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Word usage examples

Il leur dit que ceux ci vouloient absolument que l'on mit _l'Iroquois a la chaudiere_, et que si on ne le faisoit, on devoit venir le leur enlever.

On ne peut pas douter que ce peuple ne fussent de véritables Tartares ou Turcs, puisque le même Catholique fut consulté par l'évêque qu'il envoya dans le païs, touchant la manière dont il devoit leur faire observer la Caresme, et célébrer la liturgie.

He saw Sir Bowin and Sir Deloit, his single eye shining bright with joy.

As had been planned, some of the decoits had come as recruits to the Pindari standard.

Then from the shimmer of moonlight thrust the white form of a big Turcoman horse that was thrown almost to his haunches, his breast striking the back of the decoit.

At that time there flourished a notorious dacoit, Raghu, for whose capture Government had offered a handsome reward.

But like Robin Hood of old, Raghu Dacoit had caught popular fancy by his generosity to the poor.

On one of these occasions, the latest doings of Raghu Dacoit were being discussed.

After some few minutes, the ladies, who were inclined to oppose him, yielded to the tearful advice of their more timid sisters, and one by one they began to unclasp necklaces and belts and hand them over to the dacoit together with bracelets, bangles and rings.

Shivani frowned, though not at her wounded dacoit, who lay insensible on a blanket at her feet.