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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Theoretic \The`o*ret"ic\, Theoretical \The`o*ret"ic*al\, a. [Gr. ?: cf. L. theoreticus, F. th['e]or['e]tique.] Pertaining to theory; depending on, or confined to, theory or speculation; speculative; terminating in theory or speculation: not practical; as, theoretical learning; theoretic sciences. -- The`o*ret"ic*al*ly, adv.


a. 1 Concerned with theories or hypotheses rather than with practical matters. 2 Existing only in theory, not proven in reality.


adj. concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations; "theoretical science" [syn: theoretical] [ant: empirical]

Usage examples of "theoretic".

The words by which it is commonly expressed--democracy, parliamentarism, individual liberty, diversity, free development--are puzzling theoretic words, which make no instinctive appeal to the heart.

Moreover it was at first expressed only fragmentarily, and so obscurely that though people admitted its theoretic truth they could not entirely accept it as guidance for their conduct.

The personal character, teachings, life, and death of Jesus Christ, together with his subsequent resurrection and career in the consciousness of ecclesiastical Christendom, constituted the crystalizing centre which, dipped in the inherited solution of ideal and social materials furnished by the Church, has gathered around it the accretion of faith and dogma composing the theoretic Christianity of the present day.

From having the baleen in his mouth, the Fin-Back is sometimes included with the right whale, among a theoretic species denominated Whalebone whales, that is, whales with baleen.

Robert Brandenberger and Cumrun Vafa made the first important strides toward understanding how the application of these string theoretic features modifies the conclusions of the standard cosmological framework.

Such were the reflexions of a theoretic Teuton who now walked for the most part amid the ashes of his prejudices.

So long as we ignore difference, so long as we ignore individuality, and that I hold has been the common sin of all Utopias hitherto, we can make absolute statements, prescribe communisms or individualisms, and all sorts of hard theoretic arrangements.

And so, those who cannot admit his actual speculative results, precisely his report on the invisible theoretic world, have been to the point sometimes, in their objection, that by sheer effectiveness of abstract language, he gave an illusive air of reality or substance to the mere nonentities of metaphysic hypothesis--of a mind trying to feed itself on its own emptiness.

So far gone am I in the dark side of earth, that its other side, the theoretic bright one, seems but uncertain twilight to me.

The intensity of her religious disposition, the coercion it exercised over her life, was but one aspect of a nature altogether ardent, theoretic, and intellectually consequent: and with such a nature struggling in the bands of a narrow teaching, hemmed in by a social life which seemed nothing but a labyrinth of petty courses, a walled-in maze of small paths that led no whither, the outcome was sure to strike others as at once exaggeration and inconsistency.

First out into the blackness and then into that other place of weird other-worldness that annihilated time and space, setting at defiance the theoretic limit of the speed of light.

They're not far along with electronics yet, but they've got the theoretic knowledge and they don't need vacuum tubes.