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Word usage examples

Deo propitio, Sonti fluenta transmisimus ubi primum Italiae nos suscepit imperium.

The Ubi is remarkable for a greater variety of colouring than the more level districts, in which the eye is wearied by the monotonous grey-blue of the eucalyptus.

I was emancipated from the schoolroom, and, so to speak, turned loose into this varied pasture, I had naturally the most confused notions of the outer world--the world beyond the gum-trees and the Ubi Mountains--beyond the Australian shores and the Pacific.

I have heard that there are lots of nice girls on the Ubi, and think some of them might be glad of a husband.

And she must be of the same religion as myself, though that would not be of great consequence, as I mean to settle on the ubi, and from all I hear, you are not much troubled with parsons there.

He did his best, however, to carry them out, and did not leave us till he had been rejected by almost every young lady on the Ubi and on the Woorara.

Woorara was more blessed than the Ubi, or perhaps the bishop of our sister colony was happier in his choice of shepherds than our own episcopal head.

It was an admirable sermon, and made us wish that we, froward sheep, on the Ubi, were ministered unto by such a shepherd as the Dean.

Fortunately the mail man was able to identify them as belonging to the Ubi, and Captain Claypole released his prisoners, making what amends he could for his incivility.

Jim came to take us home that we might make preparations for the Ubi races, which this year were to be held at Bungroopim.