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Benoit, MS -- U.S. town in Mississippi
Population (2000): 611
Housing Units (2000): 211
Land area (2000): 0.974163 sq. miles (2.523070 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.012172 sq. miles (0.031526 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.986335 sq. miles (2.554596 sq. km)
FIPS code: 05220
Located within: Mississippi (MS), FIPS 28
Location: 33.650500 N, 91.008560 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 38725
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Benoit, MS
Benoit (disambiguation)

Benoit is a French name. Benoit may also refer to:

  • Benoit, Mississippi, a United States town
  • Benoit, Wisconsin, a United States unincorporated community

Benoît ( or ; ) is a Catholic French male given name, or, less frequently, Benoist. The name is the Old French word for "blessed", equivalent to the English name Benedict. The female form of the name is Benoîte, or Béné well as family name.

It is to be distinguished from Benoit (surname) which is usually without the accent.

Benoit (crater)

Benoit is a crater on Mercury. Its floor is quite unusual, with two mounds that have been suggested to be evidence of intrusive volcanic activity on Mercury.

Usage examples of "benoit".

The sound of cell doors slamming had become commonplace for Benoit Moreau.

Some called him a savage because of his corporate takeover practices, but to Benoit, on that first evening, he was a charming savage.

For Benoit the day came when the thought of being near his power was replaced by the thought of taking it.

He slammed down the phone and looked at Benoit, then at her assistants.

Chellis had been unwise in creating trusts to hold the stock of Grace Technologies, making his wife and Benoit trustees if he became incapacitated.

Gaudet and Benoit gave Chellis what the Grace company staff called the nervous-flier vectoran extreme form that was cooked up just for him.

Best we can tell, the original vector technology, as used by Grace, included some other exotic moleculethe French have named it Chaperone, because that is what Benoit Moreau called it.

Essentially, Benoit Moreau is not talking, although she has told us a few things and we have gotten other information from Northern Lights.

He did not want to speak to Benoit Moreau in her cell or in the regular visiting area.

Afterward, Benoit was satisfied with her meeting with Baptiste, although waiting to get to the admiral was a major frustration.

A day after the last debacle, Baptiste had another meeting planned with Benoit Moreau that he hoped would go better than the prior.

For the paranoid, such as Baptiste, sleeping with Benoit would be a terrifying dance with chance.

Once again Benoit waited in the office, only this time he had instructed the guards to put her in the chair facing the desk, reserving the chair behind the desk for himself.

Baptiste found himself frequenting the lab where Benoit spent her days away from jail.

Off and on throughout the morning he had imagined what it would be like to take tea with Benoit Moreau.