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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
deep sea/freshwater/saltwater fishing
freshwater fish (=that live in rivers or lakes)
▪ The pools are home to frogs, newts, and freshwater fish.
▪ Test for toxicity with a few Daphnia in the container, as they are more sensitive to toxins than most freshwater fish.
▪ The pollution of lakes and rivers has reduced the supply of freshwater fish.
▪ The bichir and other primitive freshwater fish have a pouch opening from the gut to enable them to breathe air.
▪ Perch, Salmon, Pike and Eel; regional specialities from the freshwater fish are perfect accompaniment to the wines of Anjou.
▪ A fifth of all freshwater fish are either extinct or endangered.
▪ But more than most places it specialises in wildfowl, because it boasts a number of freshwater lakes and ponds.
▪ Consider the shell of the freshwater snail.
▪ For one thing, marine fishes are usually larger than the freshwater tropicals kept in home aquariums.
▪ I have found freshwater dips for Marine fish effective at clearing flukes from infected fish.
▪ Larger fish will, however, put up with a freshwater environment for a short time.
▪ Only 1 percent of the world is covered by freshwater.
▪ Reels: A freshwater spinning reel with 6-pound-test line for the bait unit.
▪ Thus, the flow of life from freshwater to brine is compressed into talking distance.
▪ Until now the area of freshwater recreation has been sadly neglected.

a. 1 Living in fresh water. 2 (context nautical English) Unskilled as seaman. n. A body of fresh water


adj. relating to or living in or consisting of water that is not salty; "freshwater fish"; "freshwater lakes"

Freshwater (disambiguation)

Freshwater is water containing low concentrations (typically <1%) of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids.

Freshwater or Fresh Water may also refer to:

Freshwater (opera)

Freshwater is a two-act chamber opera composed by Andy Vores, based on the 1929 comic play by Virginia Woolf. Vores received assistance in creating the opera from Quentin Bell, Woolf's nephew and executor, who provided a rarely seen earlier version of the text that served as the inspiration for several passages of the libretto.

Freshwater was commissioned by the Boston University Opera Institute and had its world premiere on December 2, 1994 at the Huntington Theatre in Boston.

Usage examples of "freshwater".

When Captain Elliot sent a boatload of sailors to row ashore and fill the casks at freshwater springs, they discovered the wells posted with signs declaring the water was poisoned.

Primitive bony fish living in freshwater streams and rivers during the latter part of the age of reptiles include gar, bowfin, and sturgeon.

Lake Cahuilla, the freshwater lake that filled the Salton basin as recently as 500 years ago.

Fish, sharks, coelacanths, a few squirrel-sized mammals, and lungfish were also common in freshwater terrestrial habitats, especially in the Late Jurassic when the effects of aridity were ameliorated.

Even that far, neither riders or horses would eat the freshwater fish, which grew strange lumps on their bodies.

I moved along the Malecon, past a small beach on Lake Managua, looking at the water to see if I could spot one of its unique freshwater sharks.

The bunyip was a freshwater creature that was at first glance very sharklike in appearance, but the shaggy black hair that covered its body and the long, flowing mane set it apart.

Even more varied and underappreciated than the salamander is the freshwater mussel.

The banks of the pool were slimy grey mud, and the freshwater crayfish called yabbies lived in the mud.

They gathered watercress and learned to tickle the mountain trout, and hunt for yabbies, the small freshwater crayfish abundant in the mountain streams, so that they would often bring home a bountiful supply.

As I lay upon the couch on the terrace, set between the sea and the freshwater bathing pool, I could feel the heat baking out the agues that a winter in Rome had set in my bones.

The prey, therefore, judging from these five bladders, consists exclusively of freshwater crustaceans, most of which appeared to be distinct species from those found in the bladders of the two former species.

By the time they were done, Javan had received two small Kheldish carpets, a brace of fleet deerhounds from Cassan, a mound of new sleeping furs from the mountains of the Connait, a pouch of freshwater pearls from one of the princes of Howicce, and a bolt of gold-shot scarlet silk from the Hort of Orsal.

Other women were harvesting the mussels that grew abundantly in the shallow waters, especially freshwater clams.

In some of the baskets and hanging from pegs were carved ivory armbands and bracelets, and necklaces of animal teeth, freshwater mollusc shells, seashells, cylindrical lime tubes, natural and colored ivory beads and pendants, and prominent among them, amber.