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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Phasm \Phasm\, Phasma \Phas"ma\, n. [L. phasma, Gr. ?. See Phase.] An apparition; a phantom; an appearance. [R.]
--Hammond. Sir T. Herbert.


n. (context obsolete English) An apparition; a phantom.


In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the phasm is an aberration.

Usage examples of "phasm".

The doors at his back buckled inward and gave him egress, the darkened room a ghost-like configuration of white-clothed banquet tables bordered by empty chairs, the phasm of Nazi heydays everywhere.

Cathcart watched the boy put down the book and stand, candle-glow irradiating like a phasm from the smooth coils of his braid.