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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After a while they make adobe bricks and build their houses by stages, one room followed by another.
▪ They live in adobe houses which they build and keep animals and grow mostly their own food.
▪ They lived in a dusty adobe house along Buckeye Road.
▪ Through a scattering of gray adobe houses, all identical, I would go to the house fronted with mulberry trees.
▪ After a while they make adobe bricks and build their houses by stages, one room followed by another.
▪ Ahead of me I saw the cluster of small adobe homes Induk had told me about, nestled into the hillside.
▪ Even today many members of these tribes live in multi-occupation dwellings made from sun-dried mud bricks known as adobe.
▪ Fired clay, such as pottery and baked mud-brick or adobe, is virtually indestructible if well fired.
▪ How prevalent was the use of adobe as a building material?
▪ Included on the tour will be a straw-bale guest house, a rammed-earth home and studio, and a 1919 adobe bungalow.
▪ Its sister mission in Tumacacori was built of adobe and has crumbled under the weight of the years.
▪ Mr. Mendez shrugged and both of them turned to the adobe.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Adobe \A*do"be\ ([.a]*d[=o]"b[asl]), n. [Sp.]

  1. An unburnt brick dried in the sun; also used as an adjective, as, an adobe house, in Texas or New Mexico.

  2. Earth from which unburnt bricks are made. [Western U. S.]

  3. (Geol.) Alluvial and playa clays of desert and arid regions, differing from ordinary clays of humid regions in containing carbonates and other soluble minerals.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1739, American English, from Spanish adobe, from oral form of Arabic al-tob "the brick," from Coptic tube "brick," a word found in hieroglyphics.


n. 1 An unburnt brick dried in the sun. 2 The earth from which such bricks are made. 3 A house made of adobe brick.

  1. n. the clay from which adobe bricks are made

  2. sun-dried brick; used in hot dry climates [syn: adobe brick]


Adobe (, ; , from Spanish: mud brick, from Arabic) is a building material made from earth and often organic material. Adobe is among the earliest building materials, and is used throughout the world.

Technically, adobe refers to sun-dried mud-brick constructions only, but modern English usage tends to include other mud-based structures like cob and rammed earth buildings.

Usage examples of "adobe".

The seventeen doomed men were offered a meal and an opportunity to speak with a priest before they were lined up along an adobe wall and shot.

Long Quiet soon found himself in the cool, candle-lit interior of the adobe hacienda.

There is a large adobe house on the property, where my grandparents lived before my father built this hacienda.

It would be hard to live in an adobe house after spending so many years in a tipi.

She forced herself to leave that idyllic picture to examine the rest of the adobe house.

Bay flattened herself against the rough adobe wall and held her hands out in front of her as he started walking toward her.

Bay had been marrying Jonas Harper for the silks and silver his money could buy her, she could be so obviously happy with the few simple things he provided in this adobe house.

Bay had never seen Rancho Dolorosa and was impressed by the huge whitewashed adobe house with its veranda overlooking the Brazos River.

Bay came racing out of the adobe house and hugged Sloan as she stepped down from her horse.

She pulled her shawl closer around her against the chilly air and returned to the adobe house.

Bay felt a shiver of foreboding when she saw Sloan riding toward the adobe house.

When they arrived at the adobe house, Bay quickly nursed Whipp, fully intending to put him to bed and end the evening in the way that had been denied her for the past few months.

He pressed her up against the adobe wall and held her there with the length of his hard, sinewy body.

The woman appeared to be Hispanic and said something quickly to Casey before rushing back into the tiny adobe house.

She followed the girl through the wardrobe and into the small passageway between the thick adobe walls.