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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Credibly \Cred"i*bly\, adv. In a manner inducing belief; as, I have been credibly informed of the event.


adv. 1 In a credible manner; believably. 2 (non-gloss definition: Used to report the speaker's assessment of the credibility of a reported statement)


adv. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence; "he talked plausibly before the committee"; "he will probably win the election" [syn: believably, plausibly, probably] [ant: incredibly]

Usage examples of "credibly".

Rimbaud, Bocaccio, Petrarch, Voltaire, Goethe and company, are credibly identified as the nicknames of contemporary students.

Bill Cosby to endorse your hair-coloring products or Henny Youngman to speak credibly about your tennis racquet.

The only commercial activity other than violence that they could credibly be involved in was drug peddling or maybe pimping.

If you want your airplanes to be credibly able to fly from Peetle to Pootle without crashing six times along the way and want your pilots and passengers to be anything but suicidal daredevils, you'll leave them in place.

This was very exciting for Senator Joe Biden, because for the first time ever he can now credibly accuse someone of plagiarizing him.

It was not even just that awareness that gradually isolated us, it was rather the undeniability of that perception, for people will tolerate much in others, especially those others whose esteem is judged worth the winning, but only if the possessors of that knowledge can credibly pretend to themselves and others that they do not know what they really do.