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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a modified version (=one that has some small changes)
▪ The article is a modified version of a paper that first appeared in an academic journal.
genetically modified crops (also GM crops) (= ones that have had their genetic structure changed)
▪ He argues that genetically modified crops are needed to avoid future famines.
genetically modified
▪ The new category of genetically modified organisms has been subject to far less testing than one should reasonably expect.
▪ Prince Charles has been loud in his condemnation of genetically modified food.
▪ The sites for planting genetically modified maize and oilseed rape have to be announced in advance.
▪ Smothering the world with efficient carbon sink plantings, such as eucalyptus and genetically modified poplar, is an anathema.
▪ The proportion of soya from the genetically modified plants was initially small, but led to all soya being regarded as suspect.
▪ They have released pollen from genetically modified plants into the environment, claiming that it will not spread.
▪ Other genetically modified trees may help clean up contaminated land.
▪ In 1998 it was already estimated that one-third of maize and soya products from the United States were from genetically modified crops.
▪ These safeguards are framed in an adjudicative fashion, albeit one which is significantly modified to take account of the circumstances.
▪ Bowel frequency, on the other hand, was only slightly modified.
▪ Therefore many traditional notions about rural decline have to be modified to take account of the remarkable turn-around in demographic trends.
▪ What it will say is that the chemistry can be modified to take account of the particular mineral and its final base.
▪ One could try to modify the orthodox account to accommodate these factual discrepancies.
▪ Labour's Coun. Jim Skinner said a planned review of bus routes could be modified to take account of air pollution levels.
▪ Always switch to a secure connection when modifying your account details or checking out.
▪ These safeguards are framed in an adjudicative fashion, albeit one which is significantly modified to take account of the circumstances.
▪ We operate a full range of specialised equipment that has been modified for aircraft application.
▪ State policies were seen as merely modifying the particular application of the law.
▪ Managers have to modify or influence behaviour all the time.
▪ So the superficially more relaxed atmosphere at home did nothing to modify my anorexic behaviour.
▪ Conventions can be modified by changes in behaviour or by reinterpretations of the significance of certain behaviour.
▪ Combining methods Penalties may be combined with rewards in order to modify children's behaviour.
▪ In non-associative learning the animal also learns to modify its behaviour but not because of any association of stimuli.
▪ Human beings turned out to be more intelligent than dandelions and modified their behaviour to match the new circumstances.
▪ In summary, then, animals undoubtedly can modify their behaviour as a consequence of their experiences.
▪ Roy modified the original design and made every single part of the clock in his own workshop.
▪ Members can point to, modify and discuss design changes on a multi-page document.
▪ When Johann Heinrich Silbermann modified Cristofori's design, the check was still unnecessary.
▪ But consumer groups, which have insisted that genetically modified foods should be labelled as such, rejected the plan.
▪ Prince Charles has been loud in his condemnation of genetically modified food.
▪ The genetically modified food giant, Monsanto, has been forced to revolutionise its image because of public unease.
▪ Each year developments in processing modify our foods more and more.
▪ In the transition period planning will modify the law of value, but on the basis of the law of labour expenditure.
▪ Our Rabbis did not shrink on occasions from modifying even the Pentateuchal law.
▪ They are not attempting to modify the existing law in ways which would help the prosecution.
▪ To illustrate this, we modify the model and suppose that the public good is an alternative to a private good.
▪ This user is seen as the person who will create, enter and modify individual modules and packages.
▪ You start either from scratch or by modifying an existing module, changing colors, shapes and movement.
▪ Please ensure that you have the privilege to modify the modules.
▪ Oddly enough, many parliaments expect to modify government plans, which takes time.
▪ He modified his plans and built another.
▪ However, some councils have had to modify their policies in this respect in view of the management problems on these estates.
▪ Three questions had to be considered: Do we modify our credit acquisition policies?
▪ Yet far from leading him to abandon or modify his policies, opposition incited him to more drastic methods.
▪ The men showed no intention of modifying their position.
▪ He does, however, modify this position slightly in his later writings as we shall see shortly.
▪ The superoxide generated may have a direct cytotoxic effect or it may interact with inflammatory mediators to modify the inflammatory process.
▪ Mutation has to work by modifying the existing processes of embryonic development.
▪ Users can reportedly modify the workflow process on the fly.
▪ The limits within which committees may modify government proposals are fixed by the major parties.
▪ We have modified some of our proposals in the light of the views we have received.
▪ However, to achieve these it is necessary to modify and amplify their proposals.
▪ For we may not be able to control the behaviour or attitudes of others, but we can modify our own responses.
▪ Learning is the process by which a neural network modifies its weights in response to external input.
▪ In the light of the fifth commandment should you be modifying your response in some way?
▪ We should develop or modify existing structures as well as work out new ones.
▪ To signal these relationships, links have been incorporated into the document, modifying the structure.
▪ This regressive nature of the community charge is modified by the systems of rebates and exemptions.
▪ Epic has since modified the basic system for use in prisons and social service agencies.
▪ Just use the S3 engine mounts and clutch plate and modified 110 exhaust system.
▪ A: The modified central leader system is recommended for pears.
▪ It could still be modified for use, provided it was backed up with some new, stronger coercion.
▪ The most appealing strategy is integration or collaboration, by which groups in conflict modify their views and seek a third alternative.
▪ Malcolm modified his views toward integration shortly before his assassination on February 21, l965.
▪ The examination of archaeological evidence can, though, sometimes modify such a view.
▪ Every time, the unit of measurement modifies the view.
▪ In deciding objectives, be prepared to modify your views.
▪ Even Krupskaia at the hub of power quickly modified her earlier liberal views concerning the inculcation of political culture.
▪ For the embryos which are implanted after screening have not been genetically modified in any way.
▪ This user is seen as the person who will create, enter and modify individual modules and packages.
▪ V.. How to create and modify setup strings varies among operating systems and specific software.
▪ The Schema Builder will enable all parts of the database schema to be created or modified in a graphical environment.
▪ This conclusion needs to be modified in the light of the changes in local government.
▪ Specifically they agreed that Iberian needed to modify performance objectives for dealers and redo budgets and compensation schemes.
▪ There are experimental findings to suggest that Wagner's theory needs to be modified in this respect.
▪ If the searches uncover similar ideas you may need to modify your invention to get around areas others bagged first.
▪ The intention is to illustrate how the conclusions regarding tax incidence may need to be modified when markets do not clear.
▪ Where the model is extended, these results need to be modified.
▪ How do the conclusions need to be modified when there are departures from the assumptions of perfect competition?
▪ I modified the handlebars on my bike to make it more comfortable.
▪ The biotech corporations argue that genetically modified crops will put an end to food shortages in the developing world.
▪ We all modify our speech when speaking to people in authority.
▪ We can modify the design to make it suitable for commercial production.
▪ Although research has modified this supposition, it is none the less true that males are generally seducers and females the seduced.
▪ Any move to modify that transgressive stance is seen by some as treason.
▪ The engines of the Atlas burned a modified aviation fuel, similar to kerosene, with liquid oxygen.
▪ The recipe is modified and simplified by succeeding generations of cooks.
▪ They have similar Uvalues to triple glazing and good solar control properties which can be modified to suit specific needs.
▪ They would, of course, be modified from normal naval requirements to suit our purposes.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Modify \Mod"i*fy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Modified; p. pr. & vb. n. Modifying.] [F. modifier, L. modificare, modificari; modus limit + -ficare (in comp.) to make. See Mode, and -fy.]

  1. To change somewhat the form or qualities of; to change a part of something while leaving most parts unchanged; to alter somewhat; as, to modify a contrivance adapted to some mechanical purpose; to modify the terms of a contract.

  2. To limit or reduce in extent or degree; to moderate; to qualify; to lower.

    Of his grace He modifies his first severe decree.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French modifier (14c.), from Latin modificare "to limit, measure off, restrain," from modus "measure, manner" (see mode (n.1)) + root of facere "to make" (see factitious). Related: Modified; modifying.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make partial changes to. 2 (context intransitive English) To be or become modified.

  1. v. make less severe or harsh or extreme; "please modify this letter to make it more polite"; "he modified his views on same-gender marriage"

  2. add a modifier to a constituent [syn: qualify]

  3. cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue" [syn: change, alter]

  4. [also: modified]

  1. Redirect Modification

Usage examples of "modify".

I am inclined to believe that in nearly the same way as two men have sometimes independently hit on the very same invention, so natural selection, working for the good of each being and taking advantage of analogous variations, has sometimes modified in very nearly the same manner two parts in two organic beings, which owe but little of their structure in common to inheritance from the same ancestor.

He was rubbing his depleted anther and chuckling, perhaps at the thought of what his gengineered viruses were doing to the bodies on the floor, perhaps at the thought of how the modified honeysuckle plant that kept them from protesting their transformation might be received in the outer world, if only he would release it, or if it would escape.

Duke of Austria, and several other princes, announcing a resolution similar to that of Philip, and in no modified terms, assigning, for their defection from the cause of the Cross, the inordinate ambition and arbitrary domination of Richard of England.

Setting up your car for the street is different from a slalom, autocross, rally or modified production racing set-up.

Finally, with European assistance, Iraq had achieved an important technological breakthrough, modifying its old Russian-made Scud ballistic missiles to more than double their normal range of three hundred kilometers, albeit with less accuracy and a lighter warhead.

Iraq had held on to a secret stash of chemical and biological munitions along with more than forty modified Scud ballistic missiles.

The stronger a man is the more certainly will he be modified by his own times as well as modify them, and in an age of barocco we must not look for Donatellos.

It could also be one of theirs modified to look like the Barracuda, Richard answered.

The game on Apatros followed a modified version of the Bespin Standard rules.

Barnett, my partner at the Observer, would find out the secret billionaire was Lord Sainsbury, rewarded by Blair with a cabinet post most helpful to his business interests in genetically modified food production.

Expectorants are medicines which modify the character of the secretions of the bronchial tubes, and promote their discharge.

To overcome the modified form of inflammation in the bronchial tubes, all sources of irritation should be avoided, as the inhalation of dust, or excessively cold air.

If you are a new exerciser, you can modify push-ups by putting your knees on the floor instead of just your feet while you do the exercise.

The same closet held a black dress with a modified seventeenth-century ruff of superb white lace, a suit of gray menswear woolen piped in scarlet, a flowered linen suit, various knee-length pants, and blouses.

I think that unless you modify your requirements you might be living at the Metropole for some time.