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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Clara was a plain, dumpy woman, several years older than her husband.
▪ I think this skirt makes me look dumpy.
▪ In his youth, William had been a dumpy little boy who ate too many sweets.
▪ At Champney Crucis Kate directed the driver up a lane beside the dumpy little church.
▪ George had a wife, Martha, who was dumpy and plain.
▪ Kitty, her heroine, is dumpy, spotty, pallid and downtrodden.
▪ Now it was just a dumpy little building.
▪ She was a small, dumpy woman, nothing like her only child in either looks or personality.
▪ The little dumpy girl was one of two serving.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dumpy \Dump"y\, a. [Compar. Dumpier; superl. Dumpiest.] [

  1. From Dump a short ill-shapen piece.

  2. From Dump sadness.]

    1. Short and thick; of low stature and disproportionately stout.

    2. Sullen or discontented. See 2nd dump[1]. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"short and stout," 1750, apparently from some noun dump (compare dumpling), but the connection is unclear.


a. short and thick; stout or stocky n. (context South Africa English) A small bottle of beer.

  1. adj. short and thick; as e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature; "some people seem born to be square and chunky"; "a dumpy little dumpling of a woman"; "dachshunds are long lowset dogs with drooping ears"; "a little church with a squat tower"; "a squatty red smokestack"; "a stumpy ungainly figure" [syn: chunky, low-set, squat, squatty, stumpy]

  2. short and fat [syn: podgy, pudgy, tubby]

  3. [also: dumpiest, dumpier]


Dumpy may refer to:

  • Dumpy level, an optical instrument used in surveying and building to transfer, measure, or set horizontal levels
  • Dumpy's Rusty Nuts British rock band founded by Graham "Dumpy" Dunnell
  • Scots Dumpy, a breed of chicken from Scotland
  • Dumpy books, a series of small-format books published in Britain by Grant Richards between 1897 and 1904
  • Dumpy tree frog, a common name for Australian Green Tree Frog

Usage examples of "dumpy".

Sarah started slightly when a little dumpy woman with grey hair and twinkling eyes stepped noiselessly into the kitchen from the front-room.

She was a replica of her mother, being dumpy and fat, with small, bright eyes and a round face.

The farmhouses were as dumpy as the women, mere hovels of mud, sometimes whitewashed.

I was forced to decline this singular appeal, glad as I should have been to cheer her dumpy spouse.

The dumpy woman suffered from a degenerative muscular condition, and Eduard was stuck with it until he could trick someone else into swapping.

If I can do it with this middle-aged dumpy body of mine, then someone as fit as you are should have no trouble at all.

He, with his round, dumpy figure, leaned over the basin, devouring a sippet with each mouthful of broth.

Seated at the extremely long table stacked with food, was a short dumpy woman in a plain black dress and a gold crown, and a tall smarmy man in a spotlessly clean military uniform.

Now to have these outsiders see me in the company of dumpy little Leeta, all milkweed and daisies hanging haphazardly around her ears.

Her hazel eyes studied Planir with an intelligence that made it plain she was no mere gap-toothed matron subsiding into dumpy middle age and greying hair.

Sapper, Creepy, Sleazy, Doper, Droopy, Dumpy, Shirty, Groupie, Greasy, Dreary, Shitful, Crock, and Baksheesh.

Often, Emma would climb back into the dumpy pants and shirt she had worn during those days of travel, and go riding astraddle, the way Pony had taught her.

A semiretired economist living alone aboard his dumpy little cabin cruiser over at Bahia Mar.

A dark, dumpy, bearded, balding, paunchy man, Candlemas knew he was no beauty, and took little regard of his looks.

Van was so taken up by his talk, by the training tips he lavished on the eager boy, and by envy, ambition, respect and other youthful emotions, that he had little time for Cordula, round-faced, small, dumpy, in a turtle-neck sweater of dark-red wool, or even for the stunning young lady on whose bare back the paternal hand kept resting lightly as Demon steered her toward this or that useful guest.