both silent as the grave, guarded the door at the top of the long ramp.

She relayed the information to Vermeil who, alerted by the gunfire, had rushed out of the building.

Owain joined Vermeil at the limousine, the wounded Ventrue heard something above the wail of approaching police sirens.

Kate Vermeil takes work at 44 East Washington Avenue and takes home at 465 12th Avenue, Second Floor Left.

Fay Hardaway, a fact is that Father married Kate Vermeil and Rashmi Jones.

As I moved toward her, Kate Vermeil saw me and ducked into one of the shops.

I moved toward her, Kate Vermeil saw me and ducked into one of the shops.

She was in plain view of Vermeil, directly in his commanding field of fire.

From the corner of his eye, Owain could see Vermeil looking back and forth between the duel and Kendall on one side, the approaching cars on the other.

For the moment, at least, they were completely forgotten, Benison and Vermeil focusing on the anarchs and vice versa.

High pedestalled on some rook-haunted tower: She has two earrings, silver and vermeil, And eyes like stars that shine in sunset hour.

Nay, gentle lady, by thine eyes of blue, And vermeil blushes, I did not mean you!

Of burnished metal, fretted and embossed With all the marvelous story of her birth Painted in prodigal splendor of rich tincts, And carved by heavenly artists,--crystal seas, And long-haired Nereids in their pearly shells, And all the wonder of her lucent limbs Sphered in a vermeil mist.

Ornate vermeil flatwear framed settings of Limoges china, each table dressed with a different floral design, each setting accompanied by different patterns of antique English crystal.