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n. A traditional horse-drawn wagon used by Romanichals (Romani people).


Vardo can refer to:

  • Vardø, a municipality in Norway
  • Vårdö, a municipality in Finland
  • Vardo (Romani wagon), the traditional horse-drawn wagon used by the English Romani gypsies

Vårdö is an island municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland.

The municipality has a population of and covers an area of of which is water. The population density is .

The municipality is unilingually Swedish.

Two notable Finnish authors, Sally Salminen and Anni Blomqvist, were born in Vårdö. Blomqvist spent her whole life on the small Vårdö island of Simskäla.

Vardo (Romani wagon)

A vardo (also waggon, living wagon, van, and caravan) is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people as their home. Possessing a chimney, it is commonly thought of as being highly decorated, intricately carved, brightly painted, and even gilded. The British Romani tradition of the vardo is seen as a high cultural point of both artistic design and a masterpiece of woodcrafters art. The heyday of the living wagon lasted for roughly 70 years, from the mid-1800s through the first two decades of the twentieth century. Not used for year-around living today, they are shown at the Romanichal (British Romani) horse fairs held throughout the year, the best known of which is Appleby Horse Fair.

Usage examples of "vardo".

As I studied further, I noticed that some symbols decorated a few vardos while the symbols upon other wagons were completely different.

Reaching through the barrier in his mind, he delved into the magic and intoned: “Atra nosu waíse vardo fra eld hórnya… There, now we may speak without being overheard by man, dwarf, or elf.