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Ive or IVE may refer to:

  • Institute of the Incarnate Word (Instituto del Verbo Encarnado), Catholic religious order
  • Ive, former name of Ivesta, California
  • Ive, Latvia, rural municipality in Talsi District, Latvia
  • International Video Entertainment, former name of Artisan Entertainment
  • Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
  • I've Sound, Japanese musical group
Ive (given name)

Ive may refer to:

  • Ive Ivanov (born 1985), Croatian basketball player
  • Ive Jerolimov (born 1958), Croatian football player
  • Ive Mažuran (born 1928), Croatian historian
  • Ive Sulentic (born 1959), Canadian soccer player of Croatian descent
  • Ive Šubic (1922-1989), Slovene painter

Usage examples of "ive".

Ive never seen it, she said slowly, but I, for one, believe the boojum does exist.

Show Bizniss, which Ive stroven to ornyment, is bein usurpt by Poplar Lecturs, as thay air kalled, tho in my pinion thay air poplar humbugs.

The ugly young man smiled, an empty, meaningless movement of the lips, and the Pleader Iving Creel found himself remembering that smile, at odd moments, for the rest of his life.

Ive spent time, a great deal of time lately, talking to the Hierarch Sisel about it, you know.

Rivers-the major rivers of Yggdrasil are the Iving, Gopul, Hrid, Gunnthro, Fimbulthul, Slid, Svol, Thyn, Vegsvin, Non, Geirvimul, Leipt, Vid, Gomul, and Gjoll.

Yggdrasil are the Iving, Gopul, Hrid, Gunnthro, Fimbulthul, Slid, Svol, Thyn, Vegsvin, Non, Geirvimul, Leipt, Vid, Gomul, and Gjoll.

Ive seen a mother wampus share its milk with an old wampus unable to feed itself any longer.

And Ive seen the wampus in action, cooperating, helping people escape the advancing glacier.

Some thirty years ago, when Buri had been a young warrior, they had suddenly poured out of the endless grasslands that stretched northward from the Iving all the way to the Icerealm.

The Jotun had indeed crossed the Iving, but Buri had managed to rally: his forces .

Ive spent the entire night studying their morphology and physiology, and other than that slight difference in electrolytes I detected when we were on the planets surface, Ive found nothing to account for their deaths.

Those garbage tests included the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and a handful of project ives Though far from perfect, they were reliable enough when it came to someone like Penn.

In the summer, so Ive heard, its so quiet you can hear the melt-off trickle down into the shadowy blue depths of the broken ice to refreeze again once out of the baleful glare of the never-setting summer sun.

Iven cast her a rueful glance, knowing how much she had missed eating meat since joining company with the witches, and scrummaged in the store-barrels for something to throw the dogs.

Wilson suffered Emily to give Clara a week, having first ascertained that Denbigh was a settled resident at the rectory, and thereby not likely to be oftener at the House of Francis than at the hall, where he was a frequent and welcome guest, both oh his own account and as a friend of Doctor Ives.