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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cha \Cha\ (ch[aum]), n. [Chin. ch`a.] [Also chaa, chais, tsia, etc.] Tea; -- the Chinese (Mandarin) name, used generally in early works of travel, and now for a kind of rolled tea used in Central Asia.

A pot with hot water . . . made with the powder of a certain herb called chaa, which is much esteemed.
--Tr. J. Van Linschoten's Voyages (1598).

Usage examples of "chaa".

You concentrate on reading the positioner, and think about the fun you're going to have with his ship, and leave the rest to Chaa and feeler and their kind.

And in the event of any surprises, there was Chaa, whose strength and skills were exceptional.

While his human companions gathered around him, mumbling to themselves and staring, Chaa backed be­neath a shielding branch and kept his attention on the open patch of sky.

Coerlis was jolted off his thorn, but Chaa, demonstrat­ing inhuman speed and strength, reached down and grabbed the man by the collar of his chameleon suit, drawing him back to safe footing.

Peeler mumbled something unrepeatable, and even the normally imperturbable Chaa had a few choice words to say in his own language.

Employing a very subdued beam, Chaa was cautiously studying the inhabitants of the ceiling.

Peeler moved out in front, warier than ever, while Chaa placed himself between the rest of them and the tree.