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Ubu may refer to:

  • Ubu Repertory Theater
  • Ubu, Nepal
  • Ubu or Uub, a character in Dragon Ball media
  • Ubu Roi (King Ubu), a 1896 French play by Alfred Jarry, along with subsequent plays Ubu Cocu (Ubu Cuckolded) and Ubu Enchaîné (Ubu Enchained) featured "Ubu" as the main character
  • Ubu, the trusted henchman of supervillain Ra's al Ghul in DC Comics
  • Ubu Roi, mascot of Ubu Productions
  • Ubu Films, a Sydney-based Australian underground filmmakers' cooperative that existed from 1965 to ca. 1972
  • Unbiunium (Ubu), an unsynthesized chemical element with an atomic number of 121
  • Ubu Imperator, a 1923 painting by Max Ernst
  • Ubu (album), the debut album by Illion, aka Radwimps vocalist Yojiro Noda
  • "Ubu", a song by Blurt on their album Blurt in Berlin
  • ISO 639 code for the Trans–New Guinea language, Umbu-Ungu

UBU may stand for:

  • University of Bradford Union, a student union in the United Kingdom
  • University of Bristol Union, a student union in the United Kingdom
  • University of Burgos, a public university in the Spanish city of Burgos
  • Ubu Productions (trademarked UBU), a U.S. television production company
  • Burundi Workers' Party (Kirundi: Umugambwe wa'Bakozi Uburundi), a clandestine Marxist political party in Burundi
Ubu (album)

Ubu (stylised as UBU) is the debut album of Japanese musician Yojiro Noda, vocalist for the rock band Radwimps, under the solo name Illion. It was released on February 25, 2013, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with releases in Japan and continental Europe following in March 2013.