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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tek \Tek\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A Siberian ibex.


Tek can refer to:

  • Tek, shorthand for Tektronix
  • TEC-9 9mm firearm
  • Tek, a member of the hip-hop group Smif-N-Wessun
  • Tek (drug), a fictional substance in the TekWar universe
  • Jason Varitek, a baseball catcher for the Boston Red Sox

TEK can refer to:

  • Terrorelhárítási Központ (TEK, Counter Terrorism Centre), Hungarian counter-terrorism & SWAT state agency
  • Tekniikan Akateemiset (TEK), the Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers
  • Társadalomelméleti Kollégium, a college in Hungary
  • Test of Economic Knowledge (TEK), a standardized test of economics
  • Traditional ecological knowledge or Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK), aboriginal, indigenous, or other forms of traditional knowledges regarding sustainability of local resources
  • Traffic encryption key
  • TEK tyrosine kinase
  • TEK search engine ("Time Equals Knowledge"), an email-based search engine
  • Teen Evil King
Tek (rapper)

El-Amin after converting to Islam (born Tekomin B. Williams on June 3, 1973) better known by his stage nameTek, is an American rapper, famous as a member of the duo Smif-N-Wessun, and the Hip Hop collective Boot Camp Clik. Tek debuted on Black Moon's 1993 album Enta Da Stage with his rhyming partner Steele. In 1994, Smif-N-Wessun released their debut single "Bucktown", which became a Billboard Hot 100 hit, and gave Brooklyn the nickname "Bucktown, home of the original gun clappers". Smif-N-Wessun dropped their debut album Dah Shinin' in early 1995, a release that is now hailed as a classic underground Hip Hop album. Later in 1995, the duo was sued by the Smith & Wesson firearms company, forcing them to change their name of Smif-N-Wessun to the Cocoa Brovaz. Tek recorded a group album with the Boot Camp Clik in 1997, For the People, then followed in 1998 with a Cocoa Brovaz album, The Rude Awakening. Though not as widely heralded as their debut, the album received moderate sales, led by the single "Black Trump". After Tek's label Duck Down Records was dropped from their Priority Records distribution deal, the Cocoa Brovaz released a single titled "Super Brooklyn", utilizing a sample from Super Mario Bros. The attention received from the single landed them a record deal with popular independent label Rawkus Records. The duo never released an album on the label, and they returned home to Duck Down Records to record another Boot Camp Clik album in 2002, The Chosen Few. In 2005, the Cocoa Brovaz returned with the name Smif-N-Wessun and released their third album Smif 'N' Wessun: Reloaded. Later that year, Tek released a street album titled It Is What It Is. Tek and the Boot Camp Clik released their third group album, The Last Stand, on July 18, 2006. Tek's voice appears in the cartoon Three Thug Mice (2008)

Usage examples of "tek".

It had taken weeks for Tek to reparley the peace with all the goatling tribes.

His own mate, Tek, was a fine singer of tales, and Teki the healer, her foster sire, one of the best he had ever heard.

 All around her, Tek watched her fellows bowing and turning their heads to scratch their flanks with keen horntips, then reaching to prick the flanks of their fellows.

 Below her, Lell reclined beside her mother, the only one of all the colts Tek could see who was not asleep.

He marked his own cave on the hillside below, where Tek and the twins now doubtless sheltered, and felt a twinge.

Jan could only conclude he had witnessed some sort of joining, perhaps even the pledging of mates, and was swept suddenly, keenly, by memory of his own pledging to Tek almost three years past, by the shores of the Summer Sea.

There you will find my mate, the regent Tek, with her foster sisters, Sismoornnat and Pitipak, and their dam, Jah-lila.

Only intervention by Sismoomnat and Pitipak had enabled Tek and her twins to survive.

 Still frowning, Tek shifted to bring herself between her twin filly and foal.

More Plainsdwellers thundered by, leaping and prancing in a long, snaking dance such as Tek had never before seen.

Jan was reminded of his own courting rite with Tek beside the Summer Sea.

Had he and Tek been born upon the Plain, Jan concluded, stunned, he and she might partake of the longdance as often as they chose.

Korr, and of Tek, his mate, whose many trials had brought their young safe into the world.

 Despite all dangers, Tek had found no dearth of volunteers to scout the Plain.

Like as not, such would only quiet her offspring completely, or loose a torrent of observations too tangled for Tek herself to sort.