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Word usage examples

While at Toccoa everyone, enlisted and officer, had to pass a qualifying physical test.

Each one who made it through Toccoa had been harassed almost to the point of rebellion.

The leapfrog advances and retreats put into play the training they had undergone at Toccoa and were carried out in textbook fashion.

That so many of its Toccoa officers were on the 506th regimental or 2nd Battalion staff helped Easy to maintain coherence.

They were Toccoa men, and they had held the company together since Dike took over in Holland.

Grant, an original Toccoa man, was a smiling, athletic, fair-haired Californian who was universally respected— he had knocked out an 88 in Holland—and liked.

They played a name game—one would call out the name of a Toccoa man, the other would supply a brief word portrait.

It would be expected that landers were at least as far out as Toccoa although telemetry had indicated this landing was remarkably tight.

Telling Talalu and Tairoa to go aloft, Christian turned to Young and Smith and related the incident of the previous night.

Christian and Tairoa led the way up the ascent, and they quickly gained the edge.