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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1968, from up- + link (n.).


n. 1 The portion of a communications link used for the transmission of signals from an Earth terminal to a satellite or to an airborne platform. An uplink is the converse of a downlink. An uplink or downlink is distinguished from reverse link or forward link. 2 By analogy and less formally, the communication path from a mobile device to a base station, a consumer to the network backbone, a client device to a server etc. 3 data transmission from a data station to the headend. 4 http://en.wikipedi

  1. org/wiki/GSM and cellular networks, uplink is the transmission path from a mobile station to the base station (cell site). v

  2. To transmit a signal by means of an uplink.


n. a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission

Uplink (video game)

Uplink is a video game released in 2001 by the British software company Introversion Software. It is best described as a simulator of the cinematic depiction of computer hacking.

Uplink (disambiguation)

Uplink may refer to:

  • Uplink, a telecommunications link
  • Uplink (video game), a 2001 "hacking simulation" video game released by Introversion Software
  • Half-Life: Uplink, a 1998 demo version of the Half-Life video game

Usage examples of "uplink".

Dominating the western horizon was the black bulk of the Ecclesiarch Palace, its slab-like towers over two kilometres tall, their uplink masts stabbing high into the cold, cyan sky.

Cradling his head in the crook of one arm, Foaly jimmied one end of a fibre-optic cable into a scope uplink port.

FROM AN ASSOCIATED PREss BULLETIN: Space Agency and UpLink International Pledge to Keep ISS on Track Despite Shuttle Disaster Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral-In a joint statement released late this afternoon through NASA press spokesman Craig Yarborough , agency officials and Roger Gordian, whose firm, UpLink International , is chief contractor of the ISS project, have declared their undivided commitment to resuming assembly of the orbital station as soon as possible.

There had been the flight to San Jose, his meeting with Roger Gordian, the formal offer from Gordian to join UpLink in what had to his surprise become a position-its official title being Global Field Supervisor, Security Op erations-that he would hold jointly with a guy named Rollie Thibodeau, who, if memory served, was the other candidate for the job mentioned to him by the high-andmighty Megan Breen back in Stonington.

During downtime, when the rest of them were getting drunk, or playing cards, or sleeping, Peery would stop whatever he was doing when a report came over the uplink broadcasts, his eyes too close to the screen and his body frozen in a rictus trance as he watched and listened.

On Bhat II the entire entertainment network broke down when a vital communications relay satellite abruptly refused to distribute the signals it normally uplinked.

The canisters used standard missile tubes to put additional clusters of defensive birds into space, and despite her vicious damage, the ship still had three-quarters of her counter-missile uplinks, which gave her control channels to spare.

As specifically configured for UpLink International, the sixty TRAP T-2s situated around the Cosmodrome consisted of a mix of tripod-mounted VVRS M16 assault rifles and Heckler Koch MSG semiautomatic shotguns linked via microwave video, fiber-optic umbilical cable, and precision target-acquisition-and-firing software to man-portable control stations with handheld viewfinders and triggering units.

Mogari-nai of Cl, and after some small delay for authorization, got it, downlink, uplink, all in a burst.

And the creature is sending almost as much downlink as it is receiving uplink.

Ky turned on the comconsole and uplinked to her ship, giving them her onplanet contact codes.

A telemetric communications array, uplinked to the very few reconnaissance satellites still in orbit, was nestled at the top of the mountain peak.

Brigid had been very surprised to learn that Cerberus was uplinked with a Vela-class reconnaissance satellite, as well as with Comsat communications.

I am uplinking video of these vessels, plus other data we have gathered regarding the disappearance of a Central Worlds ship in this sector.

Just to be on the safe side, she uplinked on her own and double-sent everything, but she knew that whatever she sent off that way would be subject to delays as it bounced from remote hyperwave relay-station to relay-station, taking the long way "home.