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In the lake, not far from the Celestial Gardens of Cor, there lived a small community of Hydroa, from the underwater city of Hydrodollin.

The Hydroa normally breathe water, but can also breathe air, for a limited amount of time.

From the lake on either side of him emerged two female Hydroa, hovering above the water, with nothing holding them up.

It is written that you would come here and speak those words and that the greatest Hydroa singers would once again proclaim this most significant expression of felicity.

Hydroa people stopped along their swim to stare at, wave, and in the case of one Hydroa boy, reach out and touch the Corian people, as they continued through the tunnel.

Circle of Elders have traditionally visited this city to meet with the leaders of the mystic order of the Hydroa, and for their annual retreat.

Hydroa increased the volume and tempo of their song, calling out into the ocean, causing many more Hydroa to surround the city, watch, and wave as the Corians entered beneath them.

A group of winged guardsmen landed onto the ground and were greeted by the Hydroa police.

Most of the cities in Hydrodollin were no longer safe, and the Hydroa people retreated to the City of Man or other nearby cities in the water.

A group of older Hydroa approached Murid, wearing colorful coral jewels and clothing.

The Hydroa singers continued their songs, and the people began to disperse.