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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1792, from un- (1) "not" + past participle of modify (v.).


a. Not modified


adj. not changed in form or character [ant: modified]

Usage examples of "unmodified".

She could read some Korsven, even unmodified, which looked to the unpracticed eye like a series of equal-length sticks, but she chose the English text option.

Plain people will prefer to say that the main cause of any accumulation of favourable modifications consists rather in that which brings about the initial variations, and in the fact that these can be inherited at all, than in the fact that the unmodified individuals were not successful.

If they stickle for proof and cavil on the ninth part of a hair, as they do when we bring forward what we deem excellent instances of the transmission of an acquired characteristic, why may not we, too, demand at any rate some evidence that the unmodified beetles actually did always, or nearly always, get blown out to sea, during the reduction above referred to, and that it is to this fact, and not to the masterly inactivity of their fathers and mothers, that the Madeira beetles owe their winglessness?

Though he had shown promising abilities during his childhood, the biochemical changes of puberty had caused his tolerance to go haywire, making his body reject the Veritas drug as rapidly as an unmodified human would.

For three centuries the poverty and inertia of this noble family had preserved its home unmodified by any of the succeeding fashions that fell upon domestic architecture.

The Customs Inspector was an unmodified human, but she had seen a Mobie and a pair of Indas on the way to this office, and she wanted to see what other humods were in the system.

Thessalian all was pure, uncontrolled, unmodified passion--erring, unwomanly, frenzied, but debased by no elements of a more sordid feeling.

DNA from scratch, and re-introduce it into unmodified bovine pla-cental cell lines.

There are some elaborate techniques we could use, to try to repair the DNA-but it will probably be easier to synthesize fresh DNA from scratch, and re-introduce it into unmodified bovine pla-cental cell lines.

Ugant inquired of Chybee as they padded between countless huge and glistening globes, each larger than any unmodified bladder she had ever seen.

Although this movement, in its ordinary or unmodified state, appears in some cases to be of service to plants, either directly or indirectly--for instance, the circumnutation of the radicle in penetrating the ground, or that of the arched hypocotyl and epicotyl in breaking through the surface--yet circumnutation is so general, or rather so universal a phenomenon, that we cannot suppose it to have been gained for any special purpose.

The Hans, indeed, had quite a distaste for unshaded daylight, since their lighting apparatus diffused a controlled amount of ultraviolet rays, making the unmodified sunlight unnecessary for health, and undesirable for comfort.