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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cha \Cha\ (ch[aum]), n. [Chin. ch`a.] [Also chaa, chais, tsia, etc.] Tea; -- the Chinese (Mandarin) name, used generally in early works of travel, and now for a kind of rolled tea used in Central Asia.

A pot with hot water . . . made with the powder of a certain herb called chaa, which is much esteemed.
--Tr. J. Van Linschoten's Voyages (1598).

Usage examples of "tsia".

Ignoring the ragged throb in her thighs, Tsia edged toward the cougar slowly.

In the gloom of the gale, where the light from the cabin flashed in his eyes and blinded him to the meres, while his nose made him choke with their scents, the cougar sought the only safety he could see: Tsia.

The cougar yowled, and Tsia did not notice that the sound was in her brain, not her ears.

Tsia tried to speak before the door shut, but Nitpicker motioned for her to wait for the noise to subside.

Finally, Nitpicker finned back in agreement, and Tsia opened her gate.

Tsia had reached it before, and Nitpicker struck free of them, gasping as the air stung and whipped her face.

Unconsciously, Tsia moved back a step behind Nitpicker and eyed the freepicks warily.

And the ship shooting up through the smoking sky while Tsia, trapped in the wreckage with Wren and Sullage and Twit, tore herself free only to see the altitude meter climb toward Q.

If Tsia had linked with the tealer fish or the herons instead of with the cats, would the pilot have trusted her more?

Tsia pulled the flexor from her harness and flicked it into a narrow, spikelike sword.