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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ An old wino had stopped a young man in his late teens who was carrying a huge sack of groceries.
▪ At a corner of the fence, a wino was sullenly pissing on newspapers and old leaves.
▪ I ended up hanging with people nobody liked-junkies, winos, potheads, hookers.
▪ Quinn had passed it many times before, and he was familiar with the winos and vagabonds who hung around the place.
▪ The wino leaned and leered at her from behind the cover of the chip man's mighty stomach.
▪ The only whites in the area were winos and dealers, and they mostly ended up in the river.
▪ The Skid Row winos, shaky with the bars being closed for election, came out and got their bottles of muscatel.
▪ The square was empty, except for a pair of winos sleeping it off under the statue.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1915, from wine + suffix as in bucko, kiddo.


Etymology 1 n. (context pejorative English) A wine-drinking alcoholic. Etymology 2

n. (context physics English) A hypothetical particle that is the superpartner of the W boson.


Wino is a slang term for a person who drinks excessive amounts of wine.

Wino may also refer to:

Wino (band)

Wino (stylized as WINO and pronounced "wine-oh") is a Japanese rock band that formed in 1995 and broke up in 2002. Originally, the band's name was ボグ・マイトルスター (bogu maitorusuta), which seems to be just gibberish. The band was renamed WINO in 1996. One of Wino's biggest hits was "Taiyou wa Yoru mo Kagayaku" (The Sun Also Shines at Night), the second opening in the popular anime Hunter × Hunter.

Usage examples of "wino".

She saw the same ruin that the bedroom had become as Jacky did, but instead of a bogan gripping her friend, all she saw was a smelly old wino, gap-toothed and unshaven, with bloodshot eyes, baggy trousers, and a white shirt so dirty it was a yellow-brown.

The audience, winos and bums, had decided to serenade them after a few minutes of just watching.

One by one they had left home rather than give up their addiction, and now shared an apartment in a complex inhabited by cokeheads, crackheads, winos, cockroaches, and rats.

In these sites they joined the homeless human beings who had always been there, the winos and cokers and foamers and all the others in the noisome military surplus jackets and clotted beards and twine-tied shoes.

Party less than six months ago find themselves skulking around like old winos in the side alleys of presidential politics -- first stripped of their power to select and control delegations, then rejected as delegates themselves when Big Ed took his overcrowded bandwagon over the high side on the first lap.

Winos and junkies and homeless motherfuckers waiting for gold or death to fall out of the sky.

Some cities might have opened shelters to get the winos off the streets.

The nighborhood had fallen slowly but surely to winos, weirdos, shot-spans and gangs of vicious children.

And then, while crawling around on his knees in some ice-covered alley and racked with fits of projectile vomiting, he is grabbed by vicious cops and whipped on the shins with a night stick, then locked in the drunk tank of the local jail and buggered all night by winos.

After taking enough crazy risks to put all three of us in prison for at least five years, we had about $135 apiece to show for it and about half of that was already spent on gas, food, beer and hiring winos to buy whiskey for us because we were too young to get served and the winos were charging double for anything they bought for us.

The Eagle Rock Legion Hall still had a sign ballyhooing Friday night boxing, and my Central Division beat was still winos, rag suckers and Jesus shriekers.

He stood outside the phone booth, watching a filthy superfreighter belly up to the containerport across from the park, while the wino phoned up the city police and asked for Sergeant Amesby.

About the only break we got this time was an earwitness who claims he heard some noise, but he's a wino who was up to his eyebrows in Mogen David and Thunderbird.

Wino cheers and wolf whistles--Glenda Bledsoe in a pom-pom-girl outfit.

I broke up Green Lizard parties with my billy club, promising not to roust the winos if they fed me names.