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Zumbo is the most western town in Mozambique, on the Zambezi River. Lying on the north-east bank of the Zambezi- Luangwa River confluence, it is a border town, with Zambia (and the town of Luangwa, previously called Feira,) across the Luangwa River and Zimbabwe (with its border post at Kanyemba) diagonally across the Zambezi and 2 km upstream. In 2005 Zumbo had a population of 33,000 and lies in the Zumbo District of Tete Province.

Zumbo was established as a trading post in the last part of the 17th century by the Portuguese. It became prosperous as it traded along the middle Zambezi and into Zimbabwe, and up the lower Luangwa, trading for ivory as far away as Lake Bangweulu. It dominated the area, and traders from Zumbo settled in Feira. Zumbo declined after Northern and Southern Rhodesia (later Zambia and Zimbabwe) became part of the British Empire, cutting off its trade with those territories.

In the 1970s the Cahora Bassa Dam and lake were created downstream. Zumbo is at the farthest upstream extent of the lake.

The town's strategic location meant that in the Mozambican War of Independence and Mozambican Civil War, guerrilla warfare was active in and around the town and many landmines were laid. Zumbo was abandoned for a time in the civil war and partially destroyed, and reconstruction is still continuing.

As well as fishing in the river and lake, economic activity relies on trade with the neighbouring countries, inevitably involving smuggling as well. There are small coal mines near the town, and the main crops grown on the fertile banks and floodplain of the rivers are rice, cassava, and beans.

Road connections with the rest of Mozambique are in very poor condition, and the main means of travel and supply is by boat from Songo at the Cahora Bassa Dam.

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Zumbo (TV series)

Zumbo is an Australian observational documentary television series following patissier Adriano Zumbo at his Balmain, Sydney kitchen business.

The series premiered on 10 February 2011 and ran for 6 episodes. It screened on SBS One Thursdays at 7:30pm.

Adriano is well-known for his signature dish, the macaron and the first episode featured the lead up to 'Macaron Day', as the kitchen pumps out close to 30,000 multicoloured macarons. Episode 2 focussed on the preparation of Adriano's new 'Summer Collection,' a range of new creations presented at a runway show. Episode 3 featured Adriano returning to his hometown, Coonamble, to help cater for one of the biggest events of the year – his father's 70th birthday.

Zumbo (surname)

Zumbo is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adriano Zumbo (born 1981), Australian chef
  • Gaetano Giulio Zumbo (1656–1701), Italian sculptor
  • Jim Zumbo, American hunter