How to Search for Rhymes

You just need to enter the word you are looking for a rhyme in the field. In order to find a more original version you can resort to fuzzy search. Practically in no time you will be provided with a list of rhyming words according to your request. They will be presented in blocks depending on the number of letters.

Rhymes for word conceive

abdicative abditive abessive abirritative abjective abjunctive ablative abnegative abnutive aborsive abortive abrasive abrogative absolutive absorbative abusive accelerative acceptive accessive acervative acquisitive actative active adamantive adaptative adaptive addictive additive adductive adequative adessive adhesive adhortative adjective adjudicative adjunctive adjustive administrative adminutive admirative admissive admonitive adoptative adoptive adorative adrive adsorptive adumbrative adustive advancive adventive adversative affective agentive agglomerative agglutinative aggravative aggregative aggressive agitative agive agreive alacrative albificative aleive alimentative alio-relative allative allective alterative altercative alternative amalgamative ameliorative amissive amusive anecdotive animadversive animantative animative annexive annihilative annotative aparceive aperitive apertive appeasive appellative arbitrative arbustive argent-vive arguitive argumentative argumentive arive arrestive articulative ascensive ascentive ascriptive aspersive assassinative assaultive attemptive auctive auditive augmentative augmentive auscultative authorative authoritative auto-destructive aversive avertive avocative babblative bailive bayllive beehive belawgive benedictive benefactive bilive bioactive bive blood-relative boastive bossive bydrive bylive caitive calce-vive capacitive casitive cataballitive celebrative censive cerative cessive chylifactive cicatrisive circulative citative cive claimative clusive coactive coadunative coagmentative coagulative coblative coercitive coercive coextensive cogitative cognitive cognoscitive cohesive cohortative combative combinative combustive conative concaptive conceitive copartitive cosignificative creative credencive criminative cruive cryoprotective cucurbitive cumulative cunctative curative daintive dancitive dative dead-alive debative debellative debilitative dedicative deducive deductive defamative defaultive defective degenerative deglutitive degradative degressive dehortative deive dejective delacrimative delative delegative deletive demandative demarcative dementative derisive derivative derive descensive descentive descriptive descrive detective detentive deteriorative determinative devastative deverbative deviative didactive diffluxive diffractive digestative digestive dijudicative dilatative dilative dimensive diminutive directive directo-executive disaffirmative ditransitive dive diversive divertive divestitive documentative domesticative dominative donative dormitive dubitative dumpster-dive duplicative durative edificative educative eductive effacive effective effervescive egestive egressive ejaculative ejective elaborative elapsive elative elective electromotive elicitive eliminative elocutive elongative elucidative elusive emanative emancipative emasculative emendative emissive emolliative emollitive emotive emulative emulsive enactive enarrative encaptive encentive enervative enforcive enhancive enlive enrive enumerative enunciative envive equative eradicative erasive erective ergative erosive eruptive erupturive essive estimative estive evacuative evaluative evaporative evasive eversive evictive evidencive evincive evocative evolutive evulsive ex-votive exactive exaggerative exaltative exaltive examinative exceptive excerptive excessive execrative executative executive exemplative exemplificative exemptive exfoliative exhalative exhaustive exhibitive exhilarative exhortative exonerative exortive expansive expatiative expectative expective expectorative expeditive expensive exquisitive exsiccative exstructive extensive extentive extenuative exterminative exudative exulcerative exultative exultive fabricative facilitative factitive factive faintive famulative fascinative fashionative faultive fautive federative felicificative fensive fermentative fermentive fessive festive fictive figetive figurative fissive five fixative fixive flagellative floatative fotive fricative frigidative fructificative fructive fruitive fugitive fumigative fundamentive fundative fusitive fusive gainstrive geminative gemmative generative germinative gernative gestative gesticulative gigantive gignitive give gleive glutinative gradative gubernative guessive guestive guildive gurgitive gustative habitative hastive hebetative hective heive hesitative high-five hive humectative humective hussive hyperdrive ideative idiorepulsive ignitive illapsive imaginative imitative immensive immersive impactive inactive inadaptive inadequative inadhesive inaggressive incaptive incarnative incausative indagative indecisive indefective indefensive indefinitive inebriative ineffective ingenerative ingestive inhabitative inhesive inhibitive inhive inimitative inirritative initiative injective injunctive inlive innative innovative inobtrusive inoculative inoffensive inoperative inoppressive inquisitive insative inscriptive inscrive inscrutive integrative integritive intellective invariantive invasive invective inventative ipsative irradiative irreceptive irreflective irreflexive iterative ive jive judicative junctive jurative jurisdictive jussive justificative juxtapositive keep-alive kive knive lacerative lambative lambetive lambitive liberative lubricative