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Word usage examples

This is a powerful antispasmodic, and has been successfully used in bilious colic, nausea, and spasm of the bowels.

This is a powerful antispasmodic, and is effective in relaxing spasms of all kinds.

A spasm reached deep into his lungs, as if all his bronchia had constricted at once with a snap like a trap closing.

Some bronchitic invalid had gouged a huge blob from his lungs and, weakened by his spasm of coughing, had managed only enough force to give it a partial revolution after its impact with the floor.

I blocked my own spasms of sweating tremors by finding the microdot on Naxos among the encyclopedia cards and reading it through the viewer.

With peristaltic spasms, as of slimy, repulsive intestines, it came up to the glass, pressed against it opposite my face, and made several feeble crawling motions before becoming still.

Meanwhile, almost giddy with anticipation and precursive spasms of sensation, Melody clung on to the phone and to the wall beside her for support.

I believe your brachio radial and pronator muscles are in spasm, and they have contracted so tightly they are now wider than the gap between the bars.

The grims were forming up to ride again, leaving the protestors in a spasm of joyful destruction, uprooting benches and starting to smash in the front doors of New Mound House.

Grinspoon told him the defendant was one of thousands of people who claim that marijuana is the best thing they can find for controlling the kind of painful spasms associated with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic nerve injury.