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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Virginia Tech Massacre, the
▪ Britain's future must be high skill, high wage and high tech.
▪ The kind of high tech. training available in the East Belfast centres is not offered in this part of the city.
▪ However, the period design features cleverly conceal a wealth of high tech services.
▪ This high tech tent is the latest in mobile medical hardware, which could help save lives.
▪ Since then, it has been taken over by the firm of Heber, who specialise in high tech electronics research.
▪ Other items on motorway-induced development can also be found in the sections on retail, high tech and housing development.
▪ It was expensive, high tech, brutal and, I don't doubt, ecologically unsound but I loved it all.
▪ A tech knew the appropriate litanies to mutter.
▪ And then along came an old battered AC30, which Lance, my guitar tech, gave to me.
▪ Aye, babbled sanctimoniously!! i When, for its sake, Valence himself had abandoned his own tech kin!
▪ Britain's future must be high skill, high wage and high tech.
▪ However, the period design features cleverly conceal a wealth of high tech services.
▪ Now their commander must dragoon several tech or merchant gangs from the Oberon spire into the ranks.
▪ This high tech tent is the latest in mobile medical hardware, which could help save lives.
▪ Yet how typical of a tech to spell this all out so literally.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1906 as short for technical college (or institute, etc.), American English; 1942 as short for technician.


n. 1 (context informal English) technology 2 (context informal English) technician 3 (context informal English) technique


n. a school teaching mechanical and industrial arts and the applied sciences [syn: technical school]

Tech (river)

The Tech (; ) is a river in southern France, very close to the French- Spanish border. It runs through a valley in the Pyrénées-Orientales, in the former Roussillon, and is long. Its source is the Parcigoule Valley, elevation , and it feeds the Mediterranean Sea. At Céret, the medieval Devil's bridge, once the largest bridge arch in the world, spans the river in an arc of in length.

The Tech flows through the following towns: Prats-de-Mollo-la-Preste, Arles-sur-Tech, Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda, Céret and Le Boulou. It flows into the Mediterranean Sea between Saint-Cyprien and Argelès-sur-Mer, southeast of Perpignan.

Tech (mascot)

Tech is the name of the fawn and white lineage of English bulldogs, which serves as the live mascot of Louisiana Tech University. Tech is owned by the Student Government Association and resides with either a faculty member or local alumnus selected by the SGA. The first live mascot, Tech I, was donated in 1930 by the Matthews family. Tech XIX served as the university's official mascot from 2001 until 2007. He was retired in November 2007 after surviving a heat stroke suffered at Louisiana Tech's football season opener on September 1, 2007. Tech XIX is currently in the care of Tech Alumnus and mechanical engineering professor Dr. Mark Barker. On January 22, 2008, Tech XX was officially installed as the new official mascot and debuted at La Tech's men's basketball game against Nevada on January 26, 2008. Tech XX was born on in Licking, Missouri, on October 9, 2007, and is the son of Kahuna Mighty Sampson and Abbie Jane Kofax. Tech XX was in the care of Ruston veterinarian and Tech alumnus Dr. Patrick Sexton.

On July 30, 2012, Sexton Animal Health Center announced that Tech XX had been missing since 8 pm the night before after being let outside. There was a $2000 reward posted. However on Wednesday afternoon, August 1, 2012, Sexton Animal Health Center announced that an employee lied about Tech XX being missing. The now former employee left the dog outside too long, and it died of heat stroke on Sunday, July 29, 2012.

Tech (Smash)

"Tech" is the thirteenth episode of the American television series, Smash. The episode aired on April 30, 2012.


tech is an abbreviation for technology, and terms that are derived from it

    • technical support, services providing assistance with technology products
    • techno, a form of electronic dance music
  • a technical problem, in airline jargon e.g. "the plane's gone tech"
  • a technician, a worker in a field of technology e.g. "We may need to call in a tech"
  • Tech 2 (or Tech II), an electronic On-board diagnostics tool for General Motors cars
  • Tech N9ne (born 1971), rapper from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Tech metal a subgenre of Heavy Metal
  • The Tech River in France
  • Ghettotech, the genre of Miami bass-techno fusion
  • Tech Mo'r, a member of Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes
  • A nickname for the Church of Scientology's teachings, dubbed Scientology Technology; also referred to as LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) technology as well
  • , a United States Navy patrol boat in commission during the autumn of 1917

  • , a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from August to October 1917

Tech is used as a nickname for many universities, including:

  • California Institute of Technology, also called "Caltech", a university in Pasadena, California
  • Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, in Gembloux, Wallonia, Belgium
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, also called "Georgia Tech", a university in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, also called "Illinois Tech", a university in Chicago, Illinois
  • Louisiana Tech University, also called "Louisiana Tech" or "La Tech", a university in Ruston, Louisiana
    • Tech (mascot), the fawn and white lineage of the school's English bulldog mascots
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also called "MIT", a university in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Mid-Florida Tech, a public adult vocational school in Orlando, Florida
  • Miller-Motte Tech, a chain of for-profit technical colleges throughout the Southern United States
  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, also called "NMTech", a university in Socorro, New Mexico
  • Northwestern University's Technological Institute
  • Ogden-Weber Tech
  • Texas Tech University, also called "Texas Tech", a university in Lubbock, Texas
  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England (a politically incorrect reference to the school's previous guise)
  • Virginia Tech, in full Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a university in Blacksburg, Virginia
  • The term TeCH is also used in Northern Ireland to refer to Institutes for Further and Higher Education (IFHE). (See; Belfast Institute for Further and Higher Education)
  • Brooklyn Technical High School, a New York City public high school

Usage examples of "tech".

All the detritus of high tech, awaiting apotheosis as the next generation of Betan ingenuity, gleamed out amid more banal and universal human rubbish.

Russians might have put one of these AREA 51 234 ROBERT DOHERTY 235 biocomputers on board while using magnetic flight tech- Gullick gestured for him to continue.

Between blinks, the tech crew labored with the computer, but it was past its prime and it was all they could do to keep it operating within that plus or minus one tenth unit range.

Nobody in the cop business whispered, and the house had ignited with noise as soon as Crick gave the order for the invasion of techs.

In some ways the fire was well located: at the back of the Tech Area, away from the gas stocks, cyclotron and particle accelerator, near the fire station and close to hydrants.

Tech Area: physicists from the cyclotron shack, soldiers from the boiler house, doctors from the medical labs, office clerks and, in front, the Indians who swept every building.

The entire plan, detailed in memos between the CEO of Life Care, Matthew Darst, and their head tech, to discredit Accu-Read and ruin them, while in the process stealing their technology.

Gene selection beyond physical pick-and-choose, commercial AI, even personal comm units were either disallowed or else heavily regulated on Solcintra, and though many such devices would have given the service class an easier life, they seemed as wedded to the minimal tech as their now-departed overseers.

And the best thing was that the earthworm techs she had to work with never came here.

Nimec cut her off with a motion of his hand as the satellite techs gave Gordian his answer.

The tech hoarders would hoard in vain, and Tiamat would be returned to technical ground zero.

Nav had set this up as a virtual homesite, but the tech is too high for anything she could afford.

The twin, rapidly strobing blood-red icons of unknown hyper translations glared in the depths of the master plot, and the chief of the watch was leaning forward over the shoulder of one of the other sensor techs, watching her display as she worked to refine the data.

Orphu is here, filling the corridor, as is the Ganymedan Prime Integrator Suma IV, the Callistan Cho Li, rockvec General Beh bin Adee, and two of the pilot techs from the bridge.

If blackjack came up with some of the tech toys the Ixia have been after for the past thirty years?