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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tench \Tench\, n. [OF. tenche, F. tanche, L. tinca.] (Zo["o]l.) A European fresh-water fish ( Tinca tinca, or Tinca vulgaris) allied to the carp. It is noted for its tenacity of life.


a. (context slang English) excellent performance in a tense situation. n. A species of freshwater game fish, (taxlink Tinca tinca species noshow=1).


n. freshwater dace-like game fish of Europe and western Asia noted for ability to survive outside water [syn: Tinca tinca]


The tench or doctor fish (Tinca tinca) is a fresh- and brackish-water fish of the cyprinid family found throughout Eurasia from Western Europe including the British Isles east into Asia as far as the Ob and Yenisei Rivers. It is also found in Lake Baikal. It normally inhabits slow-moving freshwater habitats, particularly lakes and lowland rivers. In Germany, the tench is called Schlei.

Tench (EP)

Tench is the first Shriekback album, an EP released in 1982. It spawned one single: "Sexthinkone".

Tench (disambiguation)

The tench is a species of fish. Tench may also refer to:

Usage examples of "tench".

Argonauts, they whispered, codlings, pollacks, hound-fish, tautog, tench, sea-elephant, they whispered, gillings, flounders, and beluga, the white whale and grampus, the sea-dog .

From somewhere in the bush at his back he heard the strange bird the natives called a kookaburra emit its high-pitched cackle, sounding for all the world like demented laughter, and suddenly irritated, Tench thought longingly of his impending return to England.

Kinderman arrived at the neurology desk, a cluster of nurses were gathered around as Atkins and the Chief of Staff, Doctor Tench, stood head to head in a confrontation.

Tom Jenkins went to his company commander, Captain Tench, and twenty-four hours later Jenny, with Melia, Polly, and Ann Inett, were offered a choice of plots, and after inspecting these, they settled on one on high ground near the head of the next cove, to the east of the main colony.

      Then he advises, that you plant willows or owlers, about it, or both: and then cast in bavins, in some places not far from the side, and in the most sandy places, for fish both to spawn upon, and to defend them and the young fry from the many fish, and also from vermin, that lie at watch to destroy them, especially the spawn of the Carp and Tench, when 'tis left to the mercy of ducks or vermin.

Whether or not he told Marjorie Tench that the plane was coming into Bollings Air Force Base, he knew she had the means to find out.

Casaubon that he had once addressed a dedication to Carp in which he had numbered that member of the animal kingdom among the viros nullo aevo perituros, a mistake which would infallibly lay the dedicator open to ridicule in the next age, and might even be chuckled over by Pike and Tench in the present.

The President and Marjorie Tench, like some sort of political tag team wrestling duo, had maneuvered for the kill.