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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dacoit \da*coit"\ (d[.a]*koit"), n. [Hind. [dsdot]akait, One of a class of robbers, in India and Burma (Myanmar), who act in gangs and are usually armed. [Also spelled dakoit.]


n. (context chiefly India English) A bandit or armed robber, especially in India, Pakistan, and the surrounding region. vb. (context chiefly India English) To commit armed robbery.


n. a member of an armed gang of robbers [syn: dakoit]

Usage examples of "dacoit".

At that time there flourished a notorious dacoit, Raghu, for whose capture Government had offered a handsome reward.

But like Robin Hood of old, Raghu Dacoit had caught popular fancy by his generosity to the poor.

On one of these occasions, the latest doings of Raghu Dacoit were being discussed.

After some few minutes, the ladies, who were inclined to oppose him, yielded to the tearful advice of their more timid sisters, and one by one they began to unclasp necklaces and belts and hand them over to the dacoit together with bracelets, bangles and rings.

Shivani frowned, though not at her wounded dacoit, who lay insensible on a blanket at her feet.

The dacoit, with only half that poundage, traveled like a thing of straw.

If so, it indicated the coming presence of dacoit murderers at the Riverbank Apartments.

Wriggling half through the window, the dacoit grabbed the slatted platform of a steel fire escape, gave a jerk that hauled his body through.

The black-cloaked form was sagging, like others that the dacoit had handled.

Grabbing for the fire escape rail, the dacoit shifted in the wrong direction.

There was a crash, three stories below, as the dacoit hit the roof of an extension behind the apartment building.

Hawkeye had spotted the crippled dacoit crawling into an alleyway that opened from the next block.

Close to the place he wanted, the dacoit was making a convulsive effort to reach it.

The Shadow, himself, had followed the crippled dacoit to a hidden lair.

The turbanned dacoit tried to follow her, but Jenny sent some message to the airline personnel that caused them to drag the dacoit out of the boarding area.