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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a documentary film
▪ He has just completed a documentary film about Thomas Jefferson.
a television documentary
▪ a television documentary about an important public issue
▪ In 1975 author Francis Hitching was commissioned to write a book and television documentary entitled Earth Magic.
▪ The statement was aired for the first time in a recent television documentary on his life.
▪ None the less, as a recent television documentary showed, women still rise to this challenge.
▪ Its letters were like official communications combined with television documentaries and newspaper reports.
▪ Three major national television documentaries, including one on the work of the local Drugs Squad, brought Wirral to national attention.
▪ This could be for a television documentary about the town or for a town pageant.
▪ Also television documentaries are making increasing use of archive film from the stores of national and regional film archives.
▪ She made a documentary about having reconstructive surgery, to help other women understand what the process was like.
▪ A veteran independent filmmaker for over 30 years, Young has made award-winning documentaries and well-reviewed feature films.
▪ John Cleese once made a documentary about them.
▪ What is the motive of the people making this documentary?
▪ Very little material was ever screened, other than poorly made Soviet documentaries designed for propaganda.
▪ Although Newsreel made some startlingly good documentaries, shortage of funds was a constant problem.
▪ He is also producing a documentary on the project.
▪ Against overwhelming odds, I surrendered myself and watched a glut of documentaries about the military hardware.
▪ You could spend nearly the whole day watching nothing but nature documentaries, and if you did you would emerge exhausted.
▪ a fly-on-the-wall documentary about teenage pregnancy
▪ He made a TV documentary about the flower children of the sixties.
▪ The documentary explores the success of a Jewish sect intent on keeping ancient traditions alive.
▪ A documentary on the interviews will run on Monday on the Turner Broadcasting System.
▪ Filmmaker Mandy Jacobson was working on the documentary at the time and had run out of money.
▪ It was time, as a city documentary of the period declared, to root the cancer out.
▪ Since it opened, the Centre has received much positive publicity, including a recent documentary on Channel Four.
▪ It is unusual to find documentary evidence earlier than the fifteenth century, and extremely fortunate to find actual details of buildings.
▪ Only Hangleton, now buried beneath Hove, has been adequately excavated and the archaeological work related to documentary evidence.
▪ The main input to the review process is documentary evidence.
▪ The historian's problem is that there is insufficient archaeological or documentary evidence to establish the chronology of this process.
▪ As it so happens, Columbus' personal reactions can be reconstructed in some detail from documentary evidence.
▪ Moreover, there is documentary evidence that adolescents have always attended the game without the supervision of adults.
▪ I was examining teachers and teaching in one school using such methods as participant observation, unstructured interviews and documentary evidence.
▪ The idea of questioning is central to the chapters on reading, note making and documentary evidence.
▪ Repetitive slapstick, it has the charm of earliest documentary film.
▪ She was born there, she lived there until age 21, and she has made nine documentary films about the country.
▪ It's not a documentary film, is it?
▪ That experience was committed to a documentary film of the same name.
▪ Acquisition of both aircraft and the invaders participation in the race will be the subject of a documentary film.
▪ This is one example of a task related to an extract from off-air documentary material within a unit on drugs.
▪ The visual element of documentary material is quite different - at least when location shots are used.
▪ Only later, years later, would we be told in documentary series what happened.
▪ No one would trust a documentary series about labor unions paid for entirely by union funds.
▪ The conference was to discuss the programmes currently under production as part of the documentary series.
▪ Beforehand, the pretence that he was interested in putting together a documentary series on psychic phenomena had seemed a good one.
▪ Lehder provided no documentary evidence to support his claims.
▪ A documentary programme could form the basis for discussion in the weekly slot for communicative activities.
▪ I was examining teachers and teaching in one school using such methods as participant observation, unstructured interviews and documentary evidence.
▪ No one would trust a documentary series about labor unions paid for entirely by union funds.
▪ Repetitive slapstick, it has the charm of earliest documentary film.
▪ So this element in documentary programmes is a good source of examples of authentic, spontaneous speech.
▪ The memoirs and documentary editions published reflected a relatively wide range of Marxist approaches.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Documentary \Doc`u*men"ta*ry\, a. Pertaining to written evidence; contained or certified in writing. ``Documentary evidence.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1810, "pertaining to documents," from document + -ary. Meaning "factual, meant to provide a record of something" is from 1926, from French film documentarie (1924). The noun (short for documentary film) is attested from 1935. Docudrama is a 1961 coinage.


a. 1 of, related to, or based on documents. 2 which serves to document (record and:or illustrate) a subject. 3 (context of a film, book etc English) presented objectively without the insertion of fictional matter. n. A film, TV program, publication etc. which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner.


adj. relating to or consisting of or derived from documents [syn: documental]


n. a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event [syn: docudrama, documentary film, infotainment]

Documentary (disambiguation)

A documentary is a creative work of non-fiction, including:

  • Documentary film, including television
  • Documentary photography
  • Radio documentary
  • Television documentary

Related terms include:

  • Documentary (TV channel), a Canadian digital television channel devoted to documentaries
  • Documentary Center
  • DOC: The Documentary Channel
  • Documentary comedy
  • Documentary style
  • Documentary theatre
  • Conventions in documentary

The word documentary is also an adjective meaning "related to, or based on, documents". For example:

  • Documentary evidence
  • Documentary hypothesis

Examples of Documentary being used as a title include:

  • The Documentary, a 2005 album by The Game
  • " Documentary Special", a special episode of the TV show The West Wing

list of documentaries

Documentary (radio)
Documentary (film)

Usage examples of "documentary".

Patrol took over the Cosmocrat party and set out to gather detailed and documentary evidence of corrupt and criminal activities of the Nationalists, the party then in power.

The Duce is anxious that I prove to the Germans, by documentary evidence, that the outbreak of war at this time would be folly.

Our Bio assignment was to watch a documentary on the Learning Channel about people who have body dysmorphic disorder.

Not so, said Dann Gire, Chicago Daily Herald film critic and president of the Chicago Film Critics Association, which gave Bowling for Columbine a Best Documentary prize at their annual awards ceremony.

After a long bath, Hoey was half-heartedly watching a documentary on grizzly bears in Canada.

If it is to be used for record or documentary purposes it must not be altogether obliterated if brought into contact with water or alcohol, and should depend for permanency on its chemical and not on its pigmentary qualities.

Dean Street, a secretary with a nice belly button and commissioned a witty documentary about chalet girls on the piste or something equally blindingly obvious.

My solid-state memory microcards have been used to smuggle documentary films into China and send a million-volume library to Mars.

Above all, the montage landscapes of war and death: newsreels from the Congo and Vietnam, execution squad instruction films, a documentary on the operation of a lethal chamber.

I would also like to thank Kam Sung for giving me a copy of the Permaculture documentary he produced, which introduced me to the philosophy of primal societies.

While Robertson made anti-environmental-ism a principal theme on his Christian Broadcasting Network talk shows, news hours, and documentaries, Reed gave seminars to corporate public relations executives, coaching them on how to use electronic technologies and grassroots organizing to foil environmentalists who interfere with polluter profits.

Borrow, from Caen in Normandy after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, but there is no documentary evidence to support the contention.

Employed by the Barnum News Synd as a reporter and documentary producer for the past nineteen months.

Hamid-Jones picked up a well-worn flatscreen from a pile on the coffee table and thumbed through a number of droning documentaries about various public works projects on the planets and moons of the Alif system until he found a museum tour of Centauran art treasures.

In case you missed the action, Rivera hosted a two-hour documentary that included live drug busts from several cities, including Pompano Beach and Miami.