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adv. 1 (context manner English) In a manner that one does not believe. 2 (context degree English) To an extent not to be believed. 3 (context evaluative English) Contrary to expectations, amazingly.

  1. adv. not easy to believe; "behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains" [syn: incredibly, improbably, implausibly] [ant: believably, credibly]

  2. in an unbelievable manner; "he was unbelievably angry" [ant: believably]

Usage examples of "unbelievably".

Richard finds Jenny Shimuzu but not Scott Bakula and Chloe is surrounded by Roy Liebenthal, Eric Goode, Quentin Tarantino, Kato Kaelin and Baxter Priestly, who is sitting way too close to her in the giant aquamarine booth and I have to put a stop to this or else deal with an unbelievably painful headache.

Little of what he actually said was original, and often to us he comes across as unbelievably sentimental, real cornpone hokum stuff.

He closed his eyes, just feeling her, savoring her hot body tight around his, her skin unbelievably soft, her hair thick and beautiful through the pads of his fingers.

Unbelievably sensitized by all his fondling, she felt everything more intensely, more keenly, more pleasurably, and her orgasm broke over her like the tide, radiating long and slow from deep in her womb until it cracked all over his pistonlike thrusts and brought him home.

Early or late in the twenty-one-hour day, people walked about trailing unbelievably long, thin, black shadows, as if they were dragging fallen steeples around with them.

There was something unbelievably exhilarating about placing one of his doctored Marcaine ampules in the Marcaine supply.

And it was some mind-numbingly, unbelievably, sky-high fanfuckingtastic sex.

With my reflexes jazzed, the world around me moved at an unbelievably torpid pace.

With the suckers, its grasp was unbelievably powerful and it simply tore the blaster from him, taking some skin from his fingers.

But the creation of equitable tariffs and the channeling of certain goods to certain worlds were unbelievably complex.

The techies might eventually match fiber from his clothes to one or more of the crime scenes, but Rudolph is unbelievably careful.

The telcos do have strong advantages: loyal employees, specialized expertise, influence in the halls of power, tactical allies in law enforcement, and unbelievably vast amounts of money.

Duke Friederich and Archcount Vladalong of my condottas and those of the justly famous condottiere Sir Wenceslaus, Count Horeszko, had but just thoroughly defeated the southeastern ordus of the Khan of the Tatars and what with the unbelievably rich loot of their baggage trains and base camp, it was every high-ranking professional officer was just then owning enough of a fortune for to buy the most of my carefully assembled condottas off of me.

The various segments of the Cartographic Department first coalesced under the inspired leadership of Robert Tileson Landon, an almost unbelievably perceptive scholar who had been given total control of Cartography in 301 G.

Otherwise, although the envelope was unbelievably awkward and totally unnecessary, dictated as it was by the exigencies of protecting frail protein matter, they could deduce no annihilative perversion of the applied data.