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YEPD or yeast extract peptone dextrose, also often abbreviated as YPD, is a complete medium for yeast growth. It contains yeast extract, peptone, double-distilled water, and glucose or dextrose. It can be used as solid medium by including agar. The yeast extract will typically contain all the amino acids necessary for growth. By being a complete medium, YEPD cannot be used as a selection medium to test for auxotrophs. Instead, YEPD is used as a growth medium to grow yeast cultures.

The agar version of YEPD typically consists of 0.3% (mass/volume) yeast extract, 1% peptone, 1% glucose/dextrose, 2% agar, with the rest being distilled water. It is a very useful medium for the growth of yeast.

The broth version of YEPD typically contains 1% yeast extract, 2% peptone, 2% glucose/dextrose, and the rest is distilled water.

Category:Microbiological media