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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a deserved win/victory/success etc
▪ Larsson’s goal gave Celtic a deserved victory.
a run of defeats/victories etc
▪ His extraordinary run of successes has been stopped.
a surprise victory
▪ She came to power in 1977, after a surprise victory in the general election.
a victory celebration
▪ Some football fans were arrested during the victory celebrations.
an election victory/defeat
▪ He became prime minister after a decisive election victory.
claim victory (=say that you are the winner)
▪ The election results were in and the President was able to claim victory.
clinch a match/championship/victory etc
▪ A last-minute touchdown clinched the game.
coasting to victory
▪ The Ugandan relay team are coasting to victory.
decisive victory/result/defeat etc
hollow victory
▪ They won, but it was a hollow victory.
▪ a landslide election victory victory
▪ Beckham led his team to victory.
notable achievement/success/victory
Pyrrhic victory
romp to a win/victory
▪ The women’s team romped to a 132–81 win over Ireland.
sweep to power/victory
▪ Nixon and Agnew swept to victory with 47 million votes.
sweet taste of victory
▪ the sweet taste of victory
the spoils of war/victory etc
win a victory
▪ The protesters have won one victory already.
▪ The platform had won a comfortable victory in the afternoon's debate on policy.
▪ Morrell went on for a comfortable victory over three seconds clear of the defending champion, Mark Kirk, of Ballymena.
▪ It sealed a comfortable victory and sent Rovers soaring into third place in the table.
▪ Nigel Lamb won all three individual programmes, to record his sixth consecutive championship victory.
▪ There are golfers who have dominated certain events with consecutive victories.
▪ The Huskers own a 42-game home winning streak, tying Texas for fifth on the list of consecutive home victories.
▪ They also earned their second consecutive victory for the first time since last November.
▪ Hugo Chavez won a decisive victory over Francisco Arias in his bid for a six-year term as Venzuela's president.
▪ Nixon, meanwhile, spoke and acted as if the United States had won a decisive victory under his command.
▪ As it happens the outcome, in my view, is a decisive victory for the individual organism.
▪ The word on the grapevine is that this survey will show a decisive Gore victory.
▪ William of Orange is seen to have worked the decisive victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
▪ He took four of six rounds and yet without ever making his supporters believe that a decisive victory was on the cards.
▪ At last the moment to silence all the doubters with a decisive victory arrived.
▪ He wanted forces capable of quick, decisive victories against diplomatically isolated opponents.
▪ Haynes then steered the tourists to an easy victory with more than 11 overs to spare.
▪ Ford gratefully accepts, takes a sip and continues to watch as his team heads for an easy victory.
▪ Fulfilling an outstanding fixture at Benllech A, the 1992 title winners romped home with an easy 11-1 victory.
▪ The Ladies race produced another easy victory for Percival.
▪ The Chargers dominated the Raiders on both sides of the line, walking away with a surprisingly easy victory.
▪ The lopsided final score may suggest an easy victory.
▪ Still others cruised to easy victory, including 93-year-old Strom Thurmond, R-S.
▪ He scored 24 tries, two of them in the epic Challenge Cup final victory over Hull.
▪ In the final victory of the Olympians over the brutish sons of Earth, Hercules' arrows played an important part.
▪ However, the final victory over sin was anticipated but not completed on the cross.
▪ More than 1,300 letters of congratulation had reached him within 10 days of the Croke Park cup final victory.
▪ In preparation for the final victory which he believed would be his, Franco nominated his first cabinet in January 1938.
▪ Once this had been achieved and the victory in the north assured, nothing mattered to Franco so much as the final victory.
▪ How great are the victories you give!
▪ The local press wants to hear all about the great victory.
▪ His greatest victory came in 1975 when his friend Jerry Brown, then governor, forced through an agricultural labour law.
▪ It was a great victory for the women.
▪ Toby, next morning, was inclined to regard it as a great victory.
▪ In the end he won a great victory for freedom.
▪ It was almost as though this great victory had been taken away from us.
▪ If I can give you the words you need to have, it will be a great victory.
▪ In February 1974, they feared acutely that a Labour victory would reverse their achievement.
▪ This is immensely unpopular in the country and makes a Labour victory more likely.
▪ Despite the above, I voted for Labour although its victory would have hit my pocket.
▪ This would be the first public acknowledgment of the role of union leaders in a Labour victory.
▪ Companies that were seen as vulnerable to a Labour victory led share prices upwards.
▪ A Labour victory would have boosted their disposable income by £311, mainly because of the increase in child benefit.
▪ Investment in housing, transport, education and social services would have risen with a Labour victory.
▪ He also won two of the eight Ritz Club monthly awards, one for each of his Major victories.
▪ What was needed now was a major legislative victory that would change the atmosphere of political resentment and resistance on Capitol Hill.
▪ The High Elves had won their first major victory.
▪ It was a major victory for women.
▪ Campaigners against the proposed cuts say it's a major victory.
▪ In announcing the decision, Clinton and senior aides claimed a major diplomatic victory for the administration.
▪ Eisenhower was a good soldier blessed with a constellation of better soldiers who made both his military and political victories possible.
Military hardware alone is not sufficient to ensure military victory.
▪ His assignment seems to have been the result of a military victory in a top-level power struggle with the civilians.
▪ When Isabella wins a military victory she celebrates it with eleven days of psalms and the sonorous severities of priests.
▪ Taylor rejected Sawyer's proposals, apparently convinced that he could win military victory and install himself as president.
▪ Napoleon's military victories, for example, might just have to be attributed to his genius.
▪ Although it saved them substantial costs, these cases were not exactly searing moral victories for the healthcare plans.
▪ Those are the kinds of moral victories that eluded them in Game 1.
▪ Crowds gathered in central Lima last Sunday night to cheer his narrow victory over former president Alan Garcia.
▪ On election night, however, the team squeaked out a narrow victory.
▪ When the 1976 election returns were in, Jimmy Carter was found to have won a narrow victory over Gerald Ford.
▪ Was Buzz Calkins' narrow victory over Tony Stewart enough to keep them interested?
▪ A penalty scored three minutes from time by Andrew Mehrtens gave the champions the narrowest of victories.
▪ John F.. Kennedy that helped propel the handsome young Massachusetts Democrat to a narrow victory.
▪ If this constituted defeat for Malcolm McLaren, it was, perhaps, only a pyrrhic victory for Richard Branson.
▪ I raised a stink about it and got my seat back, but it was a Pyrrhic victory.
▪ It may prove to be a Pyrrhic victory.
▪ This was indeed a Pyrrhic victory, because West Indies cricket was assuredly the loser.
▪ The triumph of postmodernism, at least in the west, has been a Pyrrhic victory.
▪ Inflation seemed like a pyrrhic victory, almost a tease.
▪ My only regret is that he didn't turn up at court to watch his Pyrrhic victory.
▪ It was a pyrrhic victory for both sides.
▪ This signalled the start of the victory celebrations as Randalstown swamped the Victorians circle.
▪ Tuesday, they put on their party duds and joined the victory celebrations.
▪ Shah Jehan had now recovered from his illness and was able to move to Agra and join in the victory celebrations.
▪ James McClure, R-Idaho, sponsored a victory celebration for second-term Sen.
▪ Today's announcement of the drive for union members smacked of a victory celebration, surely a little premature ahead of Thursday's vote?
▪ But ensuring it does is one of the most important tasks facing Mr Major in the aftermath of his election victory.
▪ Bill Clinton's two election victories in 1992 and 1996 owed everything to women voters.
▪ A national election victory gives a stronger moral claim to rule than a local election.
▪ The government of President Slobodan Milosevic Friday conceded for the first time a handful of opposition election victories that it earlier annulled.
▪ Thus they contributed greatly to the popularity of national economic planning which underpinned Labour's election victory in 1945.
▪ It is a strange malady that strikes following a stunning election victory and tests your ability to avoid injudicious and arrogant actions.
▪ The Conservative election victory weakens any quasi-formal link with Labour still further.
▪ The election victories had lulled many of our supporters into a dangerous complacency.
▪ Nationally, the Labour Party had enjoyed a stunning landslide victory.
▪ Dole won a landslide victory, giving him a 5-1 lead in delegates over Forbes, his nearest challenger.
▪ Will the Conservative promise to abolish education bring them a landslide victory?
▪ They haven't achieved such a swing since its landslide victory in 1945.
▪ However, the landslide victory for reformist political leader president Khatami in 1997 has ushered in a new era of liberalism.
▪ The opposition call for a boycott of the election was almost universally observed yet the Government still claimed a landslide victory.
▪ Instead, Nu scored a landslide victory, winning 159 seats to the 41 the Stable group secured.
▪ Yet if the polls are anything like right, Labour is on course for another landslide victory.
▪ He then took a victory lap around the floor of the arena and wound up having his picture taken with Ali.
▪ A warm-up lap, unlike a victory lap, could be done by telephone.
▪ Percival also achieved her fourth victory of the week, and both were presented with enough cut glass to open a shop.
▪ Nonbiological gay parents have achieved scattered legal victories throughout the United States.
▪ Militant believes that basic reforms in society can not be achieved without victory in the class struggle.
▪ A military commander should order his troops in the way best calculated to achieve victory at a minimal cost.
▪ Once this had been achieved and the victory in the north assured, nothing mattered to Franco so much as the final victory.
▪ Hoarse from the final days of furious campaigning, Clinton celebrated his victory at a party with campaign staff on Thursday night.
▪ Nguyen Trai celebrated the victory with a poem of hope: Henceforth our country is safe.
▪ The Tories should celebrate their victory.
▪ His teammates were long gone, headed home to celebrate the biggest victory of their pro careers.
▪ As the Conservatives celebrated their victory against the odds, a Labour inquest was already beginning.
▪ Charleston celebrated the victory far into the night.
▪ Were the magnetic field to be found, Newtonians would celebrate a sensational victory.
▪ She celebrated his courtroom victories and consoled him when he lost.
▪ This one ended with both sides claiming victory.
▪ Where it had claimed a victory, the same crew of specialists dissected the results and fed them into the machinery.
▪ The election leaves it with no agenda for governing such division, even if it claims a victory.
▪ In announcing the decision, Clinton and senior aides claimed a major diplomatic victory for the administration.
▪ This outcome left both sides claiming victory.
▪ Hamas leaders had said in recent interviews that they would claim victory if turnout was lower than 50 percent.
▪ Critics accused Mr Berlusconi of surrendering the authority of the state to a few thousand extremists who could now claim victory.
▪ This morning they were able to claim a small victory when the contractors turned away without doing the work.
▪ Devoy took a mere 26 minutes to clinch her second-round victory.
▪ Perhaps the establishment of the Sydney Opera House clinched its victory for bragging rights.
▪ This time Radford did not let her chance slip away and she clinched the biggest victory of her career so far.
▪ But Chatfield had the final say to clinch victory.
▪ He then teamed up with partner Jason Jones to clinch the vital seven victory points in the deciding doubles encounter.
▪ When Lyle won the Masters in 1988, he did so immediately following another victory at Greensboro.
▪ It is a strange malady that strikes following a stunning election victory and tests your ability to avoid injudicious and arrogant actions.
▪ So time did not hang heavily during the weeks which followed the victory at Annan and Balliol's flight.
▪ They have become involved in debilitating scandals and disastrous adventures following election victories.
▪ Clearly Oswiu experienced a tremendous increase in personal power and prestige following his victory at the Winwaed.
▪ After years of anonymity following her victory in court, McCorvey began to champion the abortion rights movement in 1984.
▪ They followed up their victory by sacking Gondar, burning numerous churches.
▪ Mr Hattersley said this would lead to another Tory victory.
▪ It can, as in snails, lead to victory or to defeat; or to an uneasy truce.
▪ He was killed in the assault soon after, but the information he had gained as a scout led to victory.
▪ Janet led us through the victories at the polls, then appointed a committee that drafted the Florida Educational Equity Act.
▪ On this performance Leeds should record a few more away victories e.g. Swindon.
▪ Cardiff recorded two emphatic victories in 24 hours, winning 9-2 against Whitley Warriors and 13-2 at Billingham.
▪ Swinton recorded their first victory for 16 games against Hull.
▪ Hawarden Park scored a 76-run victory over bottom of the table Chirk.
▪ He led her to it, thinking that he had scored his first victory, but he was depressed.
▪ In Arizona, Forbes scored an upset victory this week, in large part because of his flat-tax proposal.
▪ Left: new Honda V12 performed faultlessly for Senna to score easy victory.
▪ Meantime, Brian Bell of Bangor scored an impressive victory in the men's 100m freestyle with a time of 52.70.
▪ Adams was aboard when Party Politics scored his first victory in a two-and-a-half mile novice chase at Warwick in Feb 1990.
▪ Emerson had begun his career with Lotus in 1970, scoring his first grandprix victory at Watkins Glen in 1971.
▪ Hepburn converted to seal the victory.
▪ Just a little bit more was needed from them to seal an amazing victory.
▪ He then supplied the finishing touch to a 32-pass move to seal victory.
▪ Another half-hour of it would have sealed a momentous victory.
▪ A try by Plange and two from Richard Price sealed Sheffield's victory.
▪ Andy Cole's first international goal sealed victory in injury time.
▪ It sealed a comfortable victory and sent Rovers soaring into third place in the table.
▪ By placing Franco in overall command, the Nationalists made a quantum leap forward in their efforts to secure victory.
▪ Ladies al; so will have an enormous challenge in trying to secure a coveted victory.
▪ McCoy grabbed the rebound and Dollar hit two free throws to secure the victory.
▪ However, independent political analyst Andrew MacMullen says Labour could still secure victory with a smaller swing in its favour.
▪ Pasok by-election victory Pasok secured a convincing victory in a by-election in the Athens B district on April 5.
▪ Yet the party leaders also used various forms of manipulation and intimidation in their efforts to secure a victory.
▪ Last month the Southern party, which advocates secession, won its first mayoral victory, in a village in Alabama.
▪ Aside from elections, Councils were able to use pressure to win victories for Nonconformity.
▪ They had learned to speak, and so had won their first great victory over Time.
▪ As the Daily Telegraph said in a leader: The Government has won a very important victory.
▪ In the end he won a great victory for freedom.
▪ This was what it felt like to win a victory and lose the war.
▪ Nixon, meanwhile, spoke and acted as if the United States had won a decisive victory under his command.
be cheated of victory/success etc
convincing victory/win
▪ After a convincing win in game 1 Kasparov fell prey to overconfidence, losing games 4 and 5.
▪ If not a thoroughly convincing victory it further establishes Mason in the heavyweight division and his career will now take definite shape.
▪ It is the convincing win the Ducks needed, and Jody is more relieved than happy.
▪ Let's start preparing for a convincing win against Sheffield Utd.
▪ Lets hope for a convincing win.
▪ Pasok by-election victory Pasok secured a convincing victory in a by-election in the Athens B district on April 5.
▪ Then, leading 12-4, Hall took three points running for a convincing victory.
emphatic win/victory/defeat
▪ But Warrington achieved an emphatic win over Widnes with a highly disciplined performance.
▪ Cardiff recorded two emphatic victories in 24 hours, winning 9-2 against Whitley Warriors and 13-2 at Billingham.
▪ It was an emphatic win and a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes.
moral victory
▪ The protesters have won at least a moral victory.
▪ Although it saved them substantial costs, these cases were not exactly searing moral victories for the healthcare plans.
▪ Those are the kinds of moral victories that eluded them in Game 1.
narrow victory/defeat/majority/margin etc
▪ Adjust the starting point so that you avoid a very narrow margin at the perimeter.
▪ Crowds gathered in central Lima last Sunday night to cheer his narrow victory over former president Alan Garcia.
▪ John F.. Kennedy that helped propel the handsome young Massachusetts Democrat to a narrow victory.
▪ On election night, however, the team squeaked out a narrow victory.
▪ Surprise! the seventh firm won the tender by a narrow margin.
▪ Their relatively late arrival in the quarter coupled with their costs and the narrow margins on the surprise Model 20 impacted earnings.
▪ Was Buzz Calkins' narrow victory over Tony Stewart enough to keep them interested?
▪ While both developer subsidies passed, the narrow margin clearly indicates the voters of this valley are beginning to wise up.
razor-thin victory/margin
▪ Years of price wars, for example, have created razor-thin margins in personal computers.
resounding success/victory/defeat etc
▪ At $ 3. 99, a weekday all-you-can-eat lunch buffet proved a resounding success.
▪ His foray into biography is also a resounding success.
▪ It was his most resounding defeat in terms of lengths.
▪ On the one hand, so many victories; on the other, resounding defeat at Trafalgar in 1805.
▪ On the other hand, others have described the issue as a resounding success as all the shares were sold.
▪ That resounding success, moreover, was followed by others.
▪ The organisers claimed the conference was a resounding success.
▪ The outcome - a resounding victory for the home team, not that they appeared particularly surprised.
seal a victory/win/match
▪ Andy Cole's first international goal sealed victory in injury time.
▪ He then supplied the finishing touch to a 32-pass move to seal victory.
sweeping victory
▪ The second was a sweeping victory, and the Athenians followed it up by landing troops on Aigina and besieging the town.
taste success/freedom/victory etc
▪ And Long has yet to taste victory in this tournament, unlike his half-back partner Martyn.
▪ Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc.
▪ They just wanted to taste victory after all that losing.
victory celebrations
▪ He had won a comfortable victory in the general election.
▪ The crowds were celebrating Italy's victory.
▪ Their 2-1 victory over the Australians was completely unexpected.
▪ We're very confident of victory.
▪ But that does not mean he has yet won a conclusive victory in the debilitating war between president and parliament.
▪ Florida alone provided nearly one-tenth of the 270 electoral votes required for victory, while Ohio commands 21 votes.
▪ It looked like victory for Kleomenes.
▪ Labour's stunning victory in 1997 left the Tory party in denial about the seriousness of its situation.
▪ Perhaps this represented a human victory over inanimate forces, or perhaps man merely judged it to be so.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Victory \Vic"to*ry\, n.; pl. Victories. [OE. victorie, OF. victorie, victoire, F. victoire, L. victoria. See Victor.] The defeat of an enemy in battle, or of an antagonist in any contest; a gaining of the superiority in any struggle or competition; conquest; triumph; -- the opposite of defeat.

Death is swallowed up in victory.
--1 Cor. xv. 54.

God on our side, doubt not of victory.

Victory may be honorable to the arms, but shameful to the counsels, of a nation.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "military supremacy, victory in battle or a physical contest," from Anglo-French and Old French victorie (12c.) and directly from Latin victoria "victory," from past participle stem of vincere (see victor). V.E. ("victory in Europe") and V.J. ("victory in Japan") days in World War II were first used Sept. 2, 1944, by James F. Byrne, U.S. director of War Mobilization ["Washington Post," Sept. 10, 1944].


n. An instance of having win a competition or battle. vb. (context rare English) To achieve a victory#noun


n. a successful ending of a struggle or contest; "the general always gets credit for his army's victory"; "the agreement was a triumph for common sense" [syn: triumph] [ant: defeat]

Victory, NY -- U.S. village in New York
Population (2000): 544
Housing Units (2000): 216
Land area (2000): 0.527803 sq. miles (1.367003 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.527803 sq. miles (1.367003 sq. km)
FIPS code: 77431
Located within: New York (NY), FIPS 36
Location: 43.088514 N, 73.593563 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Victory, NY
Victory (disambiguation)

Victory is successful conclusion of a fight or competition..

Victory may also refer to:

Victory (The Jacksons album)

Victory is the seventeenth studio album by The Jacksons. It was released on July 2, 1984 by Epic Records. The album was the first and only album to include all six Jackson brothers together as an official group; also, it was the last album entirely recorded with lead singer Michael Jackson. The album sold over seven million copies worldwide, opening at number four on the US Billboard 200, selling 185,000 copies in first week sales. On July 17, 1984, the album was certified Gold by the BPI for the sales of at least 100.000 copies in the United Kingdom. On October 30, 1984, the album was certified 2× Platinum by RIAA for the sales of over 2 million copies in the United States.

Victory was supported by the Victory Tour, with lead singer Michael Jackson, who had recently released the world's all-time best-selling album, Thriller, prominently featured. Shortly after the tour ended, Michael and Marlon Jackson quit the group. Jermaine, Tito, Randy and Jackie Jackson continued on as the Jacksons, and releasing one more album, 1989's 2300 Jackson Street (whose title track did feature all six Jackson brothers, along with their sisters Janet and Rebbie) before splitting up.

Victory (church)

Victory is an Evangelical church based in the Philippines. It is a member of Every Nation, with churches and campus ministries in 69 nations.

Victory (Running Wild album)

Victory is the eleventh studio album by German band Running Wild. It is the third in a trilogy of a theme of good versus evil, started with Masquerade and continued with The Rivalry, and is the only album in their discography not to include any pirate-themed songs/topics. The album has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide.

Victory (instrumental)

"Victory" is the debut single by the string quartet Bond, from the band's debut album, Born. This single was removed from the UK Classical Charts because it was considered too "pop" to qualify as a classical song.

Victory (novel)

Victory (also published as Victory: An Island Tale) is a psychological novel by Joseph Conrad first published in 1915, through which Conrad achieved "popular success." The New York Times, however, called it "an uneven book" and "more open to criticism than most of Mr. Conrad's best work."

The novel's "most striking formal characteristic is its shifting narrative and temporal perspective" with the first section from the viewpoint of a sailor, the second from omniscient perspective of Axel Heyst, the third from an interior perspective from Heyst, and the final section.

It has been adapted into film a number of times.

Victory (band)

''' Victory ''' is a German heavy metal and hard rock band from Hanover, most successful in the 1980s. With extensive tours and radio airplay, the band also made a breakthrough in North America.

Victory (Do or Die album)

Victory is the third album released by rap group, Do or Die. It was released on August 29, 2000 for Rap-A-Lot Records/ Virgin Records. Victory was yet another success on the charts for the group, peaking at #13 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, however it produced no charting singles.

Victory (2009 film)

Victory is a 2009 Indian cricket-based sports film starring Harman Baweja, Amrita Rao and Anupam Kher. It is Harman Baweja's second release after his debut film Love Story 2050, which performed very badly at the box office. The movie was filmed in Australia and India. Victory tells the story of a struggling cricketer who defies all odds to realize an almost impossible dream.

Victory (Puff Daddy song)

"Victory" is a song recorded by American hip hop recording artist Puff Daddy. The song was originally written by Christopher Wallace, Trevor Smith, Jason Phillips and Steven Jordan for his debut studio album No Way Out (1997). It features heavy use of mafioso-style lyrics, as was popular at the time. It features The Notorious B.I.G., who raps two verses, and Busta Rhymes, who raps the song's chorus. The song also heavily sampled the Bill Conti song "Going the Distance", which featured on the soundtrack to the movie Rocky making it a darker start to a rap album that featured many (at the time) club-standard singles. The song was released as a single in 1998, peaking at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song featured the very last verses recorded by The Notorious B.I.G. before his 1997 death.

Victory (Pennsylvania State University fight song)

"Victory" is an old fight song of the Pennsylvania State University. It is most often sung by the Penn State Glee Club and performed by the Penn State Blue Band.

While a Penn State student and Glee Club member in 1913, James Leyden began singing a song he had just created at the athletic Track House. His roommate, Albert A. Hansen, published the song in the fall semester of 1913. The Blue Band played an arrangement of the song as early as 1915. During a Penn State Nittany Lions football game at Beaver Field against Lehigh University, students held aloft blue and white streamers and alternated the colors with the beats of the song; the novel cheering method became popular with the spectators in the crowd.

Leyden would later compose The Nittany Lion in the 1920s.

Victory (Modern Talking album)

Victory, released on 18 March 2002, is the eleventh studio album of Modern Talking and it is the fifth release since the duo's 1998 reunion. Two singles were released off this album " Ready for the Victory" and " Juliet", the first one of which peaked at No. 7 and the latter at No. 25 in Germany. Victory landed on the German album chart on April 1, 2002 entering the top position. After spending 4 weeks within the top-10 and total of 15 weeks in the album chart, the album went on earning a gold-award shipping over 150,000 units in Germany.

Victory (1919 film)

Victory is a surviving 1919 American drama film directed by Maurice Tourneur, starring Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Lon Chaney, and Wallace Beery. The movie is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Joseph Conrad. The screenplay was written by Jules Furthman. It provides a rare opportunity to see Chaney and Beery in the same film.

Victory (2008 film)

Victory is a Telugu film directed by Ravi. C. Kumar, released in 2008. The film stars Nitin Kumar Reddy, Mamta Mohandas, Shashank and Sindhu Tolani in lead roles and Ashutosh Rana in a negative role. The film is produced by Venkat under R.R. Movie Makers. This film was dubbed in Hindi as Kabzaa - The Mafia Raaj.

Nitin plays the role of a vibrant, energetic youngster who is also a well responsible boy. The film throws light on the dreaded Land Mafia. Nitin who fight against them at last wins over them. Mamta Mohandas, well known for her singing and acting skills is an added attraction to the film. Sindhu Tolani and Shashank play supporting roles in the film. Victory was a good message oriented movie.

Victory (Unleashed album)

Victory is the fourth studio album by the Swedish death metal band, Unleashed. It was released in 1995 on Century Media Records.

Victory (University of Dayton fight song)

Victory is the copyrighted name for the fight song of the athletic teams of the University of Dayton. The song was written in 1922, with music by 1924 alumnus Anthony McCarthy, and lyrics by McCarthy and 1922 alumnus D. Herbert Abel.

The lyrics described are those listed by the university's Athletics Department. However its student handbook, with data from its alumni website, gives a variation on the second phrase of the chorus ("We never have been beaten yet" instead of "Our banner's proudly waving yet."). Current tradition ends the fight song with a chanted cheer as shown.

Victory (1938 film)

Victory (, Pobyeda) is a 1938 Soviet film directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Mikhail Doller.

Victory (DJ Khaled album)

Victory is the fourth studio album by DJ Khaled. It was released on March 2, 2010, under his We the Best Music Group imprint of E1 Records.

Victory (pinball)

Victory is a John Trudeau designed 1987 solid state pinball machine by Premier and licensed under Gottlieb.

Victory (TRE-DART station)

Victory Station is a mass transit station in Dallas, Texas ( USA), serving both the commuter rail and the light rail system operated by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Located along the Stemmons Corridor near the city's downtown and in Uptown, the station opened in 2001 in the Victory Park development as a temporary platform shortly after the opening of the American Airlines Center.

Victory (Jedward album)

Victory is the second studio album by Irish pop duo Jedward. The album was released on 5 August 2011 in Ireland and on 15 August 2011 in the United Kingdom. It was the 18th best selling album in Ireland in the year 2011. It was also certified double platinum in Ireland that year, thus becoming the duo's second consecutive album to receive that certification in their home country.


Victory (from Latinvictoria) is a term, originally applied to warfare, given to success achieved in personal combat, after military operations in general or, by extension, in any competition. Success in a military campaign is considered a strategic victory, while the success in a military engagement is a tactical victory. United States Department of Agriculture during World War 2

In terms of human emotion, victory is accompanied with strong feelings of elation, and in human behaviour is often accompanied with movements and poses paralleling threat display preceding the combat, associated with the excess endorphin built up preceding and during combat. Victory dances and victory cries similarly parallel war dances and war cries performed before the outbreak of physical violence. Examples of victory behaviour reported in Roman antiquity, where the term originates, are the victory songs of the Batavi mercenaries serving under Gaius Julius Civilis after the victory over Quintus Petillius Cerialis in the Batavian rebellion of 69 AD (according to Tacitus), and also the "abominable song" to Wodan, sung by the Lombards at their victory celebration in 579. The sacrificial animal was a goat, around whose head the Langobard danced in a circle while singing their victory hymn (see also Oslac). In the Roman Republic, victories were celebrated by triumph ceremonies and monuments such as victory columns (e.g. Trajan's Column). A trophy is a token of victory taken from the defeated party, such as the enemy's weapons ( spolia), or body parts (as in the case of head hunters).

In mythology, victory is often deified, as in Greek Nike or Roman Victoria. The victorious agent is a hero, often portrayed as engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a monster (as Saint George slaying the dragon, Indra slaying Ahi, Thor slaying the Midgard Serpent etc.). Sol Invictus ("Sun invincible") of Roman mythology became an epithet of Christ in Christian mythology. The resurrection of Christ is presented as a victory over Death and Sin by Paul of Tarsus ( 1 Corinthians 15:55; see also Jesus Christ in comparative mythology).

Latinate victory from the 14th century replaces Old Englishsige (Gothic sigis, Old High German sigu), a frequent element in Germanic names (as in Sigibert, Sigurd etc.), cognate to Celtic sego- and Sanskrit sahas.

Victory (1996 film)

Victory is a 1996 film written and directed by Mark Peploe based on the novel of the same name by Joseph Conrad.

The novel had been adapted into film on multiple previous occasions, including a 1919 silent version directed by Maurice Tourneur featuring Jack Holt, Seena Owen, Lon Chaney, Sr., and Wallace Beery; the 1930 William Wellman directed Dangerous Paradise, starring Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen and Warner Oland; and the 1940 version, featuring Fredric March, Betty Field, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke.

Victory (volcano)

Victory is a volcano on New Guinea island, Papua New Guinea. It is situated on Cape Nelson, 30 km from Tufi in an area with no Wadati-Benioff zone. It is one of four large stratovolcanos in Northern New Guinea island, the others being Hydrographers Range, Trafalgar and Lamington.

Victory (1928 film)

Victory is a 1928 British silent war film directed by M.A. Wetherell and starring Moore Marriott, Walter Byron and Julie Suedo. It began filming in October 1927 and was released in March the following year. It was made at Isleworth Studios.

Victory (Narada Michael Walden album)

Victory is the fifth full-length studio release from noted R&B/soul/pop singer/songwriter/drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden. Released in 1980 on Atlantic, it featured him once again teaming up with producer Bob Clearmountain.

Victory (surname)

Victory is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Craig Victory (born 1980), Australian field hockey striker
  • Ebrahim Victory (born 1933), Iranian-American Scientist
  • Fiona Victory (born 1952), Irish actress
  • Gerard Victory (1921–1995), Irish composer
  • James Victory (1880–1946), Irish politician and farmer
  • Jamie Victory (born 1975), English footballer
  • Jeffrey P. Victory (born 1946), Louisiana Supreme Court justice
Victory (1940 film)

Victory is a 1940 film based on the popular novel by Joseph Conrad. On the eve of the American entry into World War II, the often-filmed Conrad story of a hermit on an island invaded by thugs was refashioned into a clarion call for intervention in the war in Europe, at the height of American isolationism.

Victory (Ross Mintzer song)

"Victory" is a song by American musician Ross Mintzer, released as a single 2013. "Victory" was recorded by the Ross Mintzer Band.

Victory (2013 film)

Victory is a 2013 Indian Kannada comedy film directed by Nanda Kishore and written by M. S. Sreenath. The film stars Sharan and Asmita Sood in the lead roles along with Avinash, Ravishankar and Ramesh Bhat playing supporting roles. Actress Ragini Dwivedi appears in one item dance number for the film. The film is produced by SRS Media Vision in association with Anand Audio, a popular audio company in Karnataka.

The film was an instant success at the box-office. The original score and soundtrack for the film was composed by Arjun Janya. One of the songs, "Khali Quarter", from the film went viral on the social media and was widely appreciated by celebrities and critics. The film premiered in the US through producer Atlanta Nagendra on 6 September 2013, and was widely appreciated. It was observed that the storyline of the movie was similar to that of 1995 Kannada movie Ganeshana Galate which itself was based on the 1978 movie The Odd Job.

Victory (crater)

Victory is a feature on Earth's Moon, a crater in Taurus-Littrow valley. Astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt visited it in 1972, on the Apollo 17 mission, during EVA 2. The astronauts stopped at the south rim of Victory on their way back to the Lunar Module from Shorty crater.

To the west of Victory is Shorty crater and to the east are Camelot and Horatio, as well as the landing site itself. To the south is Brontë.

The crater was named by the astronauts honoring Winston Churchill, who delivered the famous 'Victory' speech in 1940.

Usage examples of "victory".

He was intercepted in the career of victory, since he died in the forty-fifth year of his age: but he had already accomplished, in a reign of thirty years, the establishment of the French monarchy in Gaul.

Thus, it by no means believes in an equality of races, but along with their difference it recognizes their higher or lesser value and feels itself obligated to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe.

Not until 1869, however, when Wyoming, as a territory, accorded women suffrage on terms of equality with men and continued to grant such privileges after its admission as a State in 1890, did these advocates register a notable victory.

For Elaira, withdrawn into worried silence concerning the fate of two fugitives abroad in the Skyshiel wilderness, the affray kept its bittersweet edge of snatched victory.

The infantry was a half-armed, spiritless crowd of peasants, levied in haste by the allurements of plunder, and as easily dispersed by a victory as by a defeat.

After a signal victory over the Franks and Alemanni, several of their princes were exposed by his order to the wild beasts in the amphitheatre of Treves, and the people seem to have enjoyed the spectacle, without discovering, in such a treatment of royal captives, anything that was repugnant to the laws of nations or of humanity.

Hokan taste, it was almost an anticlimax after the glorious victory of the fictional Casey when the factual one playfully tapped a home run over the left field fence and won the Sector pennant.

Their faithful general asserted the honor of the Roman arms, and often laid at their feet crowns of gold and barbaric trophies, the fruits of his numerous victories.

All far too rushed and desperate, but - like all the greatest leaders - the Archimandrite knew that he was at his best when he was under pressure, when the odds were against him and victory was far from certain.

The Downfall of Autocracy, and Complete Victory for the Cause of Righteousness and Freedom.

On the final night before balloting, two conga lines of enthusiastic delegates from each camp formed up in the front lobby of the Chateau Laurier to perform a victory dance around the bust of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Then press boldly on the walls of the enemy, mindful that the victory is granted to you by these fates which are now revealed over that city which thou art besieging for so many years.

The battle still raged with doubtful violence, and Macrinus might have obtained the victory, had he not betrayed his own cause by a shameful and precipitate flight.

And I should account it most blameable hotheadedness to have sallied forth when it seemed Spitfire had the victory.

They drew rein to the right, and so rode in a little cloud of dust along the Strand Street towards London town, with the breeze blowing merrily, and the sunlight shining as sweetly and blithesomely as though they were riding to a wedding rather than to a grim and dreadful ordeal that meant either victory or death.