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Word usage examples

Primero le tiraron trompadas, después, al ver que ni se atajaba los golpes, puras cachetadas a mano abierta o con el fleco inofensivo de las chalinas, como riéndose de él.

But everywhere hath its pure altars, At each of its altars a priest To lift up a Host with a chalice Till the story of grace shall have ceased.

Next to them was a display case with crucifixes and calligrams and chalices made of gold and silver.

Stolen articles: Gold chalice signed Nicholas me fecit, paten engraved manus Dei 13th Century.

Tulleman entered, bringing warm, fruit-scented pastries and kaffa and an exotic flower in a crystal chalice, and without even rising from the lounger Phoena set to.

The willowy, boneless-looking and supremely beautiful Fellenian stretched its face into an angelic smile, then glanced down at the small metal chalice of fuming maha on the table in front of it.

The breaking of the consecrated host, and the putting of only one part into the chalice, regards the mystical body, just as the mixing with water signifies the people, and therefore the omission of either of them causes no such imperfection in the sacrifice, as calls for repetition regarding the celebration of this sacrament.

Wigg lifted one of two beautiful golden amphorae that were sitting on the altar next to the Chalice of the Abdication Ceremony.

Leaving the plate on top of the chalice, Mortati shook the ballots to mix them.

He knew that only a fool would venture in here, and yet the Chalice and the Ring had brought him to this place.