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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Most unusual, however, is the naturalistic green Kashgar jade terrapin, discovered in Allahabad in 1600.
▪ This red eared terrapin is a victim of a fad that's out of fashion.
▪ We cross the floor, climb three steps and enter the terrapin.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Terrapin \Ter"ra*pin\, n. [Probably of American Indian origin.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of tortoises living in fresh and brackish waters. Many of them are valued for food. [Written also terapin, terrapen, terrapene, turpen, and turapen.]

Note: The yellow-bellied terrapin ( Pseudemys scabra) of the Southern United States, the red-bellied terrapin ( Pseudemys rugosa or Chrysemys rubriventris), native of the tributaries Chesapeake Bay (called also potter, slider, and redfender), and the diamond-back or salt-marsh terrapin ( Malaclemmys palustris), are the most important American species. The diamond-back terrapin is native of nearly the whole of the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Alligator terrapin, the snapping turtle.

Mud terrapin, any one of numerous species of American tortoises of the genus Cinosternon.

Painted terrapin, the painted turtle. See under Painted.

Speckled terrapin, a small fresh-water American terrapin ( Chelopus guttatus) having the carapace black with round yellow spots; -- called also spotted turtle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

North American turtle, 1670s, earlier torope (1610s), from an Algonquian source (such as Abenaki turepe, Munsee (Delaware) tolpew "turtle"). Subsequently extended to allied species in South America, East Indies, China, North Africa.


n. Any of several North American turtles, of the family Emydidae, that live in fresh or brackish water.


n. any of various edible North American web-footed turtles living in fresh or brackish water

Terrapin (disambiguation)

A terrapin is a turtle living in fresh or brackish water.

Terrapin may also refer to:

  • Terrapin (amphibious vehicle), a transport vehicle used for amphibious assault by the Allies during the Second World War
  • "Terrapin" (song), a song by Syd Barrett from The Madcap Laughs, covered by Smashing Pumpkins and others
  • HMS Terrapin (P323), a British ship
  • Terrapin Beer Company
  • Maryland Terrapins, the athletic teams of the University of Maryland
  • Portable classroom or terrapin, a temporary building installed on the grounds of a school to provide additional classroom space
Terrapin (amphibious vehicle)

The Terrapin "4-ton amphibian" was a British-manufactured, amphibious armoured transport vehicle of the Second World War. It was first used in 1944 at Antwerp during the Battle of the Scheldt.

The Terrapin served with the Royal Engineer assault teams of the 79th Armoured Division and were used to carry infantry units (Canadian and British) over rivers.


A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle living in fresh or brackish water. Terrapins do not form a taxonomic unit, and may not be related. Many belong to the families Geoemydidae and Emydidae.

The name "terrapin" is derived from torope, a word in the Native American Algonquian language that referred to the species, Malaclemys terrapin. It appears that it became part of common usage during the colonial era of North America and was carried back to Great Britain. Since then, it has been used in common names for turtles in the English language. In the UK, red-eared sliders are known as red-eared terrapins.

Terrapin (song)

"Terrapin" is a song by Syd Barrett that appears as the first track off his first solo album The Madcap Laughs and is notably the sole representative from that album that appears on The Peel Session. The song's arrangement is sparse, like much of the album, and features only acoustic and electric guitar accompaniment to the vocals. This song, along with "Maisie" and " Bob Dylan Blues"; reflected Barrett's early interest in the blues. Iggy the Eskimo, one of Barrett's acquaintances, had called the song "quite catchy".

The Syd Barrett Appreciation Society titled its official magazine Terrapin (published from 1972–1976), in tribute to the song. It was released on the multi-artist Harvest compilation, Picnic – A Breath of Fresh Air.

Usage examples of "terrapin".

Jeter and Devin led Nicky Kix and his muscular entourage to their joint office, pushing aside plush Terrapin toys, edging past Terrapin arcade video games and cardboard movie-lobby standees.

Ralph floundered and lost continually, she gave him her attention, looking over his hand, and talking for him, and counting with so dexterous deceit that he escaped also, while Terrapin paid for the wine.

He even called the astute Terrapin a humbug, and toward midnight grew quarrelsome.

English governess in the Tuileries garden, and when Sunday came, with a rainy, windy, dismal evening, he went with Terrapin and Co.

It was Sammy Bong, an out-of-work chopsocky actor running around the TM backlot in a polyurethane-and-foam-rubber anamatronic Terrapin costume.

Terrapin toy ads and pasted onto a sheet of official Terrapin kiddie stationery.

Kix Stivaletta showed up as the private ambulance was hauling the deceased Terrapin away under the wide unblinking eyes of the surviving Terrapins, Aramis and Porthos.

It also cracked the arcade game screen and made a cheap plastic Terrapin alarm clock jangle discordantly.

Jeter Baird, eyeing the dead body partially stuffed into a small Transformed Tae Kwon Do Teen Terrapin kiddie wastebaket.

Devin hastily brought out their wallets and gave all their personal cash to their guardian Terrapin, Porthos.

Here too he found three terrapin killed but not eaten, and also some fish, more or less pecked.

And into the bag went the terrapin, and two plump fish, but slightly mutilated.

They entered the wood by a path Hazel had cut from the sea-shore, and viewed the devastation in Terrapin Wood.

The terrapin is a small turtle, found on the shores of Maryland and Virginia, out of which a very rich soup is made.

The man who did not eat twice of terrapin would be held in small repute, as the Londoner is held who at a city banquet does not partake of both thick and thin turtle.