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Bilboá is located on the boundaries of County Laois, Carlow and Kilkenny., in a bleak and beautiful and forgotten part of the Castlecomer plateau that forms a sort of no-man’s-land between Kilkenny, Carlow and Laois.

Without coal there would have been little settlement at Bilboa, but at the time of writing the little cluster of families in this area struggles to maintain its identity, and to survive as a distinct localised community, proud of its individuality and its tradition. Of the early mining village, only the church remains. Bilboá's Anglican church is a detached three-bay Tudor Revival Church of Ireland church, built 1846, with crenellated entrance tower and granite dressings including clasping buttresses on octagonal plans having pinnacles and hood mouldings to openings. Interior retains original pews.

For anybody who ever wondered where the name Bilboa came from, there are several small extracts on the organ of the village. The passages were taken from the old school house in the village (now Brennens shop). while some of the writings are in the native tongue, the general story goes as follows. One Colonel John Staunton Rochford 1802-1844 returned from fighting in the British army in the Napoleonic wars. He was credited with some act of valour while fighting around the Spanish city of Bilboa. Hence he became known as Rochford of Bilboa, where as his family before him where the Rochfords of Clogrennene. Later members of his family seem to have being involved in some capacity with the building of Bilboa Church 1850. Since then the area has known as Bilboa.

Usage examples of "bilboa".

She had followed the flight of a winged starsnake to this tree, an enormous bilboa that shaded and dominated the public garden.

Matteo marveled at the sheer variety of plant and animal life that took refuge in the bilboa tree.

His battles, his jaunt with Tzigone through the bilboa tree and the dirty back streets, and his confinement in the dirty cell had left his white linens dingy and stained beyond recognition.

Next to them, the bilboa trees of Halruaa seemed as lifeless as furniture.

But they didn't speak until they reached the leafy sanctuary of Tzigone's bilboa tree.

The battered соrpsе thumped and skidded along the sodden ground, splattering the surviving warriors with fetid water before coming to rest amid the lurching roots of a bilboa tree.

From there it was simply a matter of climbing a bilboa tree and creeping through the treetops toward the home of Procopio Septus.

Unless she climbed one of the bilboa trees to accost one in its sleep, that seems unlikely.

Giddy with magic, the creature did not at first notice the uprooted bilboa trees begin to totter and sway.

Keturah and the young wizard stood at the mouth of a cave carved into the heart of a living bilboa tree.

The rope spun out toward the outermost branches of the great bilboa tree.

It took Matteo the better part of an hour to work his way down the bilboa tree.

It crouched behind the thick trunk of a bilboa tree and peered at the straggling line of humans cutting their way through waist-high grasses.

She looked to the enormous bilboa tree at the edge of the public garden, and began to sing.

The battered A>rps5 thumped and skidded along the sodden ground, splattering the surviving warriors with fetid water before coming to rest amid the lurching roots of a bilboa tree.