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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "case, sheath," from French teie (Old French toie "pillowcase, cushion-cover), from Latin theca, from Greek theke "case to put something in" (see theco-). As "outer membrane of the brain" from 1560s.


n. (context obsolete English) The outer membrane of the brain.


Tay may refer to: __NOTOC__

Tay (treasurer)

Tay was a high official of Ancient Egypt with the main title treasurer. He was in office under Hatshepsut (about 1508–1458 BC) and in the first years of Thutmose III (about 1479 BC to 1425 BC). Tay is only known from three attestations. He appears in an rock inscription on the island of Sehel, in a letter (P.Louvre 3230(b)) that is dated by context under Hatshepsut and from a stela found on Sinai. The latter inscription is dated to year 25 under king Thutmose III. Tay is shown here standing behind the king. According to the rock inscription on Sehel he was on a military campaign with the queen to Nubia. The inscription also provides the throne name Maatkare, of queen Hatshepsut The exact date of the military enterprise is not known for sure, but may have happened in year 12 of the queen. Tay was therefore in office from about year 12 of Hatshcpsut till about year 25 under Thutmose III. Under Hatshepsut there is also attested the treasurer Nehsi. Recently it has been suggested, that the office of the royal treasurer was divided into a northern and into a southern office. According to that, Nehesi was the northern treasurer under Hatshepsut, Tay the southern treasurer.

Tay (surname)

Tay is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Alaric Tay (born 26 June 1979), Singaporean director, producer and actor.
  • Arturo Tay (born 7 October 1982), Mexican film maker
  • Bryan Tay, (born 13 April 1988), Singaporean swimmer
  • Daniel Tay (born December 17, 1991), American actor and voice actor
  • Jacelyn Tay (born 12 June 1975), Singaporean actress
  • John Tay (1832-1892), Seventh-day Adventist missionary who was known for his pioneering work in the South Pacific
  • Killa Tay, American rapper from Fresno, California
  • Michael Tay, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Singapore to the Russian Federation
  • Moses Tay, 7th Bishop of Singapore and first Archbishop of the Province of Anglican Church in South East Asia
  • Patrick Tay (born 1 December 1971), Singaporean politician
  • Ronnie Tay (born 2 October 1963), a Singaporean civil servant and former naval admiral.
  • Sharon Tay (born October 15, 1966), an American journalist and former host of two programs on the MSNBC network
  • Simon Tay, Singaporean law professor, author, and former Nominated Member of Parliament
  • Waren Tay, British ophthalmologist

Tay is also an alternative form for Zheng (surname)

Tay (bot)

Tay was an artificial intelligence chatterbot released by Microsoft Corporation on March 23, 2016. Tay caused controversy on Twitter by releasing inflammatory tweets and it was taken offline around 16 hours after its launch. Tay was accidentally reactivated on March 30, 2016, and then quickly taken offline again.

Usage examples of "tay".

The name is a corruption of Brugh or Burgh Tay, in allusion to the fortress standing on the rock that juts into the Firth.

King and the Master went upstairs alone, while the Earl of Gowrie took Lennox and others into his garden, bordering on the Tay, at the back of the house.

At the same time other glaciers came down from the heights of Schihallion on the west, and, descending through the valley of the Tay, joined the great masses of ice in the valley of Strathmore, thus combining with the eastern ice-field, just as the glacier from Mont Blanc and the valley of the Rhone formerly combined in the western part of Switzerland with those of the Bernese Oberland.

Kinson lifted her away from Bremen, while Tay picked up the old man, and in a knot they fought their way back through the downpour and out of the Valley of Shale.

Max was also picked up quickly, for a pilot from Tay Ninh just happened to be coming to Bien Hoa anyway and had been radioed to give him a lift back.

For an instant Tay thought he under stood the magic, how it had derived from misguided use of the Black Elfstone, but the proximity of his understanding threatened the last vestige of his sanity, the small kernel of what held him to his purpose, and he was forced to back away.

There weren't: just the usualselection of Grampa and Auntie Duff, one of her pal,Rowena, with her husband and baby, and a couple ofviews of Loch Tay showing Am Bealach's five houses andthe inn.

Together they careered into the Gnomes, and Tay Trefenwyd watched bodies spin away like pieces of deadwood.

He wished that he’d had com tay cam for dinner instead of cheeseburgers, stir-fried vegetables with Nuoc Mam sauce instead of onion rings.

He wished that he'd had com tay cam for dinner instead of cheeseburgers, stir-fried vegetables with Nuoc Mam sauce instead of onion rings.

He wiz trying tay bribe me becose he thaught I wiz goantae kill him, whitch I wiz, an he sed if I didnae hed give us this reely intirestin an usefyull familyar tay keep watch at niyht an giv us oll that advyce an that.

Nothing could save them, but gaining the mouth of the Firth of Tay, and then they could bear up for Dundee.

With Preia Starle, they talked of what Tay had hoped to accomplish and how they must see that his goals were realized-to see that the Black Elfstone reached Bremen and that the Elven army was dispatched in aid of the Dwarves.

If he had just gone home to his mother's for corn tay cam and stir-fried vegetables with Nuoc Mam sauce, he might not have been home when the doorbell rang, might never have found the doll, might now be in bed, sleeping peacefully, dreaming about the Land of Bliss at the peak of fabled Mount Phi Lai, where everyone was immortal and beautiful and deliriously happy twenty-four hours every day, where everyone lived in perfect harmony and never said one cross word to anyone else and never suffered an identity crisis.

But Tay was shielded by his Druid fire, the magic set in place at the moment of his release, preordered to protect him from the garden's rage.