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n. a roughly made rafter or roof timber, especially in a Latin American village


Viga may refer to:

  • Viga, Catanduanes, Philippines
  • Viga River, Russia
  • Viga (architecture) -- a wooden beam characteristic of adobe buildings of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico

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Viga (architecture)

Vigas are wooden beams characteristic of older adobe construction in the southwestern United States of America, and commonly encountered for ornamental rather than functional purposes in Pueblo Revival Style architecture. They are significant in the archaeology of the American Southwest, because construction techniques used by ancestral Puebloan peoples have left intact vigas in some structures and distinctive holes in cliff faces where cliff dwellings were constructed where the vigas have subsequently deteriorated.

Modern use of the viga as an ornamental, rather than structural (weight-bearing), feature dates to construction of public buildings in New Mexico during the 1920s and 1930s. Noted architect John Gaw Meem incorporated ornamental vigas into many of his designs. Contemporary construction in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is controlled by stringent building codes, typically incorporates ornamental vigas, although the latest revision of the residential building code gives credit for structural vigas. Older structures that have been reconstructed (e.g. the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe) may contain both structural and ornamental vigas.

Usage examples of "viga".

Soon enough the walls were sucked inward, headers split in two, paneling shifted remarkably, and another key viga snapped.

The viga ceiling, terra-cotta tile floor, and beige adobe walls gave the room a rustic feel.

No sooner had the last petrified reveler fled into the Xeriscape garden or onto the thick green lawn, than the remaining vigas began to pop and crackle under duress and, as the horrified onlookers looked on, the sleazeball trophy manor began to quiver.

The smoke spread along the sagging vigas above them and little streams of liquid clay started down from the sod roof.

Glanton held the candle aloft and directed one of the recruits to boost the other on his shoulders and the boy reached along the top of one of the vigas until he found a space and he fitted the end of the rope through and let it down and they hauled on it and raised the mute and strug­gling alcalde into the air.

The vigas were partly down and hunters or herdsmen had built fires in the floor.

He stretched out on the bed and looked up at the carved vigas of the ceiling.

The ceiling was covered by latillas, small branches placed across vigas, poles that acted as a roof support, the windows were covered by willow-twig shutters.

The ceiling was covered by latillas, small branches placed across vigas, poles that acted as a roof support.