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Word usage examples

As she followed the girl along the corridor, Mary admired the rumpy convexities of her narrow black skirt, the dark veins of her stockings, the noisy shoes and their smug shine.

He looked out of character in the tuxedo that wrinkled baggily around his lumpy body.

He had raised one lumpy hand in a benedictory gesture as he offered this.

The low words seemed to hiss through the gray of the early morning, and Anna bolted upright in the narrow and lumpy pallet bed, not that she had slept that well, with nightmares of various shadowy figures chasing her through improbable settings, none of which she could remember clearly.

Mon Calamari Star Cruisers were plated and shielded to withstand multiple direct hits, but he thought he remembered several more of the huge, lumpy crafts.

And then I could slooshy his bolshy lumpy boots beating off, him going huh huh huh into the darkmans, and it was only about seven seconds after that I slooshied the millicent-van draw up with a filthy great dropping siren-howl, like some bezoomny animal snuffing it.

He forced himself to drink an ordinary tea, and lingered over a, sweet milk pudding, in which there was only one questionable and lumpy substance, exceedingly bitter to the taste-but one could, with dexterity, pick the bits out.

Groping at the table for support, Saltwood noticed the lumpy gizmo of iron and crystal was gone.

But confirmation could be had by looking at his face, which was disfigured by lumpy tumors, called gummas, rimming his mouth and his eyes.

When I heard the porch door slam I waited until I saw her toiling up the road, the lumpy cardigan over one arm and the handbag jigging on its strap.