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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
dead/incredibly/terribly etc boring (=very boring)
extremely/exceedingly/incredibly lucky (=very lucky)
▪ Police say it was extremely lucky that no one was killed.
very/extremely/incredibly simple
▪ I came up with a very simple answer to this problem.
▪ The waterways are incredibly peaceful with a wealth of wildlife and some incredibly beautiful scenery.
▪ Spiderglass owned far, far more, but Jezrael couldn't imagine them owning anything so incredibly beautiful.
▪ She had looked so pale last night, so still, and incredibly beautiful in her trance-like state.
▪ It's an incredibly beautiful and fragile piece of your body, Mr Blake.
▪ Howard's huge drive and Mark's incredibly difficult 3-iron from the edge of the bunker sealed it for us.
▪ Theirs seemed to me to be an incredibly difficult service.
▪ Hence his reluctance to start painting before he had mastered the incredibly difficult art of drawing - and drawing the figure especially.
▪ How does a political system handle the incredibly difficult and complicated value allocations that are the stuff of politics?
▪ This makes them incredibly difficult to see, let alone capture on film.
▪ Getting her life back on to an even keel after their break-up had been an incredibly difficult and exhausting battle.
▪ He worked incredibly hard and employed only part-time help.
▪ How incredibly hard it is, how wonderful and how awful-often in the space of a few minutes.
▪ They are excellent dancers and work for incredibly low rates - from about 73p to 1.22 a movie.
▪ The incredibly low cost of living makes such evenings a real pleasure.
▪ The charge was incredibly low, only a pound a week and all food provided except butter.
▪ It was then believed that if a cat crossed your path and did you no harm, you had been incredibly lucky.
▪ Somehow his constitution, always incredibly strong, held up.
▪ As she walked slowly upstairs, feeling incredibly tired, Hilary stared round her with new eyes.
▪ The market just feels incredibly solid.
▪ He made her feel incredibly feminine; the merest touch of his fingers transported her to ecstasies she had never before experienced.
▪ Math often works that way-it gives click-rewards that feel incredibly cool.
▪ Okay, so it may have been all fantasy, but it still felt incredibly good.
▪ Riven felt incredibly mortal, but at the same time there was a rising restlessness in him.
▪ What's more, I feel incredibly tired most of the time.
Incredibly, six men ran the 100-meter final in less than 10 seconds.
▪ Raising money for the homeless has been incredibly difficult.
▪ And how incredibly generous this man was; he seeded friendships that still write the history of the West.
▪ Feeling drugged and quite incredibly wanton, she moved her fingers to his jaw.
▪ He was so obviously intelligent; so charmingly articulate; so incredibly well read.
▪ Her business became incredibly successful-by any measure except one.
▪ In spite of her enormous popularity and the huge attraction she held for men throughout her life she remained incredibly insecure.
▪ My friend thought that Hedges was an incredibly nice guy.
▪ The braggart turns every question into an answer that makes himself or herself look incredibly good.
▪ The waterways are incredibly peaceful with a wealth of wildlife and some incredibly beautiful scenery.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Incredibly \In*cred"i*bly\, adv. In an incredible manner.


adv. 1 (context manner English) In an incredible manner; not to be believed. 2 (context degree English) To a great extent; extremely. 3 (context speech act English) (non-gloss definition: Used to note the surprising or hard-to-believe nature of what is being said and suggest that it is nevertheless true).


adv. not easy to believe; "behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains" [syn: improbably, implausibly, unbelievably] [ant: believably, credibly]

Usage examples of "incredibly".

Incredibly, Adams still trusted and liked Wolcott, never suspecting him of the treachery of others in the cabinet.

Damodara and Rana Sanga had asked them to accomplish the incredibly difficult task of riding from Bharakuccha to Ajmer in two weeks.

Draco Malfoy did nothing but stare at Albus Dumbledore who, incredibly, smiled.

Nom Anor and the Shaper Lord made to follow, along with the priests and the vanguard band, but as soon as Ganner was clear of the doorway, Jacen turned and made a small gesture that Ganner felt as another swift, incredibly powerful rush in the Force.

Mansion, Ross Barnett was, incredibly, continuing the totally confused comic opera of rebellion.

I looked at the incredibly lovely girl in the mirror, she bedecked in a rope of red silk, made-up, perfumed vulnerable, soft, with armlets and bracelets, golden beads intertwined in the Turian collar.

He removed his pipe from another pocket as they stepped into the well-appointed chamber, whose standing trophies included some of the most incredibly ferocious and fantastically striped Bengalese tigers.

The wool is incredibly durable, and the colors made from bark from Bhutan, green nutshells, and vegetable juices, remain fresh for ages.

And should I somehow, incredibly, kill Her, or wound Her beyond chemosurgical repair, She of all beings has no need to doubt death.

But, she realized as she looked around at the table, laden with expensive creamware and incredibly ornate silver, her life had totally, irrevocably changed.

It seemed to me that everything about the actual, pragmatic culture, and the physical realities of day-to-day life, reflected this cultural facet, including the crowdedness and the incredibly uncertain climate in which tornadoes, typhoons, and earthquakes are expected.

Ogier make up a portion of the Deathwatch, although they are the only ones not property, and are considered incredibly fierce and more deadly than their human counterparts.

He would have been both dumfounded and stunned by an explanation that was at once simplistic, incredibly convoluted, and pregnant with measureless meaning for far more than his own, singular future.

Then Euterpe uses this incredibly complex program he created to translate that information into music.

Incredibly, he was still trying to rise, scrabbling with his left hand for a fingerhold amid the welter of buttons and controls built into the top of the enormous desk.