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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a coach tour
▪ How about going on a coach tour around Europe this year?
a concert tour (=a journey made by musicians to perform in different places)
▪ This year we did a concert tour of the United States.
a cricket tour (=a trip to a different country to play cricket)
▪ England's cricket tour to the West Indies
a lecture tour (=a trip that someone takes to many different places to give a lecture)
▪ He’s on a lecture tour of the US.
a tour of duty (=period of working in another country as a soldier, government officer etc)
▪ He became a General, and his tours of duty included Korea and Vietnam.
a tour of inspection (=an official visit to inspect something)
▪ Morris took off on his tour of inspection.
a touring/travelling exhibition (=one that moves from place to place)
▪ The touring exhibition is scheduled to be in Dallas from March until June.
go on a trip/tour/cruise etc
▪ My parents are going on a cruise.
grand tour
▪ They took us on a grand tour of their new house.
guided tour
▪ You will be taken on a guided tour of the palace.
mystery tour
package tour
tour de force
▪ His speech to the Democratic Convention was a tour de force.
tour guide
▪ a tour guide
tour of duty
tour operator (=company that arranges holidays)
▪ Julian travelled with Caribbean Connection, the UK's leading Caribbean tour operator.
tour operator
walking holiday/tour etc (=a holiday on which you walk a lot, especially in the countryside)
▪ Perhaps some were just following the current fashionable tour.
▪ The current tour is on the road for 11 weeks before a London season.
▪ The Seattle-based singer stunned fans when nodded off on stage at a packed stadium on his band's current U.S. tour.
▪ Come on, Miss, the grand tour.
▪ Make a kind of grand tour on my own, take the waters and cure what ails me.
▪ The world with Palin is armchair travel on the scale of the grand tour, in the company of an agreeable guide.
▪ The market place can be confusing but Trader Horn picks his way through the mire Going for the grand tour.
▪ Travel: Grand tours with great commentators Which cultural holiday?
▪ The rich also visited Madeira in their private yachts as part of a grand tour.
▪ Edouard, at Isobel's suggestion, took her on a grand tour.
▪ She was most meticulous in her guided tour, opening every door.
▪ National Trust Gift Shop, educational facilities, light refreshments and guided tours are available in the Summer.
▪ Cost is £3.50 a person - or £8 for the family - and the guided tour holds a hidden bonus.
▪ A variety of holidays in locations at home and abroad including guided tours have been arranged for them annually for many years.
▪ For women alone, it is not advisable to go sightseeing at night unless it is with a guided tour of nightspots.
▪ Salzburg is a fascinating city too, and the guided tour is by far the best way to get your initial bearings.
▪ Underground Works: Take an audio guided tour of these fascinating tunnels and works that date back to 1216.
▪ Don't let the ultra-sophisticates put you off the guided city tour.
▪ Meanwhile, it is launching into an impressive national tour.
▪ Seibel has exclusive rights to play the late, witty illustrator, and comes to Tucson as part of a national tour.
▪ They're working an intense 8-hour day, 5 days a week in preparation for a national tour in March.
▪ Throughout the next two decades, she ran Buffalo Booking, organizing national tours for its clients.
▪ All the brothers are attending the opening nights of the show, which is seven weeks into a national tour.
▪ The Alley dancers went back out on the road in May to continue their national tour of mostly one-night stands.
▪ The show, premiered last night, is beginning a national tour.
▪ Won't Pay! in from a recent tour and directed by Romy Baskerville.
▪ During a recent three-year tour of duty as a newspaper correspondent in the Middle East I found abundant cause for both.
▪ A recent study tour found the use of video and screens had reduced as children were better empowered.
▪ During a recent pickup truck tour, Frank Sharp drove along a section of fence on the northeastern edge of the property.
▪ In the spring of 1989, the augmented Wedding Present line-up completed a short tour to promote the record.
▪ In Part Five, I provide a short tour of the history of economic thought.
▪ In the short term the tour management may feel bound to stick with the hairline decision they took before the Galle Test.
▪ Lindford are planning a short tour of Kent in May.
▪ Afterwards there was gloomy talk that short tours by Home Unions might not have much appeal for either country in the future.
▪ A short guided tour of the workplace, with explanations and a chance to ask questions may come first.
▪ She says we went on a bus tour and learnt about the architecture and colleges.
▪ Also, bus tours of Historic Los Angeles are available.
▪ A two-hour bus tour takes in the main sites and ends at a peak overlooking the city.
▪ Group bus tours are, for the most part, great ways for seniors to travel.
▪ Jesse Ventura will visit northwestern Minnesota next week as part of a two-day, 12-city bus tour.
▪ On Thursday and Friday, Dole will resume his bus tour, traveling in Ohio.
▪ After that, a quick bus tour of Managua.
▪ More widespread are the commission arrangements with theatre agencies and tour companies.
▪ Nearrecovery came after a lobby conference with the tour company manager, who agreed to replace our guide.
▪ Now Butlins itself is struggling, its customers lured overseas by the package tour companies.
▪ You know, I have my own tour company.
▪ Even the tour companies themselves include a range of different brand names under their umbrellas.
▪ The taxi driver who approached us outside the terminal was fluent enough to say he had been sent by the tour company.
▪ That could drive some tour companies out of business, they said.
▪ He likes his new life as a tour guide better, he says, because he likes people.
▪ Was I expected to take time off from work to play tour guide, as our host in New Zealand had?
▪ The official tour guide, a close-cropped ragga called Garfield Logan, asks us to leave our shoes outside.
▪ This act of gross indecency provoked stern disapproval from the tour guide.
▪ The tour guides say it took a year to sculpt each ceiling.
▪ Most of these groups are missing from both hipster tour guides and the colonial archive.
▪ Hostetler served as tour guide, supervising an offense that shed its lingering turnover habit.
▪ Accommodation Eleven years as the principal tour operators in Nidri enable us to choose the best accommodation in town.
▪ Need help in checking on the reliability of a travel agency or tour operator?
▪ And resorts, tour operators and shops can not afford to advertise if they are on the breadline.
▪ These should be confirmed with travel agents or tour operators.
▪ Ask your tour operator where the water in your hotel comes from.
▪ Euro Disney claims that one of its tour operators has sold 70 percent of its first three months of Euro Disney allocations.
▪ It has become such an attraction that local tour operators are beating a path to its door.
▪ Alternatively, use Air Miles to get generous discounts on holidays with leading tour operators.
▪ The package tour was not dead, it had gone up market and further afield.
▪ Now Butlins itself is struggling, its customers lured overseas by the package tour companies.
▪ Finally, when choosing an overseas package tour, do not skimp.
▪ The air inclusive package tour holiday requires a certain amount of compliant behaviour in order to work.
▪ This lunch-hour world tour ends with a jaunt to Baja.
▪ I was only sixteen; they wouldn't let me go on a world tour.
▪ The federation was irate because it had wanted to send them on a world tour after the World Cup.
▪ After 18 months in the studio they feel a little extra help is needed to prepare them for their world tour.
▪ Her two Los Angeles performances were part of the first leg of a world tour that will last eight months.
▪ To keep the supporters out of mischief during the morning, Chapman arranged tours of a local factory and brewery.
▪ Pressplan Travel has arranged a special inclusive tour to cover the first three days of the fair.
▪ Khatami arrived in Shiraz Monday morning to begin a four-day inspection tour of the province.
▪ Wade, begins a two-month speaking tour this month, says the Advocate.
▪ Speaker Gingrich is scheduled to begin a nationwide fund-raising tour this week.
▪ Now, he looked at them, shrugged, and began a quick tour of the house.
▪ Our visit began with a tour of the house, which was more like a museum than a house.
▪ They began a tour of inspection and almost immediately discovered the wrought-iron crypt gate swinging open.
▪ As Joe and Rex looked on doubtfully, I began an inspection tour of the entire raft.
▪ His company, Motherland Connections, conducts tours of the sites in New York state.
▪ Yorick had wanted the Hammersmith Odeon for his comeback concert, followed by a nationwide tour of Britain's major cities.
▪ There will be an introduction to the company, giving the history and manufacturing processes, followed by a tour.
▪ Perhaps some were just following the current fashionable tour.
▪ This is followed by a tour of the National Stud.
▪ The course would be followed by a world tour.
▪ He founded a school, which he had to finance by writing journalism and giving exhausting lecture tours in the United States.
▪ They give a proud tour of the five-bedroom country home set way in the back of a gated development.
▪ You will be given a guided tour and then return via the Lech valley.
▪ As the director gave us a tour, searing winter winds funnelled through the hallway.
▪ The civic visitors were given an extensive tour of the showroom, factory, visitor centre and museum.
▪ It was while being given an introductory tour of Grove House.
▪ So, at a convenient time during your weekend stay, we will give you a personal tour of our exquisite homes.
▪ The visit will include a tour, a demonstration and a visit to the shop.
▪ Stock companies included Navasota on their tours, performing there on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.
▪ The Jockey Club Rooms, hung with many famous paintings of important horses, can also be included in these stimulating tours.
▪ Short tours as well as package deals that include a tour, a gourmet dinner and a show are available.
▪ In some schools the children's toilets are included in the conducted tour for potential new parents.
▪ The itinerary includes a one-day city tour highlighting the history of the tango.
▪ In addition, many major tour operators include tours of Far Eastern islands in their long-haul programmes.
▪ This is due to the very experienced local guides who will lead every tour.
▪ Other tours: Park Service rangers lead a number of tours to undeveloped caverns inside the park.
▪ Many employ highly qualified environmentalists to lead their tours.
▪ Textile artist Beth Kellman will lead the tour.
▪ They led me on a tour of the preserve one recent afternoon.
▪ It would be no good us offering just tour operator packages.
▪ It offers recommended tour itineraries and includes money-saving coupons.
▪ She did not offer us a tour of the house.
▪ When local schools start this fall, the museum will offer tours for students, he added.
▪ First, ski-guiding - now widely offered by tour operators.
▪ Country Boy Mine offers underground mine tours 10 a. m.-5 p. m. daily, except Mondays.
▪ Volunteers cheerfully offer small tours and short history lessons.
▪ In the morning Henry introduced me to the exam candidates, and I was taken on a four-hour tour of the hospital.
▪ People of all types take this tour.
▪ At a school in Kent pupils beginning Key Stage 2 were taken on an exploratory tour of a certain street.
▪ The company still gathered there to board the buses that would take them out on tour.
▪ After mass a lay brother offered to take us on a tour of the church and other interesting sights of the abbey.
▪ Union representatives will also take part in the tour.
▪ But there were groups arriving from Bicester, Banbury and Amersham for a walking tour of London.
▪ On the day before we left, we joined a Friday afternoon walking tour devoted to the film.
Walking history: Several companies operate walking tours in the Old Town.
▪ On Sunday, free walking tours explore El Presidio and surrounding downtown neighborhoods.
▪ Adventures on a Shoestring has been offering a variety of 90-minute weekend walking tours of New York City for 34 years.
▪ He wants to make it a walking tour.
the grand tour
whistle-stop tour/trip
▪ In twenty-four hours she has been on a whistle-stop tour of three countries.
▪ No more whistle-stop tours of the newest shopping centre in Nuneaton to look forward to.
▪ a bicycle tour
▪ a three-year tour in Germany with the Army
▪ Did you see Bruce Springsteen on his last tour?
▪ Norton is on tour promoting her new children's book.
▪ Package tours that include tickets to Olympic events have sold well.
▪ The tour includes stops in Salzburg and Vienna.
▪ The last leg of the tour will take the team to Dallas.
▪ The prime minister has left for a three-week tour of South America.
▪ They like to take package tours because they hate dealing with details.
▪ We took a bicycle tour of Tuscany.
▪ Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke is putting up a crab cake dinner, and a tour of Baltimore.
▪ Half its resorts have snowshoe tours.
▪ It was the latter's first innings of the tour.
▪ Naturally there's plenty of wine-tasting tours, visits to the huge cellars and between June and October wine festivals are held.
▪ Steve and Maggie have toured extensively and together present a unique blend of traditional and Tilston material.
▪ A bit later on, I saw you touring round with the army recruiting drive, giving demonstration bouts.
▪ Jonathan's father owned a villa close to St Tropez, and she and Jonathan had toured the area extensively with friends.
▪ Jesse Ventura may tour flood damaged areas during his bus trip next week to northwestern Minnesota.
▪ About forty-seven bands had competed in Uppermill in 1984, but there were ninety-four bands touring the area.
▪ When Vice-President Nixon toured the area in 1958 he was pelted with rotten eggs and jostled by angry demonstrators.
▪ The vehicles will be given to the National Association of Boys' Clubs and will tour run-down inner-city areas.
▪ He had been touring in the liberated areas trying to get agriculture going again.
▪ Otherwise, devote a Saturday to touring the area.
▪ A military police patrol asked that he tour the area with them to find his friend.
▪ About forty-seven bands had competed in Uppermill in 1984, but there were ninety-four bands touring the area.
▪ By now the band were alternating their touring and recording schedules at a hectic pace.
▪ Indeed, some bands are unable to tour without their record company's financial support.
▪ And few bands tour as incessantly as the Spin Doctors.
▪ The company has been touring the play around Gloucestershire encouraging their evening audiences to give their reaction right after each performance.
▪ So successful were these plays that the company toured them to the 1987 Los Angeles Festival.
▪ So Joel Hall, whose Chicago-based company is currently touring an evening of jazz-derived choreography, might have proved a useful model.
▪ With alternating success and failure in various new plays Philip Drew once again toured the country.
▪ The group of about 30 actors has toured the country and conducted summer workshops.
▪ This year he toured all Opec countries to invite them to the summit.
▪ She was touring the country with schoolmates.
▪ The man behind the craze is currently touring the country in a one man and his puppets show.
▪ As they toured the country showing the fruits of seismic tomography, they fanned the flames of interest in this new technique.
▪ The firm is now touring the country teaching vicars the value of increased security.
▪ They would tour all over the country for wages of a few shillings a week.
▪ About 20 groups toured the plant, stopping at strategic points for an explanation of the process.
▪ If you arrive after the introductory talk, please feel free to join an escorted group or to tour the School unaccompanied.
▪ A group of senior industrialists toured the new site with a view to using the facility.
▪ In 1961 he spent the summer vacation touring with blues singer Sam Cooks.
▪ A summer tour awaits the band.
▪ My choice in life would be to tour the world on a £10,000 Harley-Davidson or fill my garage with motorcycles.
▪ He seemed to be touring other worlds.
▪ Thereafter she toured the world with formidable endurance under often gruelling conditions of travel, climate, and work.
▪ And his hits continue to tour the world.
▪ I think she's toured half the world by now.
▪ Since 1997, her remains have been touring the world, drawing crowds wherever they go.
▪ A show of his, including both paintings and films, is currently touring the world.
▪ As the company grew it began to tour abroad.
▪ Sukarno began to tour Java, addressing massive crowds on the theme of the awakening of national consciousness.
▪ Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began, can be toured after a boat ride from the city.
▪ And his hits continue to tour the world.
▪ He was also in the huge orchestra which recorded and toured performing Charles Mingus's monumental composition Epitaph.
▪ The guitarist-vocalist duo has been recording and touring as a team for nearly 11 years.
▪ He also had a recording and touring career.
▪ John Paul Jones recorded and toured with Diamanda Galas last year.
▪ They recorded and toured together, raising a ruckus as well as awareness about violence toward women.
▪ In 1961 he spent the summer vacation touring with blues singer Sam Cooks.
▪ A very pleasant day can be spent touring the Fylde villages with their market days and craft exhibitions.
▪ For our summer vacation this year we're touring Spain in a camper.
▪ Haynes recorded with Charlie Parker and toured with Sarah Vaughan in the 1950s.
▪ Sosa toured the world with an Afro-Cuban jazz band.
▪ The team is currently touring Australia in a series of friendly games.
▪ The theatre company will tour later this year.
▪ We shall tour the city for two hours and then meet back at the bus.
▪ He seemed to be touring other worlds.
▪ Lots of boats and ferries tour the islands, and many excursions are available.
▪ Relentless international touring was to keep the company afloat financially for three years.
▪ Steve and Maggie have toured extensively and together present a unique blend of traditional and Tilston material.
▪ The following morning there will be an opportunity to tour some of the local cultural attractions in informal groups.
▪ The man behind the craze is currently touring the country in a one man and his puppets show.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tour \Tour\, n. [F. tour. See Tower.] A tower. [Obs.]


Tour \Tour\, n. [F. tour. See Turn, v. t.]

  1. A going round; a circuit; hence, a journey in a circuit; a prolonged circuitous journey; a comprehensive excursion; as, the tour of Europe; the tour of France or England.

    The bird of Jove stooped from his airy tour.

  2. A turn; a revolution; as, the tours of the heavenly bodies. [Obs.]

  3. (Mil.) anything done successively, or by regular order; a turn; as, a tour of duty.

    Syn: Journey; excursion. See Journey.


Tour \Tour\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Toured; p. pr. & vb. n. Touring.] To make a tourm; as, to tour throught a country.
--T. Hughes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "a turn, a shift on duty," from Old French tor, tourn, tourn "a turn, trick, round, circuit, circumference," from torner, tourner "to turn" (see turn (v.)). Sense of "a continued ramble or excursion" is from 1640s. Tour de France as a bicycle race is recorded in English from 1916 (Tour de France Cycliste), distinguished from a motorcar race of the same name. The Grand Tour, a journey through France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy formerly was the finishing touch in the education of a gentleman.


1746, "make a tour, travel about," from tour (n.). Related: Toured; touring.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A journey through a particular building, estate, country, etc. 2 A guided visit to a particular place, or virtual place. 3 A journey through a given list of places, such as by an entertainer performing concert. 4 (context sports chiefly cricket and rugby English) A trip taken to another country in which several matches are played. 5 (context military English) A tour of duty. 6 (context obsolete English) A going round; a circuit. 7 (context obsolete English) A turn; a revolution. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To make a journey; as, to tour throughout a country. 2 (context transitive English) To make a circuit of a place Etymology 2

n. (context dated English) A tower. Etymology 3

vb. To toot a horn.

  1. n. a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island" [syn: circuit]

  2. a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work" [syn: go, spell, turn]

  3. a period of time spent in military service [syn: enlistment, hitch, term of enlistment, tour of duty, duty tour]


v. make a tour of a certain place; "We toured the Provence this summer"


Tour may refer to:

  • Tourism, travel for pleasure
  • Tour of duty, a period of time spent in military service
  • Campus tour
  • Concert tour
  • Sports tour, a series of otherwise unconnected professional sports competitions organized into a series, with player ranking system; e.g.:
    • Professional golf tours
    • Tennis tour
    • Events in various sports named the Pro Tour (disambiguation page)
  • Walking tour
  • Tour (theatrical), to lead or take a stage play or concert in performances from city to city, country to country, continent to continent etc.
  • BlackBerry Tour, a mobile smartphone from RIM
  • Tour de France (), the world's biggest bicycle race

Usage examples of "tour".

There was an affectionate note from Eleanor Roosevelt: From all sides I have been hearing of the wonderful job you have done on your goodwill tour, and I have felt proud that you were representing our country.

Finally but unmistakably she said no to Davidson: Now I am starting on my long world tour, and before correspondence becomes almost an impossibility, I want to say some things to you, most affectionately but with a firm will and mind of my own.

I told him that, as far as I knew, Sir Justinian and Lady Albacore were the only inmates of the Lodging and tried to indicate from my memory of our tour where they were likely to be found.

The Beatles were no longer touring and their latest album had not yet been released so Brian had very little to do on their behalf.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

Seregil had told him, kindly leaving unsaid the fact that Alec had shouted himself awake every night since their charnel house tour.

Vega came by Amygdaloid on his way up from Windigo on one of his periodic tours of the island.

Emperor toured Arneis, the Imperial Party made sure that the benefits of belonging to the empire were enumerated to the common people.

Reluctantly Mindy moved nearer, and Alaina made a slow tour around her, lifting a braid to peer at a well-crusted ear, scanning a dirt-caked neck, and turning small, thin hands to stare with disapproval at the soiled palms and begrimed knuckles.

We talked most of that day, and I equipped myself with arctics and warm gloves for the mountain tour which has been planned for me, and I gave Birdie the Sabbath she was entitled to on Tuesday, for I found, on arriving at the Springs, that the day I crossed the Arkansas Divide was Sunday, though I did not know it.

Cathelineau himself made a tour through the Bocage, and the peasants, persuaded that the defeat was a punishment for having committed some excesses at the capture of Chataigneraie, responded to the call.

THE FLYING FIREFIGHTER Just after noon on September 16, 1986, Ronnie Bucca was working as an outside vent man on the day tour at Rescue One, the busiest heavy rescue company in New York City.

In the chaos that followed the blast at noon, Ronnie Bucca had worked a double tour.

On his monthly reserve tours at the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center, Bucca had seen the intel suggesting that the FBI had severely underestimated the strength and intent of the cell surrounding Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

He had called at the Albergo Luna earlier on his way back from the Palazzo Muti, intending to claim a partial recovery from the illness that had supposedly prevented him accompanying Estelle on her afternoon tour with Buckthorn and Silverwood, but neither they nor she had been there.