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Ula (dance)

The ula (dance) is an ancient Tongan group dance, already reported by early European navigators like captain Cook. It is also known as fahai-ula (split dance), which may be degenerated to fahaiula. It is still danced nowadays, although less popular than its descendant the tauolunga.


Ula or ULA may refer to:


The Ūla is a river in Dzūkija National Park in southern Lithuania and northern Belarus.

Its total length is 84 km. The Ūla flows into the Merkys.

The river is mostly shallow, with colorful water foliage flowing near the surface. It has numerous bends, rocks and steep sandy shores. All of this makes Ūla one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania and a popular, albeit a bit difficult canoeing destination.

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Ula (fly)

Ula is a genus of flies in the family Pediciidae.

Ula (poetry)

Ulā relays a puṟam concept using akam imagery. By the Middle Ages, the strict separation between akam and puṟam was no longer observed. The twelfth century work Vikkiramacolanula comes from a genre merging akam and puṟam called ulā. It describes a royal procession observed by women. Despite their different ages and social estates, all of them experience love sickness brought on by the King's magnificence. Using the females' gaze as a device, reader are meant to cast themselves in their place.

Ula (film)

Ula ("Tour") is an upcoming Indian Tamil thriller film written and directed by Rajan Madhav. It features an ensemble cast including Ajmal Ameer, Ashok, Vidharth, Nivas Adithan, Gayathrie, Radhika Apte, Nivedhitha and newcomers Nandan and Priya Banerjee. The film has music composed by Sajan Madhav, cinematography by Padmesh and editing by Saiarun. The film is a connection of four different stories that happen in 48 hours. As of October 2014 seventy per cent of the film had been completed.

Usage examples of "ula".

Despite keeping mum, Ula realized she now found herself in a dicey situation.

Willing herself to swallow her dread, Ula opened her eyes and realized she had become hopelessly disoriented.

He stopped his restless motion for a moment and stared at Ula, now sleeping peacefully on his couch.

He could not leave the inebriated Ula on the floor of a hotel with a bunch of lecherous bagpipers roaming the town.

He wished Bran would ignore Ula, but the dog seemed to have developed an instant attachment for her.

Meara had always told Ula that her power would work on everyone, without exception.

Meara could be a stern disciplinarian, but she always reminded Ula that she loved her.

Then he slid into the seat beside Ula and rested his forearms on the table so that he could stare into her face.

Biting her lip to keep from crying, Ula put more wood on the fire so Shay would be comfortable.

After determining that all of him remained intact, he gave Ula a gentle shove to remove her from his lap.

If he did not catch up to Ula soon, he would certainly lose her in the dark without even a flashlight to track her.

The flames did not touch Ula, but she screamed with horror seeing Shay engulfed by the blaze.

Then with a roar that shook the ground, he blew out his volatile breath and the pines surrounding Ula, Shay, and Bran burst into an inferno.

However, her other patients lay barely breathing and with pulses so faint that Ula sometimes thought she only imagined them.

Bran dragged Ula outside and tried to get her to walk in the fresh air with him, but she had barely enough energy to sit upon a log.