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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

branch of chemistry which deals with wine-making and brewing, 1868, from Greek zymo-, comb. form of zyme "a leaven" (from PIE root *yeue-; see juice) + -ourgia "a working," from ergon "work" (see organ).\n

\nThe last word in many standard English dictionaries (and this one); but Century Dictionary ends with Zyxomma ("A genus of Indian dragon-flies") and in the OED [2nd ed.] the last word is zyxt, an obsolete Kentish form of the second person singular of see (v.).\n\nAt the dictionary's letter A\n
Mr. Brandt is young and gay\n
But when at last he reaches zed\n
He's in his wheelchair, nearly dead\n

[Einar Haugen]


n. The chemistry of fermentation with yeasts, especially the science involved in beer and wine making.


n. the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation (as in making wine or brewing or distilling)

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Besides the shipwright's kit, I am equipped with the auberge's survival gear (very impressive) and what they call a Smallholder Unit, tools and decamole appliances for setting up light housekeeping on a subsistence farm, together with a few packets of seeds and a large fleck library with a raft of "how-to" books on every subject from animal husbandry to zymurgy.