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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Wort \Wort\, n. [OE. worte, wurte, AS. wyrte; akin to OD. wort, G. w["u]rze, bierw["u]rze, Icel. virtr, Sw. v["o]rt. See Wort an herb.] An infusion of malt which is unfermented, or is in the act of fermentation; the sweet infusion of malt, which ferments and forms beer; hence, any similar liquid in a state of incipient fermentation.

Note: Wort consists essentially of a dilute solution of sugar, which by fermentation produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.


Wort \Wort\, n. [OE. wort, wurt, AS. wyrt herb, root; akin to OS. wurt, G. wurz, Icel. jurt, urt, Dan. urt, Sw. ["o]rt, Goth. wa['u]rts a root, L. radix, Gr. ? a root, ? a branch, young shoot, ? a branch, and E. root, n. Cf. Licorice, Orchard, Radish, Root, n., Whortleberry, Wort an infusion of malt.]

  1. (Bot.) A plant of any kind.

    Note: This word is now chiefly used in combination, as in colewort, figwort, St. John's-wort, woundwort, etc.

  2. pl. Cabbages.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a plant," Old English wyrt "root, herb, vegetable, plant, spice," from Proto-Germanic *wurtiz (cognates: Old Saxon wurt, Old Norse, Danish urt, Old High German wurz "plant, herb," German Wurz, Gothic waurts, Old Norse rot "root"), from PIE root *wrad- "twig, root" (see radish). St. John's wort attested from 15c.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A plant; herb; vegetable. 2 Any of various plants or herbs. (non-gloss definition The word is usually used in combination to refer to specific plants, e.g. ''St. John's wort St. John’s wort''; however, it may be used on its own as a generic term.) Etymology 2

n. Liquid extract from the ground malt and grain soaked in hot water, the mash, as one of the steps in making beer

  1. n. usually used in combination: `liverwort'; `milkwort'; `whorlywort'

  2. unfermented or fermenting malt

Wort (disambiguation)

Wort is the liquid created by the mashing of malted barley to use in brewing beer.

Wort may also refer to:

  • Wort plants, plants containing the middle English word wort in their names
  • WORT, a listener-sponsored community radio station in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Luxemburger Wort, a daily newspaper in Luxembourg
  • " Wort, wort, wort!", the yell made by the Elite species in the Halo Series of video games
  • Wört, a town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Wort is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.


Wört is a municipality ( German: gemeinde) and town in the district of Ostalbkreis in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Usage examples of "wort".

The malt, in this method of brewing, is ground quite fine, and although an ordinary mash-tun may be used for mashing, the separation of the clear wort from the solid matter takes place in the filter press, which retains the very finest particles with ease.

On the other hand, the consideration of the saline matter in waters, the composition of the extract of worts and beers, and the analysis of brewing materials and products generally, belong to the domain of pure chemistry.

Since the extractive matters contained in wort and beer consist for the most part of the transformation products of starch, it is only natural that these should have received special attention at the hands of scientific men associated with the brewing industry.

One of the aims of the maltster is, therefore, to break down the protein substances present in barley to such a degree that the wort has a maximum nutritive value for the yeast.

There were no bellflowers, rampions, worts, groundsels, daisies, lilies, saxifrages, pinks, monkshoods, or beautiful little edelweiss to ease the bitter cold monotony of the freezing fields of winter.

There the wort ferments under reduced pressure, the carbonic acid generated being removed by means of a vacuum pump, and the gas thus withdrawn is replaced by the introduction of cool sterilized air.

The wort would be boiled in the kettle with hops and whatever else the brewer wanted to add to spice up the brew.

From the latter the wort passes directly to the fermenting tuns, huge closed cylindrical vessels made of sheet-steel and coated with glass enamel.

The worts must remain in the same vessel undisturbed for twelve hours after being collected, unless previously taken account of by the officer.

On the other hand, the consideration of the saline matter in waters, the composition of the extract of worts and beers, and the analysis of brewing materials and products generally, belong to the domain of pure chemistry.

In addition to Gillian Hazeltine, Worts was the creator of two other series that were destined to prove equally popular with readers of the time.

In addition to Gillian Hazeltine, Worts created two other characters who proved to be equal reader favorites: Singapore Sammie Shay and Peter the Brazen.

Both series were set in the China seas, an area Worts knew well, from his days as a wireless operator on the ocean liners that plowed those latitudes.

John's wort and Clown's All-heal, with Spurge and Fennel, Saffron and Parsley, Elder and Snake-root, with opium in some form, and roasted rhubarb and the Four Great Cold Seeds, and the two Resins, of which it used to be said that whatever the Tacamahaca has not cured, the Caranna will, with the more familiar Scammony and Jalap and Black Hellebore, made up a good part of his probable list of remedies.

         Und vielleicht, Vielleicht kommst du einmal vom Krieg zurück, Und eines Abends trittst du bei mir ein, Man spricht von Longwy, Lüttich, Dammerkirch, Und lächelt ernst, und alles ist wie einst, Und keiner sagt ein Wort von seiner Angst, Von seiner Angst und Zärtlichkeit bei Nacht im Feld, Von seiner Liebe.